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  1. Guys: Well... while not left completely speechless, I am having difficulty summing up but here goes: Completely unexpected in a great way. Love that you are "revitalizing" ROF, I have always wanted to give it a go, but with the older engine, etc. I skipped to my favorite period WW2. Looking forward to how Flying Circus turns out. The tanks portion is a huge surprise and might just be the best one too. Can't wait! While I am interested in the Pacific, I am fine with whatever reasons you all had for delaying it until later. Western Europe late war is great and paves the way for (wait for it!) early war planes on the western front at some point so I am happy. Best of luck with things and I will purchase when I can. P.
  2. I used to own 2 GTX 980 cards in my last rig. Hate to be a downer, but in the end I found it just wasn't worth the money, time and (my) manpower trying to get the darn things working in various games. I don't believe I ever tried it with IL2, but ended up selling the one card, saving for my current GTX 1080 and then selling the second one. Much better in the long run. I know the premise of SLI sounds enticing, but I am coming around to the idea that SLI was and is a half-baked technology that gets sub-standard internal Nvidia support and was mainly launched to sell more video cards... period. Yeah, they'll deny it, but how long have we been waiting for SLI to "mature"? Unacceptable and rather ridiculous in the current market. Simply too many quirks, issues and headaches. As the Cowardly Lion said (read actually) in Wizard of Oz, I'd turn back if I were you! Good luck for the rest.
  3. I am back after a long hiatus with work and what-not. I just went whole hog... Warthog that is. It's all in the sig below now. I bought this PC custom made at Digital Storm back in November of 2015, still kicks ass. Highly recommended by the way, from a guy who always built his own previously. They can be pretty expensive once you start adding additional features, etc., but the build quality is excellent and their guys know what they are about, great service. Just ordered BOM on sale, hope to see all of you at some point once I reintroduce myself to IL2 again. Paul
  4. Guilty as charged. I have found I just don't have the time to set aside in order to keep up with the necessary Alpha changes, learning to fly the sim ,etc. So, I am not participating as much as I thought I would last fall. My schedule at work isn't helping matters either. In a nutshell, I find myself swimming in a glut of good games with no where near enough time for all of them. Oh, to be in my 20's with all that idle time again! (not sure I'd like the no money bit though...)
  5. Thanks for the info on the X55 guys, nicely done. With regard to dry lubrication, I have found that graphite powder that I picked up in a small plastic squeeze bottle from Home Depot or Lowes works just fine on any plastic moving parts. I have used it on my Playstation 3 controllers to keep the buttons from getting sticky and repaired one that had the sticktion/friction issue mentioned. Works like a charm and of course it's great for all your home and car door locks, etc. You will definitely notice the difference in locks after using graphite- MUCH smoother action, and the same goes for plastic items. A little goes a long way, and other than a brief wipe to clean up the dust, it's easy.
  6. Looks fairly promising for the price, but the collar and ring setup for the spring area looks plastic, not metal. I think I would wait on this one as Blechbohrer said.
  7. You know Sternjaeger, that reminded me of a small plane commercial flight I had to take back in 2000. Flew into St. Louis and our connection to Springfield, IL was a very small twin prop plane. Can't remember the make, maybe Beechcraft? Anyway, it seated about 12 or so and the flightdeck was a few feet above the level of the passenger cabin. It was a typical windy midwest day, but flying rarely bothers me, so no biggie I am thinking. Well, we get in the air to our cruising altitude and the crew for whatever reason left the door to the flightdeck open and I am sitting maybe ten feet behind them looking out the windscreen. Whew! It was everything the pilot could do just to keep us moving in the right direction. The plane's nose was all over the place the whole trip, which made it pretty exhausting even as a passenger. Can't imagine how whipped the pilot was after the flight! Thankfully we didn't experience radical altitude changes but it was a draining flight none the less.
