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  1. It is extremely irritating to constantly be under artillery shelling and cannon fire in the menus. I am not in a shooting war, I am browsing the menu. Please give us the option to turn it off.
  2. That's why you pump up the left oleo leg.
  3. By all combat accounts it turned better than those.
  4. The sky at altitude is far too light blue. Additionally the shadows become far stronger at altitude as the scattering properties of gas molecules become less (as the density drops). At 7.5km (Everest in background at 8.8km). If you see the sky behind him, above Everest, this is the color it should be when looking up, and darker as you go up farther still.
  5. The P-38 was one of the best turning and climbing American fighters, regardless of its size. It also did very well at high altitude. Roll rate, meh. Until boosted ailerons. Safe dive speed, def meh. But its high-aspect wing and butterfly flaps, high available power, torque-cancelling engines meant that at medium and low speed turns it turned very, very well. Far better than you would expect from a large fighter. The torque-cancelling also meant it could pull off near-stall maneuvers that single-engined fighters couldn't.
  6. I think that Marshal mode shouldn't be expected to immediately boost MP numbers. Culture doesn't work that way. It should be expected to create a new environment, and the organization will need to slowly assemble. But without infrastructure, trying to create a culture is impossible. Good vision.
  7. Probably because most players don’t want to deal with non historical missions where the front line airbase is only 10 clicks from the front line, where most of the aircraft are fighters out for blood rather than strike aircraft and bombers, where there is little cooperation between individual players. Also it is much harder to survive a dog fight against a good human pilot than an AI pilot. On the the other hand, if you can get past the above, and develop a good cadre of likeminded friends, then multiplayer is what makes the sim really come alive.
  8. A lot of the empiric evidence in the historical charts, eg that the P47 dove better than others, is likely due to pilot hesitancy with some types of machines in exceeding a certain level of speed, and in others, like the P47, pilot confidence in that speed. Regardless of actual “ultimate test” performance levels. Enemy A/C are not always tested to the extremes of the airframe by the opposing (capturing) forces - imagine how the captured plane’s condition would likely be - so what a document like the comparative historical chart posted earlier likely represents is indeed a comparative evaluation, but one that is an amalgam based partially on combat experience, partially on practical flying abilities of the A/C, and partially on hard data from flight testing. Regardless, when you experience the sorely lacking high speed elevator authority on the P47 in game, it seems hard to believe that any of the three elements above ever came to be in the P47’s favor...
  9. Venturi

    ME 262

    Where’s the engine timers?
  10. The major problem in French planes in ww2 has to do with the fact that their use was primarily limited to one short battle.
  11. I know the original IL-2 had green tracers for the super fast MGs and red tracers for the cannons. I know some tracers were white, some were yellow, some were red, some were green.
  12. Or an earlier P-40 which would be more appropriate for BOM. But the P-40E is great for early 1942 pacific
  13. Kindof like a 109 with a Merlin in it? Thanks for getting the reference.
  14. It's already been discussed, for sure
  15. Why don't we get a IL-2 with an Allison in it while we're at it?
  16. No i didnt and he had the correct response
  17. The P40 was the third most produced US fighter of the war and wasn’t surpassed in numbers produced by the P47 until 1944. Wildcats are a far, far smaller number of aircraft in a much smaller sphere of operations. But, sure.
  18. If you recall, the tracers not only between sides, but between each particular weapon system in an aircraft could have different tracers. It was one of the first things I noticed about the original IL2. Green tracers for MGs, red for the cannons. Why then does each plane on a particular side have IDENTICAL tracer colors (only differing in brightness for bigger rounds)? It almost seems like this is done for gamey multiplayer ID purposes. It certainly isn’t realistic.
  19. Detonation is the rapid single sortie killer. Dictated by fuel octane and total maximum cylinder pressure (as dictated by compression ratio and intake charge pressure), as well as other parameters such as cylinder temp, RPM/boost mismatch, mixture mismatch. Everything else is wear. The solution is to model detonation. If no detonation, then no likelihood of rapid engine failure. Period. No sim to my knowledge has yet successfully implemented (or even tried to implement) the correct simulation of WW2 boosted aero engines or how they are managed at the limit. Which most taildragger pilots will tell you, is a large part of flying their aircraft. Probably the most knowledgeable people about this in principle are the Reno air racers.
  20. Including the P-39L...... IRL Use the gauges in the aircraft, and not the techno-monitor. Max continuous manifold pressure is 40" Hg. Max continuous RPM is 2600. Adjust your prop pitch, and throttle to maintain those as you maneuver the aircraft, and all will be well. The challenge is the fun of it...
  21. The solution is using the historical fuel capacity for octane (whether it is 87 B4, 100 C4, 100/130PN, or 100/150Pn,) to correctly model detonation. The developers said in the Russian forums that they are working on it. I noted the stall is 95mph now This is why the P40 is seeing love from players I think
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