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  1. Julian, I just have to say that your skins are simply peerless! Your contributions to the game is very much appreciated and your creations are fast becoming my favorites. I very much enjoy all of them. You are a true artist.
  2. FW-190A-8/9 that would make a nice historical skin.
  3. Two nice A-8/A-9s that would make great skins. I wish we had the blown hood option for the A-8s in the game.
  4. Two more Doras from JG 301 worthy of consideration for skins.
  5. A really nice skin for consideration to add to historical skin category. Would be great to add a few more.
  6. A pic of a FW-190A-8 from the same unit of DetCords FW-190s, KG(J) 27. Make a nice historical bird to go with his excellent skins. No sure if black 4 has a white outline or maybe the color is yellow. The number outline appears to be a slightly different shade than the white portion of the fuselage band. My eyes can sometimes deceive me. lol Anybody have any ideas?
  7. A FW-190A-4 from unknown unit. Make a great skin foe the A-3 slot.
  8. I have a suggestion for a FW-190A-8 skin. It would make a nice companion for some of the JG 5 skins we currently have in the game.
  9. Very nice skin flowbee! I really like JG 54 aircraft from this period of the war. If I may ,I would like to make few suggestions as far as the skin details. These are minor so please forgive me for being so anal. If you look at the photo you will see the unit "Green Heart" marking is located more towards the center of the cockpit opening rather than forward of the cockpit as illustrated on your skin. I also think the number "11" needs to be more forward because the photo shows it located near the grab handle and first fuselage seam aft of the cockpit. Finally, I think the stroke
  10. Another bird from JG-301 that would make an excellent subject for a skin. And one more for good measure. Another great subject This late war bird from JG 5.
  11. Thank you so much! Your skins are fantastic. Love the FW-190s.
  12. It looks great !! I think this will be my favorite ride when flying the A-8. Thank you very much.
  13. Good catch Madcop! Julian, Several more A-8s to consider when time permits. Two more interesting subjects for JG 300 fans.
  14. Hi Julian, Great job as usual! The one question I have is shouldn't the black "7" have a yellow outline? Its hard to see but most of the illustrations I have seen have the number outlined in yellow. It makes sense because the gruppe bar is yellow. Would it be passible to make this small correction? Thanks
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