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  1. Great stuff @Geronimo553 i missed these 1st time around, and thanks @Lemsip for doing them,great vids
  2. Loving the different flight sims that are on the market Box series gets better and better and so IMO is Wings Over Flanders Fields PE.. Jasta 15 December 1916 flying with Ernst Udet..The Albs are due to be delivered tomorrow.
  3. @6FG_Big_Al Thanks for your settings mate,ive used them without HDR and with a slight reshade on pics 3 and 4 Thank you
  4. Wow beautiful clear shots Big Al,...stunning ,is there any chance you would share your graphic settings ? Box series looks phenomenal at times.
  5. What a beautiful Sim..Reshade used.
  6. Haha honest THERION that was my exact thought when I saw his pose. I managed to just grab the shot at the perfect time.
  7. Long story short..Its been a while since i've flown the Box series but shortly after the latest patch i fired her up and was really enjoying my time again. I saw a giveaway thread hosted by the Doctor and i thought id apply. Unbeknown to me until just a few hrs ago id received a free yes free gift of BOBP Premium from another member of this brilliant community,i never expected it at all and to say im absolutely overwhelmed is an understatement. That man was John_ Yossarian. I cannot thank you enough John and here,s some screenies from BOBP..Thank you
  8. Wow Great stuff thanks SCG_motoadve
  9. Congrats 3./JG15_Eich,and again thanks Jade Monkey for giving us the chance to win 1 of 3 great prizes.
  10. Incredibly generous offer,id like to go into the hat for BOBP premium please..And thank you Jade Monkey
  11. Great work Han and team,I'm especially happy regarding the A.I work that's going into the series. Im not gonna lie I've been a bit disappointed with regards to this in the past but credit where it's due..it's getting better and better. Christmas around the corner these A.I improvements might just tempt me to get BOBP. All the best going forwards guys kindest regards Adger
  12. Hopefully it'll get tweaked back soon,one good thing at least Jasons aware of it.
  13. Its been a while since ive flown BOX..Great update btw devs
  14. Wings Over the Reich..Not bad from a team of 2 men and a few volunteers. Some 109 Pics in the hidden contents
  15. Hi all,I'm looking at getting the U2. I own BOS,BOM and BOK,does the U2 have it's own career and or also does Pats PWCG use it? If so can I use it in the theatres I own and what type of missions does the U2 partake in? Thank you in advance for any advice..Cheers.
  16. I own both Sevenless but what a fantastic gesture to the community..Nice one pal.
  17. Thank you Luke for your insight it's appreciated .
  18. Personnally speaking I think that's a bit uncalled for John,Feathered has at least tested and shown "proof" I can't believe he'd waste his time flying and testing if he didn't like the Box series. Updates to a game 5 years old.? .Their still developing the Box series of which BOS is part of. How many would be here if no updates had come in the last 5 years? ROF no longer gets supported and if in the future the BOX series gets a new graphic engine upgrade then this series will no longer be supported,that's just how it is. Devs arnt paid for updates but without updates..No one would
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