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  1. I remember... 20 years of simulation history However, the initial over-enthusiasm was slowed down by the technology and its abilities. Seeing, what hardware has become, where it is going - including the development tools and environment.. i would not call it "downfall", but more like" "The rise of a Phoenix" . A bright future ahead. PS: I do also recognize another phenomena (over all flight sims and groups within, at least the many i know). Community has become more "stalking", "hiding" and less communicative (voice coms).
  2. KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Server - ( 1x Yak-129 versus 3x Germans )
  3. As you may know... under: IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\snapviews in the "Plane X".svc files in the first LINE [snap] cvc = 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, -0.000; The last number (in red) determines the FOV value in the cockpit view. Now, how do i extract the right value for exactly let´s say 80FOV?
  4. I was never behind a bomber in the TAW server getting shot at . I stayed in good and far distance (so i thought) to ground-units.. just watching them. Brrrt.. first burst wing gone. I know it from others sims, that setting AI to max skill makes them behave "computerized ueber skilled" (in aiming) sometimes and thus wondered, if the same could be the case in IL-2?
  5. Question: I do not know, if that is even possible to change, but the AI (rear-gunners, ground air defense gunnery) .. is shooting with modern "radar assisted" accuracy (computer good). Is there an option for AI to be changed in skill ( expert, average, etc etc? ) If so, i would recommend settings it a step lower (more realistic probabilities and not 100% laser-radar accuracy). Nice server !
  6. That works, fast ! but 9GB update is big .. O.o
  7. Pitch: -------------- Sens: 0 Dead Center: 0 Dead Edge: 0 Roll: -------------- Sens: 0 Dead Center: 0 Dead Edge: 0 Yaw: -------------- Sens: 0 Dead Center: 30 Dead Edge: 0 !!!!!!!!!! PS: I have "alien super accurate joystick" with: - 0! mechanical play and responding to the tiniest, millimeter throw already. - 0! mechanical friction whatsoever That is why.
  8. there are no BMS terms.. just DACT terms... tempting to reply in full examples and elaboration, but that would take alot writing now i suppose looking back in history where often totally disimilar plattforms have fought helps...
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