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  1. Another problem is that commander cannot use it inside the cupola, such usage is shown in several history photos. It is just a decoration. what a pity.
  2. Tiger's cupola diagram shown as below, we can see commander can have 360 degree view cover if he moves his head. but it has about 20-30 degree blind zone between each 2 slits in game. This is the most annoying thing I noticed on Tiger, PzIV and PzIII. Really hope Dev team can do sth to address this issue. Another issue is about tiger's gun mantlet armor thickness, the poplar value is 100mm, but this is not the truth.The diagram below is the mantlet for mid version. it's gunner's sights reinforced version, armor around gunner's sight openings is reinforced to meet 100mm thickness.The early version has no such reinforcement, same portion only has 70mm thickness. The tiger we have in game has early version gun mantlet.
  3. No, it has only 7.62 mm MG. not the 45mm type you mentioned.
  4. An armoured car shooting 7.62 machine gun to Tiger with driver's visor closed, then tiger's driver reports he is wounded. How could this happen?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xTQ-oyo-G4&t=279s Check this video at 15:21. but I don't know where are those information from.
  6. I remembered that some article mentioned T-34 has engine overheat issue in summer. it has to limit the RPM to make its speed hardly pass 30km/h.
  7. I am very lucky this time. The KV-1 used up all its ammo from 500m without score any penetration in spite of both tracks are broken and main gun is damaged, no leakage of fuel tanks, no deflection of shell to smash driver and radio man's roof.
  8. 2SS PzD, das Reich July, 1943, Kursk. An inverted Chinese character "Luck" is painted on this S33. Inverted in Chinese has same pronunciation as arrived. the inverted "Luck" means Luck arrived. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6iy8rom8f6buk65/PzVIH1_2SS_S33.dds/file
  9. The real tiger's cylinder cupola's visibility is much better than the one we have in game because bullet proof glasses' refraction. Commander can have 360 view as long as he want to move his head. The blue lines in the diagram are the light paths.
  10. Hartmann's W.Nr.166221 4K version. normal map is included because bubble remover and hinged hand holds are modified according to real A/C. http://www.mediafire.com/file/kzwiikxdxgyuwzz/Bf109G14_9_JG52_Hartmann_166221_4k.7z/file
  11. 4K Skin, Black 15, W.Nr.411777, 5./JG52 flown by Walter Wolfrum, Matikovo airfield, April 1944. http://www.mediafire.com/file/d3vz7xbt11hk1rl/Bf109G6_5.JG52_B15_Quex_4K.7z/file
  12. IMO, what we need is making 3 mins clearance for ATA1.42.
  13. Position of hinged handholds in front of canopy is corrected on Jan 22, 2020. 4K for Barkhorn's W.Nr.15909 and W.Nr.163195 are ready now! The panel lines in the front of canopy is upgraded. Heinz's 4k skin is also upgraded to the same level. http://www.mediafire.com/file/jrzrb3z6qs7sdn6/BF109G6_Barkhorn_4K.7z/file
  14. Position of hinged handholds in front of canopy is corrected on Jan 22, 2020. Normal map is updated and Color RLM76 is corrected on Dec 31st 2019. Achtung !! 4K G6 skin, Flown by Heinz Ewald, Stab II/JG52, Jan 1944. He mostly flew as Barkhorn's wingman at that time. This plane has very similar camouflage as Barkhorn's W.Nr.163195 (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33221-bf109-g-6-skins/?do=findComment&comment=633415)does. Normal map is also included. http://www.mediafire.com/file/h0adugpb1z24urv/Bf109G6_stabII.JG52_Heinz_Ewald_4K.7z/file
  15. Don not think about it yet, the lead time should be very long if I build it for sale. Good question, This is the game limitation, flaps cannot be mapped to an axis. The solution on my trim wheel is that button A is mapped to moving the flaps wheel forward. button B is mapped to moving the flaps wheel backward. But for sure it is upgradeable for future if game support it. I never fly k4 in DCS. if i build it for sale maybe I should keep both features on it. Thank you for the comment, Sure the indicator works, it has notches from -6 to 2 like Gustav does.
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