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  1. Glad to see we get the inverse square law at last.
  2. Nice job. All that work to line up a shot, it will be fun to see realistic results.
  3. The turbo is not parasitic unlike a sc, but it does rob exhaust gas pressure/thrust. If IL-2 were to model engines accurately, any throttle+turbo setting which gave you 100% allowed manifold pressure and no more, while retaining wide open throttle, would be the most efficient. Any throttle butterfly, when partially closed, induces by design a pressure drop behind it in the intake tract, which will need to be compensated for to achieve desired manifold pressure by increased turbo speed - and thus less exhaust thrust at altitudes above 1km or so. Optimum efficiency is achieved with WOT above SC critical altitude, and manage turbo speed as necessary to achieve desired MAP. If we were in the real world.
  4. I think the thing you're saying OP, is that you desire consistency across FMs.
  5. Wrong. The required ferry range was for the P-40 was, I believe, 1000 miles - a requirement that the Bf109, FW190, Spitfire, Yak, or any other European fighter could hardly match. Pursuit aircraft designed in the late 30s had "hemispheric defense" in mind... and since North America is a big continent, pursuit aircraft had range requirements. Also see "The Army Air Forces in World War II", volume 6, official Office of Air Force History publication, authors Wesley Craven of Princeton and James Cate of University of Chicago, 1983. "Legacy" fighters? The P-47. P-38, and P-51 were some of, if not THE most technically advanced fighters of the war. Disagree again. The P-38 had enormous troubles WITH COMPLEXITY, which led to problems in practical use at high altitudes. Its performance including turning and climbing performance, was as good or superior to the Bf109 AND FW190 models encountered. Your point is what? That the FW190D-9 was an awful aircraft because it came from the FW190A? Or that the Bf109K-4 was not a good aircraft, because it came from an earlier model with two-bladed prop and had only rifle caliber MGs for armament? If you are making the point that evolutionary aircraft design can't result in a good aircraft, I think you should consider other examples than the P-47 as well. Are you saying that the P-51 didn't end up destroying the Luftwaffe? That the Luftwaffe losses from American fighters escorting the bombers in 1944 (mostly P-51s) didn't result in the Luftwaffe being crushed utterly? In one week alone the Luftwaffe lost a THIRD of its fighter force in Europe.
  6. I asked the question for a purpose, to see what other people thought. I have my own thoughts on the matter, but will wait on sharing them for now. The P38J is faster, rolls faster, has a much higher ceiling, climbs as well or better, and has superior firepower. It will be piloted by someone who is at least competent. The A6M3 will turn better and if piloted by a pre-1941 trained Japanese pilot, will be flown to an absolutely high standard of skill. But assuming the P38J is flown well, how will the Zero win in this scenario?
  7. The things that make a fighter good in 1v1 combat are not always the same things that make it good in group vs group combat. Bottom line, whoever sees the other guy first usually wins.
  8. As mentioned... say you have a A6M3 vs a P-38J and you're doing a head on, blow through the cross... Now, assuming the Lightning is flown to its strengths, how would you proceed to victory?
  9. Similar to Formula 3 driving, where G loads can be up to 5G or more. The P39 is deadly if the spin is not instantly stopped. The real problem is that it has sensitive controls and a rear center of gravity which increases the instability of the aircraft, additionally. The spin also develops very quickly and once in a fast spin it is very hard indeed to recover. At least in real life from the accounts I have read. There was a set of rearrangements that the Russians did to the loading of the P-39 to address this issue for all aircraft, and issued operating instructions to that effect to front line squadrons. The P-39s that fly today have ballast in the nose to shift the COG forward, again for this very reason. However, imagine a pilot not used to sensitive controls, getting bounced, or otherwise panicking, and jerking on this stick after expending ammunition or some other situation which made a rear bias weight on the P39 even worse. Result=spin. Otherwise, the P39 was apparently a delight to fly but with substandard roll compared to spitfire and P40, and substandard climb compared to spitfire.
  10. Propeller efficiency at a given speed and altitude also counts. HP is multiplied by the propeller efficiency to get thrust. And so this factor has a large impact on the aircraft. Additionally as stated above, excess power, obviously. However, airframe drag is important as speeds increase. This is because drag increases in exponential factor, thus an aircraft which has lower drag but also lower power than another, may still have faster acceleration than the plane with higher power but higher drag, at higher speeds. I.E., see mustang.
  11. I received an identity theft alert from one of the companies I use to monitor my information. It was regarding zynga games. I wanted to let people know about this problem. Security is everyone’s business.
  12. It is a good aircraft, although its roll rate is optimistically modeled. If anything, it is too well performing, compared to its P40 cousin.
  13. There is a game for you. It’s called war thunder. Simulators aim to be realistic, it is their raison d’etre (reason to exist). Such projects aim to be as realistic as humanly possible, within the time and money constraints imposed by their business model. It is only in this way that you attract the most passionate, knowledgeable, and reputable individuals to your project. It is how you build a reputation in the community. It is why such sims are played for years. It is why I say, that the greatest challenge is always to understand your principles and adhere to them. There are a lot of bad opinions out there, usually held by people with little understanding or bad motives. Hopefully, the devs continue to focus on realism and aim for programming greatness. It surely would be easy to shoot for “good enough”, whatever that means.
  14. Someone on the dev team needs to do a run through of all the DMs and FMs, and see if they all still make comparative sense, given their variations in age of creation... I don’t think anyone here is surprised with the results. And the devs know already. Thanks for the work.
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