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  1. Lol idk why people think he played wt or is talking about tat.. he is talking about aces high or atleast tats wat I thought he was talking about and Btw all his points are valid imo
  2. Yep like others stated, just use some of the stuff from the community. Many names come to mind. Maybe create a tab on the home il2 website with selected il2 media from the community.
  3. I am severely disappointed with some decisions made by the devs, including the one made by the op , the campaign is decent and barebones at best . saying that campaign was the main focus of Bos and then giving us this lackluster singplayer should be a crime.
  4. Like others have stated,FF is and always will be a problem or flight Sims . we just gotta keep cool heads and carry on . over time the problem will decrease to a very rare occurance.
  5. yea i agree i am fairly dissapointed nothing with beat il2 1946's dynamic campaigns sigh
  6. I really don't think bos can use some work optimization the game. It is one of my biggest gripes along with those presets instead of advanced settings
  7. Spot on man, in many Sims a lot of German pilots give up their alt and speed for a quick fight. This is exactly why Yak 1 is really good atm. With no real objectives besides of the new syndicate server there's nothing better to do than dogfight and no penalty on dying.
  8. also here is some 1943 eastern front footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HfDfBUJk28
  9. i Love you haha thank you very much
  10. Spot on thats him alright, they say his name in the video. i belive this was a reel made to increase german moral in the East. who else to parade around than an ace with about 100 kills at the time and 206 by the end
  11. Found another great video in my search for eastern front air combat footage Enjoy And watch the whole thing, best part is at the end
  12. Hi all, i just came across this video and i dont know why i just felt the urge to share it haha. It brought a smile to my face for some odd reason. One more thing look at the terrain from far away at around 50 seconds, texture pop in :D haha jk.
  13. Wow i never would have thoght a thread like this would've popped up a year ago when army access was first released. But yea my two cents bos is the best all around sim along with to clod and I don't think bos tops clod yet but will soon enough. The cockpit textures in bos are great and hold there own against clod cockpits and bos cockpits are only going to get better with time. I don't think we should compare Dcs land textures with bos, here bos wins by a land slide. And Dcs plane spotting is horrible. Prop plane combat in Dcs is a nightmare with the current sporting mechanics(edge may change this). To sum it up bos and clod and even rof are some of the most fun and beautifully flight Sims out there and last it checked wt was An arcade flying game aimed towards guys who fly with mouse haha(no offense to anyone who plays wt)
  14. I need convergence! Lol but yea im most looking forward to single player aswell as more optimization of graphics effects and making smoke trails and leaks more comparable to gun camera Another feature I'd like this week is custom graphics options
  15. To make the video more epic, watch it in 240p or 144 :D
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