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  1. Ok I grabbed one of the default images and used that as a base layer. Was a bit fiddly, but now my Dick pic is perfect!
  2. Ok so I'm a dunce and the answer is probably obvious, but ... I save as 1024 x 1024. I have a square. I add some nice old timey photo fx with a nice old timey white border to make it look genuine. But when it shows up in the game it's a rectangle and part is cut off. Should I be saving an image on a transparent background or something, and how do I know exactly what size and shape the central image should be? I am sure there is something really obvious I am missing here, but I just want Dick Tremayne from Twin Peaks to show up properly as my sweetheart. I am obviously not particularly tech savvy :p
  3. Those two seaters are a real treat. Had a lot of fun trying them out last night vs the two seaters of the opposing side. There was lots of brutal shooting back at me as I was brutally shooting at them. Good stuff. I love Sturmovik, especially in VR, but I have a soft spot for the WWI planes because Rise of Flight was the game that got me into flight sims. And there is just something about that low speed, close quarters, near-to-ground dogfighting ... you're in a wicker basket with a go kart engine, basically, and trying to womp each other. So much fun. I am excited to think that Flying Circus must be near full release. Had fun cruising around in the new tank, too, but a surprise attack reminded me that the armour isn't the strongest ๐Ÿ˜› My poor imaginary tank crew. Looks beautiful! I love the detail of the insignia on the glass.
  4. Had a great time with this. I too got cut to pieces the first time, and then did okay the second. It's a lot of fun! Nice work.
  5. Yeah. You learn to sort of focus on the front rim of the cockpit around the gunsight and use that as your 'horizon'. You very quickly get over the motion sickness (but it can be BAD those first two or three sessions). I get really motion sick on third person VR platformers but my brother-in-law loves platformers and he just blunt forced his way past the motion sickness by playing on and refusing to give in until he started to feel okay ๐Ÿ˜› My first day in VR I had to lie down for about an hour because of the motion sickness (and I felt like my brain was rewiring my whole perception of three dimensions and reality for the first week), but I never get sick playing Sturmovik in VR now. The IPD thing would do it. I have the older Rift where you can change the IPD, but if it's off even a little I feel sick much more quickly, and sick in games I've gotten used to. The Rift S really feels like a 'placekeeper' because they've cut that vital feature.
  6. I got Sturmovik for my friend for his bday, and I went to his house and played it on the Vive after being used to playing it on my Rift at home. The Vive was noticeably quite a bit worse. It's a lot blurrier and the scale and immersion seem a bit 'narrower' somehow. VR with HOTAS and pedals makes Sturmovik absolute magic. And even with just a joystick and the not-as-good Vive my friend was blown away, and his brother immediately went out and bought the game too. They were loving it with VR and just an x-box controller! They're both VR developers and have made a driving sim that's out on Steam. Maybe one of them will appear on the forums now ๐Ÿ˜› Hey guys, if you're reading. They seemed to agree that 'The Vive isn't actually that good' is the elephant in the VR room no one wants to talk about.
  7. Rise of Flight is the game that got me into flight sims and I finally got Flying Circus the other day. I find the low speed near ground fights much more intense somehow. You can see the guy nearby, hear him coming ... In VR I have to physically stand up to aim my overwing machine guns and leave my rudder pedals unattended. In Rise of Flight I always felt so restricted by the screen view but with this in VR I can look around everywhere and get the thrill of falling through space while chasing or being chased. I have to physically move my head to line my eyes up with the sights. God, I love it. I love the base game too, but once this gets full release my WWII planes are going to get a little neglected, I think. This whole series being in VR is a dream come true.
  8. My hard drive with all my games died, and I transferred everything to a new HD. While I was at it I bought a new mouse. Now when I go back to playing Sturm, everything is okay, except when I fire my tank gun with mouse 1 it fires fine the first time, then hardly ever after that. It sometimes fires when I press down both buttons. MGs are also unreliable when secondary, and don't fire at all when primary. I tried mapping also to the joystick but no love. I tried using my old mouse again but the exact same thing happened. Any idea why the button might be working once, every mission start, and then never again?
  9. I just got Tank Crew the other day and I am looooooooving it, even more than I thought I would, especially in VR. This one game lets me fly WWII fighter planes and drive WWII tanks in VR? I can't believe it. My younger self painting model tanks would be in awe. I'm in awe. I had to pinch myself. But yes, that scripted mission, when the Sturmoviks are chasing you and the AA defends you ... That is intense and awesome. It would be magnificent for there to be player controlled AA. If it's no longer a priority in the release version, I hope those vehicles are added as DLC collector items or something. I imagine that when playing them you would get shot by enemy tanks a lot, but it would be great fun trying to stay protected in the middle of a platoon while keeping your brothers safe from those terrifying Sturmoviks and Stukas.
  10. My brand new Tiger Tank and my fully crewed Sherman are waiting in the garage! Frustrating ... I guess I'll get some work done in the meantime ๐Ÿ˜› I finally gave the sample tanks a proper go in VR last night and pretty much immediately went, 'Yep, I'm buying this.'
  11. Are the servers down today, or is it just me? I just bought Tank Crew and fired things up to give it a go, and VR Tiger Tank was denied.
  12. I just want to add my voice to the (rather small) 'appreciation of career mode' chorus. It's all I play. Sure, a bit more of a dynamic sense of continuation would be nice, but I still have a great time, especially in VR. I expect I would be instantly murdered in MP, but in Career I can slowly become an ace, up the difficulty as I get better, etc. Major Rainer Onyerparader is halfway through his Stalingrad career in his BF 109 G2, with 112 kills. He started on easy and upgraded to regular. He was my original career, and I learned the game playing him. He has to be more careful now! Lieutenant Shutya Propelozov is doing an earnest if not great job of defending Moscow in his game of musical cockpits between a Mig and an I-16. And pilot and former playboy Germany Sausage just started his FW-190 career in Kuban, but that fella's a rogue. He'll seldom stay with his unit and he'll run if it looks there's too much trouble. It's the playboy lifestyle! He's not as dedicated to saving his buddies as Major Onyerparader is. Propelozov is just a fresh-faced youth trying to survive, still stunned by the invasion, and he seems to spend most of his time fleeing, flying above rivers and roads and between trees 'death star trench run' style in his heavily damaged plane in an attempt to make his pursuers crash into the foliage. As I get better and better I'll make my settings in each career more hardcore, and maybe one day I'll be ready to dare MP ... Slow Australian internet speeds might kill that mode for me, of course. Bravo career mode. I would welcome any more persistent depth but since I got VR I've been playing this game every day I can, and this iteration of IL-2 fast becoming one of my favourite games of all time. It's definitely my favourite VR game. Having goggle marks on my sweaty face at the end just adds to the immersion. I was a huge Rise of Flight fan, though, so when I can afford Flying Circus next fortnight, and once the career mode there is fully implemented, that game might edge up there and snatch the prize of 'favourite' ...
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