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  1. Someone on the dev team needs to do a run through of all the DMs and FMs, and see if they all still make comparative sense, given their variations in age of creation... I don’t think anyone here is surprised with the results. And the devs know already. Thanks for the work.
  2. Detonation modeling is the answer. The problem is it takes willingness to invest time into it by the devs.
  3. Accessible realism sells. It is appreciated by all, even by the ignorant. Only the malicious or those who seek gaming instead of simulation want otherwise. I for one would like the historical advantages of the P-47 to be realized, chief among these are its toughness.
  4. My person favorite. 500lb bomb the P47 was carrying dropped and exploded on landing. Wings did not rip off:
  5. Excellent video analysis on the topic, with period source documents and images. Highly recommended. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aCNt3J65UqE
  6. You have made the AA and AAA too accurate by far. The AA concentration is not like what it is in WW2 pacific theater with 50-100 AA artillery in less than 500yds of each other.
  7. Could this not be due to a overestimation of the flap lift - and thus a overestimation of the lift induced drag? Also, it appears that the flaps interact with the boundary layer so as to have a non-linear effect, at least in the initial few tens of degrees.
  8. The problem with the PTO is that the Japanese aircraft have nearly non-existent sources and details. I for one am happy to support the IL-2 GB team in their role of creating more WW2 aviation simulation.
  9. That is true. PS , all the B-26, B-25 AI ... besides being important bombers over Normandy, well, they were also mainstay bombers in the pacific... ...also, I forgot about that Spit XIV...
  10. agree that the Ju 87 would have been better than a slightly different Me109g-6 variant , as the Germans desperately need better bomber aircraft when competing with A-20s, Mosquitos, and Pe-2s. Of course, I’m quite happy there’s going to be updated Ju-88, Me-410, and....... Arado 234! Also... Mossie and Typhoon and P-51B/C!! What’s not to like, this is awesome!
  11. The P40e should have one of the best Allied aircraft roll rates, it does not (the P39 rolls much better, in contrast to published data). The V1710-39 in P40e should be able to tolerate up to 56" of boost for at least 5 min given the fuel ratings in use (assuming 100/130 octane), which would give it roughly 1450hp. By the way, the P40e is one of the lightest American fighters (300+ kilos lighter than P-51D). You can compare the P-51D and P-40E in maneuvering performance at 200mph airspeed with similar power settings. 56" MAP should give you equivalent power levels between the two aircraft. The P-40E should outperform the Mustang in all maneuvers given the weight difference. It should also outroll the P-51D easily. Go ahead - test it. Then tell me what you find out.
  12. There’s a lot lost in the first 100m , let alone 300m.
  13. Actually the reason why it is more efficient to have throttle full forward and adjust MP with turbo (or with RPM if in S/C only planes - within reason given detonation parameters IRL) is that the throttle "butterfly" is increasing turbulence and resistance in the intake airstream when partly closed. When open, it is more laminar and resistance is reduced.
  14. Very true. As altitudes increase, drag on bullets decrease. Just like it decreases on airplanes. At least some lead calculating aircraft gunsights take this into effect.
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