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  1. So much great news in just one DD, very excited! Excellent job guys
  2. This is good news, any potential performance gain, no matter how big or small, is welcome. The WMR team have really been putting out some cracking updates these past few months, and have identified and fixed quite a few issues. Only those on Oculus AFAIK, using Open Composite. It did make quite a difference when I used to use it, but now on WMR.
  3. Happened to me. I've had logbook issues so verified integrity a couple weeks back with no dramas, but got hit with a full 153GB download with this update 😒
  4. And if you need that VR fix, you could do worse than the GPL Mod for Assetto Corsa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7RBP0qdP84 To bring things back on topic; after a good few months away from IL-2, this thread was my first stop as always. I'm finding the latest recommeded settings to try and hit 90fps great. I can't always keep it, and losing some of the eye-candy I had before at 45fps is taking a little getting used to, but I'm holding 90 more often than I thought possible.
  5. You don't even have to do that anymore, the auto installer does it all for you now!
  6. For anyone having issues learning or remembering the hotas commands in the A-10CII, this image is indispensible: I put off purchasing the original A-10 for years because it always seemed so daunting to learn, but between this and Ralfi's turorials, I feel that I've managed to get a fairly decent grip on it very quickly.
  7. The new style pedals with the support blocks arrived for me a few days ago (London). All I can say is that they are rock solid so far, very coinfidence inspiring with the extra surface area of the support block. Big improvement over the first design. The new options for bolt placement is also welcome; I've managed to mount them slightly lower than the old set, and they sit in the arch of my foot even better. This has made a bigger difference than I thought it would, and feels even more natural.
  8. It's an instrumental of Mighty Wings from Top Gun, and probably why he picked it. It doesn't fit the video, but I'll be damned if I let anyone hate on the foremost song from that soundtrack 😁
  9. I have the exact same dilemma. I only have the Huey, and rarely fly it, but it doesn't help that invert the axis often to see which I prefer, and end up confused when flying, often hard into the ground during VRS. There are a couple collectives out there (Kommodo, Puma flight trainer) and Virpil are coming out with a one too: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBFnr61h7VM/
  10. Open beta is where most servers are for MP. Just realise that the Beta and Stable names aren't really indicitive of what you expect compared to other games' use of the terms. Stable is not really "stable", but more like a delayed, Open Beta push, with sometimes some serious bugs still present. Open Beta can be more like an alpha sometimes, with new updates occasionally breaking seemingly unreated things, but is usually updated very frequently to sort out the more egregious issues. Take that for what you will. Anyway, the base game is free, no harm in installing, having a play
  11. Have to agree with you there. I've commited to not purchasing anything more from them until they get a hold of their situation that seems to be deteriorating by the day. They have a lot of tech-debt to catch up on, both module and core game-wise before they gain back my trust to invest any more money. In the meantime, I'm happy to enjoy what I have so far (as long as it doesn't get broken)
  12. Thanks, I'll try it, but not hopeful as my headset's usb gets unplugged after every session, and has it's own dedicated "VR-ready" (whatever that means) usb port on my mobo. I'll have a go playing with the display port though.
  13. They have images up on this page, my Naval knowledge isn't the best, and I've been gettng conflicting info, but that is an Invincible near the middle, is it not? https://razbamsimulations.com/index.php/dcs/south-atlantic-terrain-project Also, yes they're making an F-15E, which I think they're aiming to get into early access this year. If ED decide to unshelve the F4E project, or allow another dev to take it on, and make a naval version to go with it, that would be incredible (once out of early access of course ;))
  14. Edit; disregard, got my Ark Royals mixed up.
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