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  1. Attractive option for a K or late G BF-109 skin. Aircraft illustrated is a BF-109G-10of 13/JG 301.
  2. If any of you guys have the time or inclination to do these two I would be very appreciative. Black/yellow seven 6/JG 300 my personal favorite and would love to fly in game. There is a photo of white 20 but shows only about half of the fuselage and wings gone due to it being a crashed aircraft. The pilot is identified Hpt. Schnoor.
  3. Here's a interesting bird flown by Walter Loos. I think it would make a nice addition! Another FW-190A-8 from JG 300 based at Altenberg,1944. It would a great historical addition to the game and a personal favorite of mine.
  4. All I can say is fantastic job as usual Julian!
  5. Hey Julian, If you have the time you might consider these subjects.
  6. Another JG 3 machine that might be considered..
  7. Julian, You really have the talent to bring these aircraft alive. Your work is fantastic and very much appreciated.
  8. Very attractive skin from JG 301 that would be nice to have .I know its a G-10 but would make a nice skin for several variations of the BF-109G/K One last skin! A G-14AS of Karl Heinz Muller, 9/JG 300
  9. This aircraft does not have the tall tail but would still make a good subject for consideration. Nice markings.
  10. I usually don' ask for requests, but this is one A-8, Black 7. I would love to see it made into a skin and fly in Great Battles. JG 300 one of my favorite units. I included yellow 17 for a more defined camouflage reference since most aircraft in this unit were very similar. Another rendition of the same aircraft.
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