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  1. BlackHellHound1, Well, I have it sorted, thanks to your last tip. I had thought that it might have been a control conflict, and resetting my binds did it. I was getting some lateral movement, and a few degrees of pitch and roll, so I reset just Camera to default first. I had the camera bound to a thumb stick on my joystick, and head fwd/back to a hat. Some sims allow multiple inputs, I like to move my head back, in cruise so I can see all the gauges at once. Once that was sorted I changed the mapping, now just need to fine tune it. The hat control (head or camera) movement doesn't work now, so that kind of proves it. Might want to add it to troubleshooting. I bought the game first,, then the headtracker came later. Thanks a ton for the help, and the awesome guide! Farkup
  2. Awesome guide, thank you! I've used it for IL-2 CLOD, DCS and Elite Dangerous. For some reason I can't for the life of me get headtracking to work for BOS. Any help would be appreciated! I can get just a tiny movement when I'm in game and there's no adjustment settings I can see in the key mapping
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