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  1. Nice tool SYN_Vander. No problem to download and to install. As first step, alone, I tried a patrol mission on Kuban map into a spit and had nice fight against 109. Then I configured your tool on random and I got a cover mission of a P39 flight engaged as bombers. By taking off the two first P39 crashed into the mountain boarding the field and runway but the two last ones kept heading their target with AAA waiting for them and my escort of spits. Question how to avoid that sentence poping each two/three seconds at the left Bottom of the screen :"multiplayer server overload. Erratic plane behaviour may occur please contact server administrator." Thanks in advance for answers.
  2. Hi I have difficulties to download patch 3.012 with the launcher. At "downloading game client" the launcher stops almost at the end of the downloading phase...Any advice? Thanks
  3. I guess i've found out what cold start means : plane not starting on runway with motor runing and warmed but plane starting parked with motor cold...to start engine : throttle 10% ,small propeller pitch, mixture, temperature warmed enough, taxing on the runway...
  4. Oups sorry...I looked for information without finding anyone...what is the cold start Campaign? I've seen it avalaible for download but what is it? I have PWCG 5.1.2 and I play as single player. Thanks for answers.
  5. In PWCG once you have accepted the mission, you minimise PWCG. Once the mission plaid you can push together Alt and Escape and the game will minimise too. Then you open PWCG you click on combat report and claims your victory if any. You start the debrief then click on debrief finished what leads you to the main panel of PWCG where you can click on Mission to play the next mission. One that mission configured, waypoints number of wingmen and so on you click on accept the mission and minimise PWCG again and so on. Check your six! Yep PWCG is really a great tool.
  6. Please help launcher stuck at 149.18mb for the patch 3.010b. I have deleted update folder and check or uncheck "prefer web distirbution" in launcher but dowloading keeps on being stuck at 149.18mb...Any help thanks
  7. I guess you can download last java version from their site. I had no problem to download and install java 1.08.
  8. I notice that you've installed the game in a H HD as you mention in your post. Up to my mind the game should have to be installed either in Program files or Program files (86)...well I'm not sure about that maybe a player with more computing knowledge could answer. By the way you write that your PWCGCampaign folder is into PWCG 5.0.4 which is himself into your IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad in your HD H. In my installation I have no folder between the game's folder and PWCGCampaign . PWCGCampaign folder is right away into IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow without intermediate folder.
  9. the way to unzip your downloaded file PWCGBoS 5.0.4 : Program Files (86)\1CGame Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow where you'll then find out a folder called PWCGCampaign and in that folder several files. Among them a file called PWCGBos.exe. It's the application file. Double click on it and PWCG will open the main page of the soft where you can then create your campaign. Great tool to play Il2 BOS.
  10. Did a clean install of 5.01 too and I have my kills awarded by PWcG again. Every thing's ok. Thanks for your soft again Patrick.
  11. Just run a mission in a spit over Kuban. The game awarded me with a kill of a Ju87 but PWCG didn't award the kill. Here are the files. mission file.zip eng file.zip
  12. With 5.01 No more smoking objects in the sky Columbar. They are properly on the ground as far as I could see.
  13. I've run a few missions too with 5.01 with spitfire over Kuban off line. Working fine although I had a kill on an He111 - the game mentionned it as a kill for me - but PWCG didn't score the kill even not as denied...Thanks for PWCG Patrick.
  14. Oups an error too...PWCGErrorLog.txtPWCGErrorLog.txt
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