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  1. Nice one Busdriver on a different note, the issue you raised regarding the time advance and casualties..looks like they've sorted it. Nice find. Quote from Pol Thanks, we'll look into it. Fixed in V1.02 (not yet released)
  2. UI is basically the same I never really had any issues with the interface though, thought everything was crisp and clear some personally..no issues there. Graphics have certainly improved along with scenery, the sounds are fantastic one thing I’ve personally noticed , it seems to load quicker into the mission compared to previous versions, also feels a heck of a lot smoother in flight. I agree with Busdriver it’s still based on a old games engine and at times you’ll get reminded of it but imho..it’s the best version yet of OBD,S WW1 sim. I agree regarding Wingman Busdriver..I
  3. Yeah it is annoying Busdriver when the cloud sometimes appears like that, im assuming its a left over from CFS3 ? Last ones for a bit..Doing circuits with Captain Triggers
  4. A few from a Jasta 5 campaign earlier, the review screen after the mission i particularly like. Also wanted to show the new after mission review screen showing what can happen elsewhere during a mission some craft destroyed by friendly fire, collided with another Alb, ect..
  5. Absolutely agree Scram, and it’s just primarily 2 guys that do it, maybe they can cram more in in the future this from the features list “There's an interesting little Feature that OBD snuck into BHaH II. #77 - WOFF / OBD Theater now extends to the whole of the mapped region, as opposed to just the WW1 campaign region - for possible future expansions.” imagine an Italian campaign,? They’ve already mentioned that there going to do more with WOTR next and then hopefully give us some new WW1 kites to fly.
  6. Your welcome pal, Yep it’s incredibly immersive. VR would be a game changer I hope one day it could be fully implemented like the guys here have done with FC and the Box series.
  7. Do you mean worth $60 ? Then my honest opinion..yes Scram I think so. Don’t get me wrong I’ve only had it for a day and flown about 3 hours, the new sounds are incredible the FM feels better DM I can’t tell you because I’ve only been training so far. The scenery and colours are much better. Night lighting is better etc I paid £52 for it and even after a few hours I don’t regret my purchase at all. Btw there’s a features page that you can have a nosy at if you’re unsure.👍
  8. It really is rather good old chaps 😀 Up training with Captain Triggers, he calls me an imbecile a lot 😄 And and it wouldn’t be WOFF without a dawn shot
  9. Great stuff @Geronimo553 i missed these 1st time around, and thanks @Lemsip for doing them,great vids
  10. Loving the different flight sims that are on the market Box series gets better and better and so IMO is Wings Over Flanders Fields PE.. Jasta 15 December 1916 flying with Ernst Udet..The Albs are due to be delivered tomorrow.
  11. @6FG_Big_Al Thanks for your settings mate,ive used them without HDR and with a slight reshade on pics 3 and 4 Thank you
  12. Wow beautiful clear shots Big Al,...stunning ,is there any chance you would share your graphic settings ? Box series looks phenomenal at times.
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