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  1. Forum isn't the same as owning the game, is it? Trolls never change, do they?
  2. When I finally showed up? When was that, Cock Robin?
  3. I can only write for myself, but. I abandoned FC because I felt completely ripped off by the whole game, having previously used RoF. I was expecting a game. I got ....this. Single player a joke. Took months to get a f**king map and when it finally arrived....total disappointment. Hardly any aircraft. Damage. Engines. Handling. To see it discounted by 50% for anyone after all the song and dance made about early access merely rubbed salt into the wounds. This isn't a game, it is a half realised add in for the WW2 content, but priced as a premium game. Haven't played any of the IL2 games since FC, not bought any content, and I won't, ever again. This company should learn that you can only punch loyal customers in the face so many times before they f**k off. I doubt they'll listen.
  4. Come late to this thread, because the advent of the SE modelling ended my association with FC. It never felt right.
  5. Assuming I can figure out a way of making the SE5a handle as it should, I'd be interested. Been avoiding FC altogether.
  6. Agreed and accepted. The 'emptiness' of the front is often mentioned in contemporary trench writing.
  7. March to August 1918 around Arras was not a quiet time. It wasn't static trench warfare, either, to be honest.
  8. I find the ground generally does that, trenches or not, Al.
  9. Said someone called 'Gamecock'. ( G) lost a gamecock?
  10. Maybe, Zooropa, maybe. Every other BoX module has an SP campaign. FC doesn't. I know Pat will do his magical thing, and that will make a difference when we have a map. But I didn't pay Pat $69. And the lack of ability to 'rig' is really annoying me. WW1 aeroplanes need curves to replicate the rigging. I know we all have a 'wishlist' - be it a specific aeroplane, or a map of a specific area, and that it isn't fair or realistic to hope everything one wishes for will magically arrive, but I did hope that FC would at LEAST equal RoF in playability and realism. It doesn't come close. Not even close. It looks prettier. That's it. It is a WW1 paint job on a WW2 sim.
  11. I was going to comment and then realised I have nothing to say that I haven't said before. FC has been an exercise in utter disappointment, so far, for me. I don't feel ripped off, just like I have made a fool of myself for hoping it would be a modern RoF. At my age, I ought to have known better.
  12. If we don't, the SE5a is ruined. A rigger's job involved exactly this. IL2 is all about the mostly metal Second World War aeroplanes. RoF was about World War One aroplanes. The former could be rigged, the latter not. Deal breaker.
  13. Scarff ring. Enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/mashtabekb/videos/vb.1115693688452833/1826816067340588/?type=2&theater
  14. Sorry about dropping out tonight - my Edtracker is playing up in the vertical for some reason. I may give up on this for a bit, see if they sort the map out and maybe invest in VR, but simply not worth the outlay for now. Have fun guys.
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