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  1. According to my screenshot, it is clearly a turret ring hit instead of mantlet. This is not the news and nobody disagree with it. The problem here is high frequency of deflection penetration of roof armor and turret blown off kill. I remember that DVD is only visual stuff. No damage model overhaul with it.
  2. The deflection area close to turret ring is pretty tiny which is not like Panther's lower side of mantlet. You have to very luckly score a hit on the small edge of the ring close to the chin of turret. No turret blown away should happen even defection and penetration achieved because no main gun ammunition in this area. This same kind of kill for tiger with turret flying away in this game is not so rare. I met turret ring kill twice in 1 hour play.
  3. T34 AI shoots tiger from 600m. Hit the turret close to turret ring, result= destroyed. The armor thickness in this portion is 100mm plus the turret ring bearing structure. It at least equals 100mm+ space armor. The worst case for receiving hit of 76mm is disable the turret rotation. Never heard that tiger has lethal weak spot on turret ring like panther. Dev team needs to re-visit the damage model of TC.
  4. An interesting article about the early tiger copula's visibility from http://www.tankarchives.ca/2018/04/visibility.html It's not so bad like what we have in game. This problem troubles this tanks sim experience too much. Could dev team comes up an idea to address this issue? Such as arrange vision slit as periscope to project the correct angle of view on slit to mimic refraction of 90mm laminated bullet proof glass.
  5. Another Panther in operation Zitadle, from Abt52. No national insignias on hull. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8kuu1ow3iy57a79/Panther_Pz.abt52_633.rar/file
  6. Roaring Panther emblem is revised according to historic photos. https://www.mediafire.com/file/p1pus4ddutmkrih/Panther_Pz.abt51_121.rar/file
  7. Hi guys, Appreciate your feedbacks. If you want C3 please select DB605DC engine in game options. Yes, the normal map included is for replacing the official one. Hi Sevenless, Thank you for the profiles you provide. I have never found a second photo of this A/C to show the details of camo on wings. Basically everyone is doing guess work base on historical grey scale photos. I tend to not agree with Wolowskis' interpretation of white strips on wings. Here I got the same photo with better quality,
  8. Really hope that I will have more time for skinning. Just finished a k4 skin. will see in 2021.
  9. 4k skin for K4. Flown by Gunter Specht, Commander of II/JG11. It's not 100% historically correct, the real A/C is G5/AS. I hope that one day we can have this type of plane in BOX. There are a lot details added such as missing engine cowling outlets, missing panel locks and the too much bent panel lines on engine cowling are also modified, The official ones are too much miss-aligned with cockpit opening according to real A/C. https://www.mediafire.com/file/l1nhngrz6hrynzb/Bf109K4_Stab_II_JG11_Gunter_Specht.7z/file
  10. G6 Late, W. Nr. 442013, flown by Anton Hafner from 10/JG51, eastern front. Panel lines and hand holds in the front of canopy are modified base on the real A/C. That's why normal map is also included. actually official normal map has some issues on joint lines. They are also improved in my version. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6eml4cfrzf5dnas/Bf109G6Late_10_JG51_B1_Hafner_4k.rar/file
  11. 4K skin pack for VeteranenCampaign -- JG51 over Velikie Luki. The most AC's landing gear doors are partially removed. It was a common practice during winter on eastern front. For those AC's have intact doors, more details are added on this part. That's why the normal map is added. http://www.mediafire.com/file/91vxk56adjrpuc0/FW190_JG51_4k_Skins_for_Veteran_Velikie_Luki.7z/file
  12. Another problem is that commander cannot use it inside the cupola, such usage is shown in several history photos. It is just a decoration. what a pity.
  13. Tiger's cupola diagram shown as below, we can see commander can have 360 degree view cover if he moves his head. but it has about 20-30 degree blind zone between each 2 slits in game. This is the most annoying thing I noticed on Tiger, PzIV and PzIII. Really hope Dev team can do sth to address this issue. Another issue is about tiger's gun mantlet armor thickness, the poplar value is 100mm, but this is not the truth.The diagram below is the mantlet for mid version. it's gunner's sights reinforced version, armor around gunner's sight openings is reinforced to meet 100mm thic
  14. No, it has only 7.62 mm MG. not the 45mm type you mentioned.
  15. An armoured car shooting 7.62 machine gun to Tiger with driver's visor closed, then tiger's driver reports he is wounded. How could this happen?
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