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  1. Absolutely guys..I fly them all my 1946 is massive with the BAT mods,I also enjoy BOB II,Falcon BMS and at times I still fire up EAW..there's a lot of sims that could learn from that old girl regarding radio communications,wingman commands etc. it is a pity that a certain few on here have to resort to childish emojis,or sniping words..if you look at Blades profile he owns EVERYTHING that 1c777 have produced..I believe he's done giveaways for the BOX series aswell as OBD,S sims. Who's to say he wont get miffed by the silly emojis from LUKEFF (It's not the 1st thread I've seen him with this behaviour and who as a official tester?I believe should act better)and pointless comment from BSR and stop supporting these Devs completely? It'd certainly be a poorer place without Blade..his screenshots alone promoting BOX on different sites on the Net are at times brilliant.
  2. Yep I felt the same way back then Blooddawn. Thing is me and my brother (18 mths) younger both kind of flew together back then. The keyboard overlay went over the C64,I flew using a competition pro joystick and he was my keyboard man It used to go a bit tits up when I asked him for a flare to be dropped and he pressed chaff instead..me being shot down soon afterwards and then the soon after belting of each other because he pressed the wrong key I don't have VR,I have tried it but not on BOX..I do have Trackir and there's no way I could ever go back to flying without it. Yep I think it was possibly more nostalgia back then and flight sims have definitely come on leaps and bounds since.
  3. You payed for your sims Dogbert you entitled to your opinion pal. Theres people who love OBD,S sims and there's others who dismiss them without trying or knowing anything about them,it's the people that dismiss them without trying that I find a bit puzzling but ey..each to their own. im like you I play all types of games and sims..Personally I can take or leave BOX most of the time,the A.I often drives me nuts and the ground looping at times drives me loopy haha,but I still take the spit or the Junkers 52 up a few times a week because for some of BOX,s faults..it does a lot of things well,and I absolutely love the feeling of flight in this series..its second to none.
  4. Was there better gameplay way back then?. I dunno guys but it certainly felt that way for me. I've been "simming" game playing since the mid 80,s with a C64. Who remembers the Microprose sims,the keyboard overlays,the big boxes containing the massive manuals that I used to read from cover to cover. I'd pay way more for my sims if they came with the great manuals of old. The manuals themselves built the tension up inside me,who remembers sneaking under radar to take out a bunker in Tripoli in Stealth fighter. Popping up over a hill to take out a target in Gunship? Maybe it's because we were younger back then,had more imaginative minds? I do believe that there's still Sims/games with oodles of gameplay but..for me Personnally I don't think il ever get those exciting times back from my mid teens to early 20,s I think they meant more to us back then..I had to save my paper round money and do odd jobs for neighbours to afford sims back in the 80,s I appreciated them more I think by having to save for them. Anyway great thread Jon..I've Personnally enjoyed reading all the comments guys.
  5. The guys a prize pr@&k..he seems to be massively against anything that doesn't involve the BOX or ROF series of sims. There's a tester on here aswell who I believe acts the same way with their sarky comments and "laughing" emojis to anything against their beloved sims. Theres some brilliant people on this forum..HAZA who's gifted me items..ORLOK,PAT WILSON..GAMBIT =11=HERNE,,"MIKE" SAS STOREBROR,COCONUT,LIZLEMON and all the other modders that strive to make these sims better and better i could go on and on but unfortunately there's a few that spoil it for the majority..I believe Blade (who loves the box series and promotes with his fantastic screenshots not just here but over at SimHq aswell) has posted a FREE copy of WOTR in the FREE subject section of this forum which allows him to do so? Are we not all combat flight sim fans? If so what's the problem? Is WOTR perfect? No..is BOX series perfect? Again IMO No..let's enjoy both for what they are. @Blade massive respect pal for your giveaway ..I sincerely hope it goes to a worthy winner pal.
  6. Let's not go off topic guys,this thread is about WOTR not swastikas,I believe that subject as been done to death. Luke mentioned the pictures and Blade has adjusted accordingly..please guys lets not get the thread locked by talking about what should or should not be allowed. 1C/777 ask NOT to post pics with swastikas unless hidden,they very kindly allow us to post about other games/sims in this free subject section..there house their rules,which I Personnally have no problem with. I applaud them for allowing a free subject thread where people can give others a heads up regarding different games/sims. Nice one 1C/777 studios.
  7. What a great atmospheric shot Docjonal..awesome pal
  8. Some great shots..Box looks unbelievably beautiful at times.
  9. I've noticed "Small" A.I changes,it's still very poor at times IMO but..at least there's some work going on. A.I doesn't bring in revenue so it's probably not a priority to the Devs but has a SP flyer,it ruins the sim at times for me. No doubt the MP flyers will mention to try that mode,thing is a lot of us don't want/or feel comfortable flying MP. This thread like others regarding A.I will probably get moved to complaints out of the way so to speak. Or get told "We heard you the first 1000 times" Or "don't keep harping on about it" No but in all seriousness I agree with the OP,this Series does a load of things brilliantly,the "Feeling" of flight is unsurpassed. Unfortunitely the A.i still leaves a lot to be desired. And I for one welcome any A.I changes for the better.
