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  1. W.Nr. 13388, 4./JG52 white 5 flown by Barkhorn in 1942 summer, this A/C's engine cowling is mottled, and victory mark is also over-painted in July. http://www.mediafire.com/file/fde5651d098uyad/bf109F4_Barkhorn.rar/file
  2. mig3 with 40% rad and 30% oil, boosted no overheat, IAS480 at 4k. I would never mention it if overheat kicks in.
  3. BOOSTed Mig3 is always faster than combat powered Bf109F2 about 10km/h from deck to altitude. Il2 BOS always opens my eyes, actually VVS already had technical advantage over Luftwaffe even at beginning of war.
  4. Thank you, guys, I hope that I have more time to do the skin. Here is a very time consuming one, from 2./JG54 flown by Peter Bremer, Russia, Autumn 1941. Same as before, normal map is included to improve the detail of FuG.16 antenna isolator. http://www.mediafire.com/file/707szridww731x7/BF109F2_2JG54_B12_Peter_Bremer.rar/file
  5. Bf109F2, White2, W.Nr. 6702, flown by Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff of 7./JG53, July 1941, USSR. Normal map is included to improve the detail of FuG.16 antenna isolator. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2g9cti9z98wusm3/Bf109F2_7JG53_W02_Hermann+Neuhoff.rar
  6. Sorry for the wrong link, it is fixed now.
  7. III/JG3 skin pack, The camo pattern is revised according to the historical photos, comparing with the Yellow 4 in official skins. FuG 16 Antennenisolator detail enhancement normal map is included. 7./JG3 White 4 flown by Hans Schleef. 9./JG3 Yellow 4 flown by Von Boremski 9./JG3 Yellow 6 flown by Georg Schantke 9./JG3 Yellow 7 flown by Viktor Bauer 9./JG3 Yellow 9 flown by Adalbert Kuhn 9./JG3 Yellow 10 flown by Rolf Diergardt 9./JG3 Yellow 12 flown by E Volkman http://www.mediafire.com/file/8626kfam4dru6fm/III_JG3.rar/file
  8. I guess that it is an attempt to compete with DCS Dora in terms of 3d modeling.
  9. Why the engine smoke is so strong? it can be very easily spotted by enemy from distance.
  10. one thing need to emphasis, Tiger1's mantlet is not simple so-called 100mm thick.
  11. Check the joint on the wing slats.
  12. Very impressive, Bf109G2 needs 4'20'' to get 5000m, according to this result L5FN climbs better than G2!!!
  13. nice skin, Julian, maybe some details need to be revisited, such as the wing edges.😉
  14. Update, W.Nr is corrected as 163195. Apart from the W.Nr.15909 I made for the official skin pack, this is another very popular Barkhorn's G6 Chevorn 5, W.Nr.163195, which is manufactured by Regensberg, It was flown by Barkhorn when he was the commander of II./JG52 and achieved his 250 victories in Feb 1944. Some features of this A/C cannot be precisely presented by in-game G6 model, such as short antenna mast, different type of data plate and sun umbrella holder... http://www.mediafire.com/file/e8ipk22dt3xd8mo/Bf109G6_II_JG52_Barkhorn_WNr163195.dds/file
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