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  1. After watching the video(thanks Mesha44!) I disagree. What I get from the whole vid is tank tactics seem to directly mirror infantry tactics. Depending on the situation I see a direct correlation between light tanks and infantry scouts. If the idea is to move fast and keep the enemy off balance how does it make sense to have your slowest tanks out front in a situation where you don't know the enemy positions for sure? Even assaulting a known enemy position it might make sense to have the heavies out front with the lights flanking quickly. I thought the vid was excellent in that I never got that there was much tactics going on with tanks from the movies I'd seen.
  2. If I may, I discovered this book when searching for the above mentioned. Indestructible: One Man's Rescue Mission That Changed the Course of WWII This is the exploits of one of the most influential pilots of the early Pacific named PI "Pappy" Gunn. Maybe he's more famous than I knew but I'd never heard of him and the tails of his long career and many adventures is the kind of stuff I always look for in pilot bios, but don't always get. In reading this I hope we get the gunship mod's of the B-25 and A-20 he came up with along with the cluster munitions. There are so many facinating stories and characters that continue to come out. Just like the Eastern Front was a deep dive into history I knew little about before buying IL-2 the move to the PTO and this book make me realize there is going to be a body of history I'm going to enjoy learning about.
  3. I too only found out about the Li-2 from this forum. I've learned so much about the Eastern Front that I knew nothing about here. It's funny how it mirrors real life though and everybody wants to be a fighter jock. But when you look at the bombers that took a lot of courage and skill because of the size and slow speed. As much as they were sitting ducks the transports were slower lightly armed but so vital to the whole effort. Then you have the most suicidal the gliders. Can you imagine being in one for those and landing behind enemy lines then fighting your way back and then doing it again? I think this sim would be different if the fighter fanboys had to fly a couple of missions in bombers and transports to understand why cover is so important. That will never happen if there is always choice like there is now. Guys talk about realism and immersion, in real life you had no choice, you flew what you were told to. Career's, true careers where you were assigned like in real life, not pick and choose. But that would go over like a lead balloon. Reading between the lines of the last post by Hans I saw something interesting. The mention of observers in Air Marshall mode.....does that mean we could be getting a Po-2 and or Storch? I would love to fly either one of those planes and the kind of missions they were used for.
  4. In the original poll I voted for the P-39, not P-40. I have bought everything the Devs have put out and would love to add the P-39. I just hope it's not the stock version, but the Russian mod.
  5. There were several astounding feats of navigation that were carried off by Ju crews, one we don't have a map of. In the invasion of Norway a fleet of 52's flew in a fog so dense they could not see each other off their own wing tips. It was all complete IFR all the way to the objective. I don't have the details in my head anymore but the account I originally read was chilling. IIRC they lost only a couple due to collision. I know this is not every bodies cup of tea, but I for one have been long awaiting the Ju52. It's the only German aircraft I'm probably going to fly unless there is a Storch. I of course already put my $$ down for both the Ju52 and Yak1-b. Thank you Devs for this dream come true.
  6. Thanks so much for these photos Lucas, they are incredible. On the gutted P-39, there is a company here called TM Technology that teaches the lost art of acetylene welding aluminum and how to form it like they used to. They have extensive videos of how to do the different procedures. Along with some old training films and one orientation film for working at the Bell plant. In the orientation film they go through the various parts of the process for making the P-39 like stamping parts and frames and welding things like the wing tips. All before tig-welding. At one point there is a couple of short looks at the assembly line where they are plumbing engines and doing the wiring. Looks mighty messy compared to the usual forward mounting of most piston AC.
  7. I was a huge PKD fan in my 20's so it's been a really long time since I read MITHC. I thought my memory had totally failed me, but reading the wiki on the book I realized they had once again scrambled Dick's story. No wonder it didn't seem familiar. Every single time anybody has done a movie or in this case a tv show based on a Dick book or short story they have either dumbed it down to such a low level as to not be recognizable(Blade Runner) or just plain destroyed the plot. It's almost like this show is an alternate reality of Dick's alternate reality. I'm not sure if they have done this to stretch the story or what. The book was not that long, only 230 pgs. Maybe to keep everybody guessing even those of us who read it. Dick's books are always a wild ride because you are always dropped in the middle of a story with no setup and there's usually at least 3 stories /characters going on at the same time and all somehow wrapped up in the same plot. So it's hard to just be a casual observer as there are little hints here and there in conversations or signs on the wall or whatever that give you the backstory. In this case I can't remember where but it was said the Nazi's used a A bomb on Washington for sure. The book had no movies and the main character of the book has been left out. More misdirection I guess.