  10. Haha nearly right Blade,yep old brown dog..which is the dog that turns his head to the cat meow when OBD,S sims load up. @Dogbert1953 nice preset pal,yeah Reshade all working good here. Enjoy mate.
  11. Thanks for the heads up regarding Reshade Dogbert..ive got my preset working with WOTR and WOFFUE (showing Arthur Gould Lee skin) 1st pic on 2nd off thanks pal
  12. Old Brown Dog is what OBD stands for pal. They've been around for quite a while. I belive they 1st started out working on the ETO mod for MSCFS3. They then went WW1 with OFF P1. And P2. Both free I believe. OFF P3 (Over Flanders fields phase 3) came next with the addon Hat in the Ring. Then WOFF in different phrases and now WOFFUE ..these guys know CFS3 like the back of their hands. Their attention to historical accuracy is second to none. Not too sure about France being free Dogbert I believe the Spit is pal actually from the store page "A major item in the works for a future release is the flyable Spitfire MKIa ! But that is not all…We hope to bring the Battle for France - a whole new campaign to fly in! We are planning to release these as FREE updates or addons at a future date. (Details TBC and subject to change)" Wow I'm glad Reshade works pal, F5 I believe turns your hud of if not needed aswell..Not sure if you use Trackir I couldn't fly another sim without it. There's cheaper head tracking options available and both the Box,ROF and OBD,S sims are much better for it. Have fun pal and keep checking your six..WOFF and WOTR takes no prisoners Edit: Back up your zip downloads pal. Either onto an external HD or a sub stick or a second drive. The links don't last forever. Also write down your order numbers that's required when you 1st startup the sims.
  13. Your welcome Dogbert. WOFFUE I believe is still having some future plans. Polovski (one of the Devs) posted only yesterday regarding this. But for the moment the 80 flyables should keep you busy WOTR is phase 1,I believe phase 2 continues over France and finally going into the Reich. Im not sure about Reshade but SweetFx definitely works with WOFF,there's a preset on the mod page. Havent tried SweetFx yet with WOTR mate. What I will say is this..OBD listen to their community they keep improving all the time,something not right? They patch. All the very best pal.
  14. Great news pal,I sincerely hope your not disappointed. Don't forget the free skins download from WOFFS download page,make sure you have plenty of HD space,you will then see more historical skins not only with your squadmates but enemy craft aswell. Make sure you patch both sims to the latest version aswell. Then ...Check out WOFFS mod pages. JJJ,S mission editor is a must. Also the airfields mod,Bombsight mods..in fact there's loads of excellent mods that make the sim even better. Ask any of the guys over there they really are a great bunch and any questions regarding mods,tips etc will be warmly addressed. The vast majority of mods are JSGME compatible so there very easy to install. WOTR doesn't have too much in the way of mods atm..Chief has made a few which are excellent,and Robert Wiggins is working on the Spit skins for the upcoming "Free" Spitfire. Has WOTR phases progress I'm certain more mods,skins etc will become available. Has mentioned by others the feeling of flight isn't the same as the ROF/BOX series but..the "immersion" of the campaign and AI more than makes up for it,you actually start caring about your fellow squadmates,you want your wingman to make it home. You can get random failures so can your squadmates,it can get real hairy up there sometimes. Come up against an ace in WOFF and WOTR and your in for one hell of a fight. Have fun with all your sims Dogbert..best of luck pal.
  15. Call me old fashioned but give me gameplay over graphics any day. I agree with Blades post completely (Great post pal). I own ROF with a load of planes and still fire her up occasionally. Also the box series which again I fire up occasionally. And I enjoy the "feeling" of flight it's second to none. 1C/777 are going in the right direction regarding their SP fixes. The career mode is a really good addition and their seemingly patch by patch improving the Ai. It IMO still falls way short of OBD,S Ai in WOFF and WOTR. For my SP fix these 2 sims are my go to..every single time. il continue to support both Dev teams IF I believe they continue to improve their products going forward. The FM,and DM is very well done in BOX but for SP I still find the Ai really very poor at times. Also like Trooper mentioned WOFF/WOTR is absolutely nothing like World of planes. I enjoy all the sims for different reasons but for the SP experience OBD,S sims win hands down in my personal opinion. Some of the best dogfights in my 30 years of gaming have come courtesy of OBD,S sims. For anybody interested I recommend you have a nosy over on the DID reports (WOFF) and the combat reports/ Rick Rawlings challenge (WOTR) at SimHq. Some great reports/stories over there Again I enjoy all the sims for different reasons,and in a gaming world dominated by Call of dutys,RPG,S and bloody Fortnite I look forward in anticipation to new flight sims. Have a great day everyone and fly safe.
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