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  1. fixed mine too. Flew one mission up yet. No problem. Thanks again for PWCG tool.
  2. AS Colombar problem with Java too. This application requires java runtime environment 1.8.0 (64-bit" I made a java update but PWCG Alpha version doesn't launch Besides no issue with PWCG 7.4.0 Thanks
  3. Hi every body. I tried twice the first mission with U-2 and got twice engine Failure at 2/3 of the mission. Maybe my first mission was to high in rpm (100) but the second one i set rpm 80% and got an engine Failure anyway. I guess I missed Something with that nice old plane...any help? thanks
  4. Thanks for answers Haashashin. I'll keep on playing and sent a PM to you if any problem occur.
  5. Hi SYN Haashashin I play with custom difficulties with no checked options in order to have realistic immersion. Then I guess HUD is turned off. Actually I didn’t wait enough to have the picture « you have landed ». Now t’ils ok and the second mission was succesfull today. Further question : is landing alife with a broken flap or propeller considered as safe landing or does the plane have to be intact? Thanks
  6. Hi. Just bought Achtung spitfire, flown the first mission transfer from an Airfield to another one. At the second mission briefing says to shoot at least one truck and land back safely. I shoot four trucks and landed safely but I had a mission failed...What did I miss? Thanks for answers.
  7. Flying Circus vol 1 released but what is the way to play it? I bought FC vol 1 but can't find it. I guess I missed Something...Thanks for answers.
  8. Hello Created a single mission Rhine as wingman in a BF104K from parking but the IA Don't start engines...any help thnaks?
  9. Hello everybody, I play with that outstanding PWCG tool as single player, thank you again Pat. Questions regarding coop mission : what is the difference between cooperative coop and competitive coop ? Further more are there AI planes to fight in a cooperative mission or do all planes have to be occupied by human players on line? Thanks for answers.
  10. Hi. Thanks for your work SYN_Vander. Yesterday I wanted to fly an Airfield attack with Tempest and I burst out laughing because all the AI pilots starting their engines beside my plane were sat outside the cockpit as Ben Hur on his roman chariot...But I guess this is a bug from the game himself since the last yesterday night Hot fix. Has anyone else these cowboys sitting on their flying horses?
  11. Hi every body. Does any one have this little bug : playing red side a campaign in a mig I have had kills on 109 but confirmed as Mig kills in PWCG debrief! I’m sure I shot 109. By the way, I had no penality having opened fire on a plane of my side...thanks for answers
  12. @Yogiflight Hi thanks for your explanations. It works. Flown two missions as single player leader in cold start with Il16. Actually the point is to start engine. Then to push the plane a little forward, not very far an to Watch what the second plane do. I mean on which side he is about to rolll. Both missions were to the left side. Then to follow the way to the place to take off. Botth AI followed and took place behind me ready to take off. A further question regarding skins. Both AI wingmen had very nice skins. I have downloaded skins file from PWCG and put them into the game graphics/skins. Then I went into PWCG in the Campaign I'm running/skins and I selected squadron. Is this te right way to proceed? Thanks.
  13. @PatrickAWlson It was cold start. Yesterday, flown as single player cold start too, a winter mission in an Il16 with an AI wingman. By taxiing I began rolling from left side followed by the Ai wingman and suddenly he desappeared from my sight..As he had his wing lights on I took off to try to see him anywhere on the field but couldn't find him whereas sometimes I flow in circles above airfield waiting for AI wingmen to take off after a long way taxiing to the opposite side we were parked to start engines in cold starts. Two more questions : -How to know where to head by taxiing? Left side, right side, straight forward to be sure to have the AI following in order to be together to take off? -As single player what is the difference between PWCG Alpha 2 and PWG 6.01? Thanks for your answers and for your huge PWCG work. I've readen the posts above about taxiing. I'll try to reach the spot just in front of the plane's nose to see if the AI starts moving behind me to the left or to the right. Then I'll head to take off place and hope that AI planes will follow. Well I've readen the post above regarding taxiing. I'll try to reach the spot in front of the plane's nose to see if AI behind me start moving and then I'll head in the way they are rolling.
  14. Just flown a mission cold start with two other Il16 as Ai in single player mission. One of them could take off but kept his landing gear down and plane tail and wing lights on and the second one couldn't take off. As leader, how to know the waypoints to follow on the ground to know where to take off exactly. Thanks for answers.
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