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  1. Hello Patrick Here is a PWCGErrorLog.txt as asked. I waited two minutes before taking off and there was less freezes. I only took off and landed as soon. I'm going to fly another mission and wait three minutes before taking off. I'll post another errorlog PWCGErrorLog.txt Here is a second mission just taking off and landing. Waited three minutes eyes on my spit's watch. Less freezes but still there. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  2. Yes the mission looks complete. With my new pc RTX 3070 i9 processor "accept mission" in PWCG and then play in game/missions/PWCG all PWCG missions load much more faster. Once on the runway I click on "pause" to unplug and the freezes begin as soon as I turn head right and left (with trackIR) to check runway. These freezes (around 2 seconds) keep on going when I put flaps on wing lights on cooling radiator on manual RPM on 75% before pushing the throttle forward to roll to take off. During all that time the freezes are curent until the plane leaves the ground...then no more freezes at all! PWC
  3. Strange issue today. Never had such one before. Once into the game after having generated a mission with PWCG, I have freezes during all taking off procedure along. When I'm rolling to take off I have freezes for about 2 seconds but as soon as I'm flying this issue desepears and the mission runs fine...I tried to take off in quick mission, in other single missions, in carreer mod and I had no freeze at all even by taking off. But as soons as I go back into my PWCG mission I have freezes by taking off? Would it be possible that all the objects as map, AI planes, vehicles generated into a PWCG m
  4. 11.10.0 great thanks Patrick. Plaid four single missions with no issues. Haven't had the opportunity to play a scramble mission up yet. Only patrols either low or high with a Spit on Bodenplatte. Met many planes as P47 P38J for allies and Fw190 Bf109G Ju88 as ennemies. Got several kills and killed my self with a blackout I couldn't get out in a too low altitude. Heavy wounded I had to leave for 68 days before coming bach into the fight, Much fun. Great Job. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the answer and the link Buzzsaw. Acutally with my gaming PC (Nvidia GeForce 3070 with processor Intel Core i9) I turned off most of programs opening with windows start and checked that the PC is on in Game Mod as well as lauching COD as administrator. Following those ways I have no more return on desk. Cross fingers...
  6. Hi got an issue with Cliffs of Dover Blitz/Tobruk going back into the task bar after a few minutes playing. If i'm fast enough by clickint on the launcher icone the game starts again but if not I have to start the game again and I loose the mission I was playing. A shame to be back on the desk when I'm on the six of a bandit...(I play single missions off line most of the time) . I authorized my antivirus for steam and game launcher. I didn't select steam over lay but the issue keeps going on. Any help thanks?
  7. Hello New PC with a processor Intel Core I9-10850K Avengers Edition (10C 3.60GHz) Motherboard Asus Prime Z490-A Graphic card Nvidia Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC 8GB Any advise for graphic settings into Nvidia Panel control and into graphics settings into the game to have the best use of my new RTX 3070. I have no VR but a TrackIR 5 Thanks in advance for answers.
  8. Hello. Got an issue I'd never had in PWCG. The name of the pilot I created doesn't appear anymore in roster. PWCG works fine, no error message. My pilot appears in the pilots list but not in the roster...Any help thanks. Guess I fixed this issue Actually I have to go into Personnel/Ref pilot/choose my pilot/accept/finished.
  9. Hello I got a new PC and downloaded PWCG. By installing a window opens saying about PWCG this application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0 (64-bit). Trying to find out this Java version but failed. Please can anybody give me a link to find the Java version required thanks.
  10. hello Thanks so much for your tool. Having great fun. Question is it possible to reduce the numbers of AI planes? Thanks in advance four your answer
  11. 1- to change the face of a PWCG PaperDoll by its own face with GIMP 2.10.22 (download for free) 2- Make a backup of original PaperDolls in PWCG file. 3- open Gimp. In menu file/open, choose a PaperDoll from PWCG file. Follow Gimp’s way and the PaperDoll will open in Gimp’s main window. 4- In Gimp choose the magnifying glass and click on the image of PaperDoll to enlarge the PaperDoll. maybe twice. Easier to work. 5- In menu file/open as layer, choose a picture of your face. Follow Gimp’s way and the picture of your face will open in main Gimp’s wind
  12. Hello is it possible to substitue the face of a Paperdoll...png by his own face? Except photoshop is there a tool in windows 10 allowing to change the face? Thanks for answers.
  13. Hello I like scramble missions with enemy planes coming but since a few of them I have no enemies planes in the sky at all each scramble mission. Anybody else with this issue? Joined errortext log if it can help. Thanks for answers PWCGErrorLog.txt
  14. Hello I have 7 campaigns opened in PWCG 11.6.0. One of them, a german one, has allowed me to find out settings fitting to the way I want to play as single player according to the power of my PC tower. Question : In C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\PWCGBoS\User\Campaigns\Schnaps First (name of my campaign)\config...is it possible to copy and paste both files "configSetFighterMission.json" and "ConfigSetMissionLimits.json" to all config of other campaigns opened in PWCG 11.6.0 without doing it manually. Thanks for answer.
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