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  1. download link: https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3857-il-2-p-47d22-usaaf-510fs-405fg-squirt-ii/
  2. https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3857-il-2-p-47d22-usaaf-510fs-405fg-squirt-ii/
  3. download links: https://www.lockonfiles.com/blogs/entry/288-new-il-2-sturmovik-p-47d22-skins-uploaded/
  4. https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3851-il-2-p-47d22-usaaf-78973-525fs-86fg/ https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3853-il-2-p-47d22-checkertail-clan-cecil-o-dean/ - https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3855-il-2-p-47d22-usaaf-tuskegee-lt-peirson/ https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3852-il-2-p-47d22-usaaf-78fg-82fs-mx-g/ https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3854-il-2-p-47d22-checkertail-clan-topper/ https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3850-il-2-p47d22-usaaf-5th-emergency-rescue-sqn/
  5. you are correct - I'll make the tail in a color closer to orange, which is the one I have in a photo. Likely it was painted after a landing accident .
  6. I've finished preparing the metal, green and tan camouflage templates - they are all weathered three skins are done - I'll do a couple or maybe three more and then release them.
  7. I've made a camouflage pattern added a bit more of Cecil O'Dean P-47D #17 markings and with the weathering base layer added
  8. I am going remake my now 10 year old A2A P-47D skins, those were the first WWII warbirds I made, here is the list: https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/category/338-a2a-p-47d/ this one is the only new one, still trying to find some more info for it, "topper" Lt Warren F Penny WIP
  9. yes - wood and metal surfaces have different reflections
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