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  1. Great work Han and team,I'm especially happy regarding the A.I work that's going into the series. Im not gonna lie I've been a bit disappointed with regards to this in the past but credit where it's due..it's getting better and better. Christmas around the corner these A.I improvements might just tempt me to get BOBP. All the best going forwards guys kindest regards Adger
  2. Hopefully it'll get tweaked back soon,one good thing at least Jasons aware of it.
  3. Its been a while since ive flown BOX..Great update btw devs
  4. Wings Over the Reich..Not bad from a team of 2 men and a few volunteers. Some 109 Pics in the hidden contents
  5. Hi all,I'm looking at getting the U2. I own BOS,BOM and BOK,does the U2 have it's own career and or also does Pats PWCG use it? If so can I use it in the theatres I own and what type of missions does the U2 partake in? Thank you in advance for any advice..Cheers.
  6. I own both Sevenless but what a fantastic gesture to the community..Nice one pal.
  7. Thank you Luke for your insight it's appreciated .
  8. Personnally speaking I think that's a bit uncalled for John,Feathered has at least tested and shown "proof" I can't believe he'd waste his time flying and testing if he didn't like the Box series. Updates to a game 5 years old.? .Their still developing the Box series of which BOS is part of. How many would be here if no updates had come in the last 5 years? ROF no longer gets supported and if in the future the BOX series gets a new graphic engine upgrade then this series will no longer be supported,that's just how it is. Devs arnt paid for updates but without updates..No one would continue to support would they? Fwiw ..I've flown bout 20 odd hrs in the last few days and I've found the A.I to be better than previous updates but..low down they still have a tendency to turn right it doesn't "seem" to happen has regular has previously but it does happen. I have other issues with the series (Clouds,Comms etc ) but that's a different matter. I've been enjoying this latest update more than previous ones and I want to thank the Devs for their continued work especially regarding the A.I. I have to agree with BSR,hopefully the team can find a "solution" ..fingers crossed. Id Personnally like a few testers to maybe comment on their findings regarding the subject matter? Only because they probably have hundreds if not thousands of hrs sim time. Is it me or does it seem a bit of a "touchy" subject to the test team? I dunno.. Anyway I am enjoying the series atm,I'm a couple of collectors planes short in the 3 theatres I own..the U2 looks nice il have a nosy at that I reckon.
  9. Great stuff Geronimo..I hope its ok to post these here?
  10. This in its entirety 30mm30mm,also Steam gives you 2 hrs incase you don't like the game. But 100% of your money goes to the Devs if you purchase from the official site. Which is always good for future development of Box series. Just worth noting I don't believe you can purchase BOM or BOK on steam WITHOUT owning BOS (steam). ..If you purchase from the official store you can purchase any of the series in any order.
  11. Thanks all,if I'm being honest I'm slightly disappointed in reading Feathered,s findings. (But thanks Feathered for taking the time to test and report). After all this time there STILL making the continuous turns until they either run out of fuel or has mentioned the engine quits. One thing I will add..it at least looks like the Devs are trying to improve the A.I,maybe there's still a way to go but il remain optimistic and hopefully further changes for the better can be made.
  12. Hi all I sincerely hope your all doing well. Im working away till the weekend and so cannot check myself,and if I'm being honest I uninstalled BOX series a few months ago due to my personal issues with the A.I. So in your honest opinion guys and girls has the new update improved the A.I in any way? I'm really hoping that things have improved to an extent where I can reinstall ..fire one of the old birds up,and enjoy the series with improved A.i. Many thanks in advance for any/all replies and I hope we can keep the thread civil. Have a great day all of you. Cheers.
  13. Great pics thanks for sharing Al
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