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  1. After installing 3.012 update today my BOS would not complete game loading. Progress bar would freeze at far right edge just before finishing. I completely disabled my security/antivirus/firewall software and loaded the game completely this time. With the game still running, I restarted all the security/antivirus/firewall software and ran a mission again. At this point, I closed Steam and BOS. On my next attempt to run a mission, the game fully loaded and works fine now with security software running. Muscat, I don't know if you've tried this process, but offer it since it did solve my problem.
  2. Thanks, Hellbender. I set the delay for the WW I aircraft back to "Default". Perhaps my online buddies and I will get it sorted out. I appreciate the response.
  3. I have not found a way to cause damage with bombs carried by allied aircraft. The cooper bombs visibly release and fall to target areas, create a small but brief puff of smoke (or dust) but do not cause damage or leave craters on ground surfaces. I have set delay from contact to 5 seconds and do not activate safety switch. Do these bombs work for other pilots, or are we awaiting future work to fully enable them? Great aircraft, by the way.
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