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  1. SP1969

    Spad XIII photoscope

    Thanks Garven, Yes, that would make perfect sense. I understand the British had a series of incidents with the SE5a when it was first introduced, eventually traced to paint clogging the radiator, leading to rapid overheating and subsequent engine failure. Does the HS have a tendency to 'run hot'?
  2. SP1969

    Dolphin vs DVII

    "when it comes to German 1918 planes and maneuvrability, it's pretty much "If you don't face Camel you don't need it, if you do face Camel it won't help you" That made me chuckle, Trupobaw.
  3. SP1969

    Spad XIII photoscope

    Fantastic photos, thank you for sharing them. One so often sees the louvred panels removed from the lower section of the engine in modern photographs of SPAD 13s, and yet so rarely in period photographs ( yes, I know one DOES see them removed in period photographs, I'm not starting anything!!! ). I wonder why this is? My first instinct is to think that many modern photographs are taken in Summer, for the air show season, and that the louvred panel impedes cooling airflow, which in turn makes me wonder whether the panels were removed at the front in hotter weather during the war and fitted in the Winter? I'm sure one of the SPADaholics knows the answer.
  4. SP1969

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    "Btw in researching this I found that von Richthofen was apparently carrying a parachute when shot-down, and it was one of the first items 'looted' from his downed plane. This was new to me." New to me, too. Interesting, thank you for sharing, Baer!
  5. SP1969

    looking for a mentor

    Some of the worst fliers are over 50, too. I'm 60 this next birthday, a terrible shot, an awful pilot and I enjoy myself. Beats seven shades of sh*t out of doing the crossword in the Times.
  6. SP1969

    US103 Squadron Skin Pack

    Thanks for the fun, 103!
  7. SP1969

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    The Camels are Coming Chapter 1 “I say, Algy,” muttered Biggles as he lounged on his camp bed at Files Ferme aerodrome, “I’m a little bored watching this movie, U571, on my laptop, what do you think to a quick toddle over the lines to see what is happening over Hunland?” “Topping idea, Biggles!” ejaculated The Right Honourable Angela ‘Algy’ Montgomery, tucking her iPhone into the zipped breast pocket of her Nomex flying suit. “I’ll drive us to the flight line in the Tesla, since it is snowing so heavily outside.” After skillfully chauffeuring her flight commander past the T-34 tanks guarding the perimeter against a repetition of the massed Zulu Impi attack of the day before, Algy pulled up alongside the blast proof doors of the concrete hanger and pressed the button on the door remote. The heavy doors slid back, revealing the LED strip lit interior of the vast concrete hanger, disclosing the sleek, bright red shapes of the two Sopwith Camels that lurked within. “What ho, Greasy!” Biggles shouted out to the miniskirt clad figure of ‘Greasy’ Staines, his chief mechanic and software technician. Staines looked up from the GAU8 she was installing into a BE2c, brushed her hand through her Mohican, and scowled. “What did you call me, you sexist b**tard?” To be continued..... With the sincerest of sincere apologies to Capt. W.E. Johns
  8. SP1969

    Dolphin vs DVII

    Hi A Tree, See PM.
  9. SP1969

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    I'd drop this, but......the Camels in your photograph have Aldis sights mounted on at least the two nearest aeroplanes. Aldis was standard factory fit for many British aircraft, including the SE5a. Not a field mod ( although they were removed in the field ), a factory fit. I know this, you know this, why insinuate that it isn't anything other than a fact?
  10. SP1969

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Well, Luke, that isn't my opinion on the matter, so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on our respective interpretations of history. You know my view, I know yours. Certainly worth discussing, certainly not worth arguing about.
  11. SP1969

    looking for a mentor

    If you can, gentlemen, I'd highly recommend popping along to one of the furballs held on Sundays as detailed in the threads started by GCF. All, very good humoured, no one is there for any other reason than having fun. Your skill level is of absolutely zero import. Tip up, fly, get shot down, repeat. No drama.
  12. SP1969

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Not disagreeing with you at all, SeaSerpent. Perhaps if the mission had to include a date? That way anachronistic load outs / equipment simply would not be available perhaps, in the same way that certain aeroplanes are not seen in the PWCG RoF campaigns before their historical service introduction date? In the overall scheme of things, it isn't that important, but such things can, and do niggle. It is also jumping the gun a little, since the game is still at a very early stage of development - after all, one is still being shot at by 1940s hardware from the ground in some instances.
  13. SP1969

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    BSR, 'Battlefield 1' is a complete nonsense, I agree. A Mk IV tank travelling at 25 mph is nonsense. As is having an Aldis sight fitted to British aeroplanes listed as a 'field mod'. As is treating an experimental gunsight, apparently only fitted to some very few aircraft flying with Jasta 12 for field trials for a few months in 1918, available in game as if it were something that could be drawn from stores and fitted universally at the pilot's whim, whereas the gunsight that was actually fitted to some German aircraft in operational aircraft is not modelled, because the game design can't replicate the 2x zoom of the sight. As is the ( at this point ) unrestricted availability of 100% perfectly functional parachutes for Central aeroplanes. Note the caveat, in my previous post. By the same logic, since the British did test parachutes during the war, they should be available to the Allied side, even though it would make a mockery of any claimto authenticity that the developers may make for this game. Look at the 'nerfing' of various aircraft in RoF, for the sake of 'even game play'. A mistake which the current development team have publicly promised not to repeat for this one, to their absolute credit. This is a computer game, BSR. It is marketed as a Great War combat flight simulation, with the emphasis on providing a realistic ( in as far as is possible with a game ) experience. It usually lives up to that description and provides hours of entertainment for many people, including myself. Many of those people will be generally interested in the aviation of the era, will have read endless literature on the subject, will have probably built models of the aeroplanes of the era and, in some cases, will own and fly replicas of the aeroplane types modelled in game. Not all may be 'experts' to the degree of the late Dan San Abbot, but they will certainly recognise when something is 'wrong'. In a multiplayer furball over an anachronistic and geographically unrelated ( albeit beautifully modelled ) terrain whilst the game is in development, these things are, perhaps relatively unimportant. If the game is to progress and surpass the immersive and historical levels achieved by its predecessor, then it might be an idea to address these little niggles now, rather than later.
  14. SP1969

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    But only partially. It appears, on further reading, that the sight modelled in RoF/ FC was field tested in extremely small quantities from June of 1918 - and was never equipped beyond those tests. Someone already bought me 'Battlefield 1', thanks. Ahhh, that sounded petty, my apologies. I'd genuinely be interested to seefi the thing wasever equipped outside of a very few test cases though. One thing I have learned today is that 'Revi' is a contraction, I had always assumed it to be a brand name, so I've learned something today.
  15. SP1969

    Flying Circus Vol.2 Period ?

    You do realise I was born in 1959, Buttzell. I'll probably have my own personal wings, complete with field mod harp and halo, by the time they release Vol 2........