  8. I'd say the main issue is finding a videocard setup that will push that many pixels fast enough to play anything more than at slideshow speed. Even a current larger screen above 27" can be tough to make workable for our kind of applications. Can't imagine increasing the resolution in 4K is going to do anything but make it worse. High prices and no videocards that match will keep 4K in the television-only realm for another few years I would think. Personally I am looking forward to current resolution OLED technology long before I think about the jump to 4K.
  9. I think part of the issue lies with the type of game. WT is a free-to-play that needs to have lots and lots of aircraft from multiple nations in order to make the game "work". That's a LOT of flight models to get right and no easy feat. Just ask 777 how long it takes to get just one correct, let alone close to one hundred. In some ways we are comparing apples to oranges when comparing the two. Doesn't make it any easier to deal with the shortcomings of WT, agreed!
  10. There is a fairly close parallel to this in Baseball games (which also is a passion of mine). In the hardcore simulation corner you have Out of the Park Baseball, made by a small team of Germans that takes the cake in customization and depth. From the birth of Baseball to Modern day, replay of historical seasons, fictional leagues... you name it, chances are you can do it with OOTP. Markus Heinsohn is an amazing guy and his team is special. I always kid him that it took a German to make a proper American Baseball game! On the other end of the spectrum you have MLB XX: The Show for the Playstation exclusively (a bit of a shame really). Like most console games it is aimed at a different audience, but to me it is just as impressive in its own ways as OOTP is to "statheads". From single season play to Franchise, Road to the Show (create your own player and take him from AA to the big show) and lots more. It's a hell of a lot of fun and looks to be even better on the PS4 for this coming Spring. Both great games. Now, granted, WT and IL2 are both still in the early stages of development, but I think like OOTP and MLB: The Show, they complement each other and both offer something similar yet different in the approach. More chances to introduce gamers to flight games is a good thing.
  11. Hopefully Gaijin will manage to navigate all the traps and pitfalls left in the War Thunder Beta. There is a real Crapstorm going on right now imo because Gaijin hasn't learned the lesson I think 777 Studios has- namely the importance of communication to your customerbase. Over on their website, the initial post for the upcoming v 1.37 patch was (to be nice) poorly written and left a lot to be desired from my view as a new WT player. Problem number one was their post raised more questions than it answered, and unfortunately there has been NO followup posting by them. Speculation abounds and the patients seem to be running the asylum over at WT right now. What a bloody mess! I want to like these guys and their product, but they aren't making it very easy at the moment. Still, it looks fabulous, performs pretty well for a server-based game and has a lot of promise what with over 200 FM changes coming with 1.37. We shall see. I only play the mid-level "historical" as I am new and learning the game. Still fun despite all the issues. I want these guys to succeed because it would mean more eventual players in IL2: BoS down the line.
  12. My guess would be definitely a engine cowling. Pic 1 with the top in the foreground, front on the left- and obviously the reverse for the second pic, looking at the bottom and rear. The large rectangular opening and small round door to me are dead giveaways that those are ground level maintenance access areas. I get the feeling this is one half of a symmetrical pair. There is a smaller long rectangular access hatch on what I would call the "top". Could this be a cowling that would have sat just in front of the wing on the engine? Hence the abrupt structural end on the second pic on the left. Now I am going to be "I Spy" -ing all the WW2 era multi-engine photos I see...
  13. Now that you mention it, I have found HDR in almost all games to be ugly and overdone. FPS, RPG, didn't seem to matter. Blech!
  14. It's 15 degrees here in Staunton this morning, but man that picture looks positively frigid Sim! Brrrrr...
  15. This is a seemingly common misconception. Guys, there is nothing to "fix". The only times the servers are available are when 777 Studios has them online (operational). Right now per their instructions that is approximately Tuesday to Thursday. Anyone trying to access the game server on other days will be disappointed as they simply are not online, period. This is all by their design, not chance or error. So, no updating, downloading, etc. except when they say we can. It won't be that way forever, thank goodness. Just for now, so the team can concentrate on their work and not have to deal with server issues, etc.
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