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  1. Even it's still a work in progress , here are the basic icons I made ... for views , orders , gyro gunsight etc... Feel free to try !... StrdeckIconpack1.zip
  2. Just few example which can be quickly done in few hours ...Only using the free online Elgato icon editor and icons found everywhere online ... I'm sure with other "real" image editors much much more could be done but...not my expertise !... Still only using simple macros to clear the keyboard/hotas ... So the full newbie basic level of the product !... If somebody has reach a next level , also advices are welcome !...
  3. I know !.. bad french thinking - english writing !... I was trying to say that's it was ever more surprising that's it's still present because it's not a bug !...
  4. +1 !... This few seconds pulsating/dispearing effect on smoke felt like an untested bug since BOS launch day 1 !!... It has been reported many times and at every patch I'm always surprisingly disapointed that it's still in the game ... When you know that it's in the smoke effect logic it feel ever more ... "surprising" !!...
  5. Hello et salut la Belgique !... Actually I only have found informations on http://www.checksix-forums.com/ or https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=189194 but they all are for DCS and as they have made some very complex in-out interactions between one or more Elgato boxes and the DCS software...And it's irrelevant (for now) for IL2 ... For the time being I only use it as a simple "macro box" to decongest my keyboard for example for the coms , flares , trims , gyro gunsight , cameras , multi engines , etc,etc... It's very quick and easy to implement and as you can add icons on the LCD keys its very clear and pleasant to use ... As I still haven't find WW2 like icons I have chosen to start to make and use some stylised ones and it's easy to find free ones on the webb or use some editors (one is included in the Elgato software) to modify/create some ... Also there some few icons packs made by the talented guys for DCS you can use and modify (...and I'm ashame as I can't give quickly their names !...) For the moment I don't use "complex" macro keys (succession of keys with timers to create automated action (for example : select red flare - fire flare - put away flaregun) or retroaction (LCD icon can change after action) but only very easy shortcut attribution ... If you want you can make thoses more complex task using autohotkey or the simdeck software which was made by WOTEVER for racing sims and transform the Elgato on a "regular" additional button box (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simdeck.23296/) ... But I haven't tried it yet I include some very ugly pictures of my first attempt to use this box !...In real life the LCD panel are much much sharper and the brightness is dimmable !...
  6. Nostalgia , nostalgia ... All thoses few examples among hundreds were made by modders for the IL2 ancestor ...4,5,6 and more years ago ... meaning a different archeological time !!!... Didn't want to make comparison or asking the devs to do it , only maybe to start thinking to give tools or guidance to better integrate some community work into the game ... And as you said this game is so good , the best for warbirds by far actually in my opinion but it could really become greatissimo !!...
  7. I agree that the current game engine will need a update in the future but I think it's a problem for another day ... I really agree that a lot of objects could ,in the actual state, be added with the editor spawn/despawn logics without impairing to much the gameplay (but as a "newbie cooperative missions only créat ...tinkerer" my opinion is ...what it is !! ...) But we don't need to add imperatively "tons and tons of objects" to radically improve it ...we can compromise at least by just adding some new ones and more variations and varieties on the ground assets pool to expand quickly the possibilities for new sceneries and mission création ...
  8. Just received mine after Amazon prime days et just started to tinker with it ... very nicely made and very useful to quickly decongest your keyboard ... I'm looking for WWII style instruments/knobs/buttons icons if somebody as already made some and .. maybe advices : are you using the stream deck program or the Simdesk version with autohotkey to create macros ?!... A lot of stuff are really well made on DCS forums (which can make very complex integrated in-out interactions) but I'm looking for more simpler things and trying to give it a more "warbird" feeling ... I can post links if some are interested to discover it...
  9. Thanks for the update !... Wonderful tool to créate quick coopérative intense missions with friends !!... And much more : as it's really well coded (very clear grouped modules and logic ...) it's very easy to modify a generated mission with the editor to create with little efforts even small cooperative campaigns to play with your friends ... And even more ...to learn how to use the editor !! A must have !!... Thanks again for all your work
  10. 80 p cent of the play time in a warbird simulator is blowing up / straffing ground stuffs ... or attacking or protecting planes which are blowing up/straffing ground stuffs !!!... And even if you are not destroying them there are all the details which are giving life and immersion to everything !... Like a well animated and populated airfield before taking off or the battles raging under your wings or events you just glance on your peripheral vision even before you reach the destination where you have to go into action !... It's all in the name , you want to play a "simulator" it's all about to reach immersion ... As a old warbird fan I really love the feeling of the well detailed planes physics and how the team succedded in modeling some planes details which for some may seems unnecessary ; for me some of those details are a big "wow factors" much more that many eye's candy stuffs BUT the all picture must be kept balanced ... And when you start to see over and over the same ground effects and ground units around you ...it start to become a real turn down !... And this even with all the talents and imagination of the missions/campaign creators !... And as I have seen some famous one's who reacted to this post I can only thanks them and express respect and admiration for the hard works they have done with this fu... pain in the a... But ...full of possibilities ... editor !!... More of thoses effects and grounds objects are implemented and exponantially more are the possibilities of new scenarios and stories which can be done and keep alive this wonderful game ... As always sorry for the faults and thanks for reading
  11. First appologies for the faults , english is not my first language !... Second , I don't want to cause any controverse because I really love this game from many years now and I'm very conscious for all the work and effort a small team must endure to create such a beautiful game and all the difficult choices which must be made when creating new viable contents ... And no comparison could be made compared to other sims product whith different teams and budget !!... BUT I'm oblige to confess that I really hoped that at this point of development a lot more could have been done on the "ground" department !... Also I have recently started to work with the editor and this lack of content is really more flagrant ... As I said I will not compare to actual other sims but it's difficult to not compare to the ancestor Il2 , specially when mods started ... In a nutshell this game really deserve more ground objects AND effects (differents explosions effects or smokes (and please correct urgently this fu... disapearing smoke effect !! , différent "fires" (and please update urgently this fu... Stalingrad strange animated great fires !!... ) Please start to consider to add more "builded" stuffs like more diversified bunkers , modular trenches and shelters in order to create more different "frontlines" or entrenched positions which actually even with all the imagination of the missions/campaigns builders are very,very repetitive !... For the ground stuff it lacks a lot of additionnal vehicules , artillery , boats , armours , horses , towed artillery/things , etc , etc ... for targets or only adding immersion on ground ... Just have a look (still no comparison intended) with all the matérials you can found in the last wargame "Steel division 2" on the East front !... Also PLEASE try to implement infantries units , even if static in trenches or foxholes !! some infantry animations are already implemented and nicely done for artillery servants or vehicules drivers ... I really don't know if all this ideas will or could be implemented and by who , meaning developpers or modders but this game is really beautiful and I really think that this "ground stuff /effects" part is now underdevelopped and really start , at least for me !! to damaging the overall quality of this game ... Thanks for reading and see you in flight !!...
  12. Thanks a lot for this guide !... Very easy to follow and great visuals improvements at the end !!... Thanks again for your work !...
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