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  1. And moderators here laughed at the idea of edge ever hitting DCS, lol.
  2. You could give him a free trip to Aruba and he'd complain about the water being too wet.
  3. Cool, but my experience with BoS has left me utterly unwilling to contribute again. I'm not altruistic about this in the least; it's a product pure and simple. I'm not looking to support companies as a charity.
  4. Not happening at $80. I'll happily miss out on the oh-so-amazing tag that indicates I preordered and wait for a reduced price. Not after the rollercoaster that was BoS. Especially if it just ends up just being a new map, new aircraft set, and the same anemic offerings.
  5. I think coherence would be a more pressing issue in his posts.
  6. Not gonna lie, that's really cool, AbortedMan. You're doing a pretty huge service to the game, over all.
  7. Having a decent change of scenery would be a god send.
  8. The Martlet interests me. I'll be eager to try it. That, and the Taifun. I've always loved the 108.
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