  8. Is it just me or is the whole thing so convoluted to be almost meaningless? It was a shocker to hear that basically the same # of women play video games as men. And it's no shock more male than females call themselves "gamers". But is this because they see the games they play as serious and women don't take it seriously? I certainly see sims and first person shooters as serious compared to angry birds or almost any side scroller. But that just me. I kept hoping they would mention what games gamers play, male and female. Maybe they did but after the 4 or 5th page of repetition I'd had enough.
  9. Here in the states they already do through the garbage on tv. My X was a itenerant special Ed teacher who went in people's homes to help work with babies and their families. No matter how poor they were(one family lived in a chicken coop) they had a big tv. VR is just a dim version of what I experienced reading books. It's just taken half a century for CG to start to approximate what a good book and a vivid imagination can do. Problem is it would seem a growing majority don't have imagination, much less a vivid imagination, or read for that matter. The characters in the OP's vid exemplify that. Until you can "jack in" with a direct neural connection interfaces and the tech like the VR headsets are going to rely on the users imagination to fill the huge gap. Like so many things there could be positive uses for VR just like all games. It lights up the neural net and is interactive where tv is passive. To experience flying a vintage Russian WWII like I do in BOS is wonderful. I don't often feel the need to enter into combat. Just trying to master the different aircraft and fly the vast maps does it for me.
  10. While I agree that the short was well produced, personally I've been reading sci-fi that's been delving into this going back decades. So for me there were no surprises or twists that have not been touched upon. Phillip K Dick, William Gibson and others have pretty well mapped this out. We are already there. I can't remember the details but I remember reading several years ago about a Korean couple who were prosecuted for letting their child starve while they played some online game. The main theme has been as this reality gets worse the search to escape gets more intense. It would seem man is a creature driven by obsession and addiction. Adrenalin no matter how you get it is powerful. That's what immersion is all about. While I love video games I also have a life that I love more and more here so the pull to game has greatly diminished. I just don't have time so the pull gets weaker and weaker. But that's just me I guess.
  11. ^THIS^ is exactly what I was talking about! I can't wait to see if Chuck understands this ok. Went to a party one time and the host had invited the crew he was working with. They were all Cajun pipe fitters. Really nice people and could understand us it seemed just fine but just like the guy in this video I could only 1 in 30 or 40 words. It helped when he was pointing at the ingredients but even then...wow.
  12. My favorite movie for language WTF's is Snatch, especially with Brad Pitt. It takes away from the confusion to have it subtitled. There's another scene where they pick up this guy off the streets and I have no idea what the accent is but with Pitt when I saw the flic a couple of times I could make out enough to figure out what he was saying. Have no clue with the other bloke. I also had a hell of a time with The Wire. I think it's worth noting one of the lead dealers is English and I didn't know it until I saw him in a BBC series. I also didn't know Damien Lewis was English but there were moments that I wondered if he had a speech impediment and had therapy or coaching. It was a little like in Mrs. Doubtfire and Pierce Brosnan was trying to figure out where he/she was from
  13. I have Acorn tv on the roku and we watch several series that were originally BBC shows. For some of the reasons that unreasonable mentioned we have to put on the subtitles. But there's been times where we've had to do that with American films because of bad recording and mastering techniques. There is this trend to make the dialog quieter than the background noise that's too loud and just generally bad eq'ing or maybe it has to do with compressing Dolby 5.1 surround down to stereo for tv. Dunno. But it all has to do with production and the show. Some of the Acorn shows the people talk fast and mumble or swallow,their words and when you throw in a couple of slang word or expressions it gets us behind the curve and we miss whole sections of dialog. Then other shows there is no problem at all. As an American we generally love the English accent. But it's doubly hard when someone has like a mix of accents. One of the hardest for me is people from certain parts of India. It was explained to me by a linguist that the diphthongs are wrong, so even though the words are right, the emphasis is in the wrong place. If they speak slowly I can flip it around in my head. But there's been guys I've worked with that no matter how long I listen to them if they don't slow down its total and complete gibberish. Some Cajun speech is like that for me too. It's not about not being exposed to different accents, I have been my whole life. I worked around guys who could speak little or no English and we could communicate. But you start throwing in parts of different languages with mixed up diphthongs and I have no idea what they are trying to say.
  14. It's one of the BOM plane set.
  15. That is the big surprise for me. I never would have guessed there were so many folk who would want this in a flight sim. But if it does really equate to more sales, ok. It's an interesting development for sure.
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