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  1. 1) replay a track - 1st track after starting game = all is fine 2) replay another (2nd track) = CTD .. every time.
  2. Good thing now is.. the 2nd number below your FPS counter is actually your FOV value
  3. and that is how you buy at 10cents and sell at 20US$ and x200 multiply your investment in few hours -- lucky who got it quick enough (example 500.- turns into 100.000 over a few hours)
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/20/oil-prices-sink-to-20-year-low-as-un-sounds-alarm-on-to-covid-19-relief-fund
  5. Buy (CFDs), if there is "blood in the streets" ? If people are afraid (panic), be greedy. If people are greedy, be afraid - comes to mind. This is insane! https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=FX%3AUSOIL so, if i buy in for 50US$ at 0.06 cents now and it goes back to 30$ i made x833 aka 41K $.. hmm
  6. Something just crossed my mind while watching replays and thinking "hm, why did i not see those bandits in live-flight earlier (on the server)"? Then the phenomena with litterally disapearing bandits (not often, but does happen). Or also, earlier today.. twice actually.. i saw tracers fired.. not far.. "close" .. someone shot someone ..but no bandit, nor a friendly visible.. even with zoom FOV.. "ghosts!". CAN IT BE.. that the visibility-issue(s) is also a network problem, not right processed positional data i.e?
  7. The "alternative visibility" ( i think it is called ) in IL-2 is "nice" (spotting), however if used with zoom FOV and ESPECIALLY wiht a non-native resolution ! it pretty much fails. poorly done too.I just had a good flight on Combat Box.. watching a bandit. .must have been (by feeling) 0.5-0.75nm out (same level against horizon) .. saw him clearly.. with or without zoom.. once he banked into me - GONE .. not even visible with full "supermanzoomfov". Was thinking.. hm, i know this problem.. "if the 3D model at distance, head-on is only a 2D tri-angle facing you, well head-on" ..if there is no "pixel" to be seen nor rendered... so to speak (besides the reduced "sight-cross-section") BEFORE the "scaling" (like in BMS i.e) one must think about what kind of model is used at what distance and at WHAT distances those "lower polygon" models "swap" to the next LOD level. Graphical appearance (game, commercial, sales) versus Tactical useability (simulators, millitary, training). I do not believe, that it is a "technical problem" (not in this day and age of hard- and software) .. more like a "mindset problem" to recognize a problem and to admit to it
  8. Rant: MAN .. sometimes visibility really pisses me off .. aerial combat visual "basics", such as sorting, targeting (only possible, if one can detect early), intercepting, engaging or seperations, basically everything cruicial in order to assess additional threat-axes and to execute tactical formations i.e.. and to make important engagement choices - fails here due to poor TACTICAL GFX (instead you get hollywood effects, fancy shiny effect and trailers to make you feel "Tom Cruise"). Yes, not being able to see "everyone" at all times - compenstated with other "SA tools" like coms i.e - is considered. Comes down to exploiting visibility "game-givens" / -flaws ( + the stalking of the tracers and Flaks, hubble telescope zoom FOV, and "around objective visibility bubble zones"- flying) ... and praying on commited or unaware bandits. The quick entry and exit into "hot-zones" so to speak. How often i checked the airspace before engaging a single bandit (just to be sure i have a time window) and after the first tracers you fired .. not even 10 seconds later you have multiple other bandits out of nowhere. Do you know that feeling, yes? Then think about speed, closure and the distance they might have been and why you did not see them anyways !!!!! One can "game" all the sims, but this game you can not "sim". The complaints about poor visibility are how old now? 4-5 years following forums of IL-2. Wonder what is necessary to make them (777Studios) seriously address it for once. - Rant over
  9. I get "kicked" aka "banned" randomly for 15minutes lately (happened 3-4 times the last few days - never before).. why?.. ?? I have a clean INSTALL. PS: i deleted "Update Folder" and ran the files integrity test with the launcher.. still same problem ??
  10. https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?37759-Methods-of-smart-scaling&p=524546&viewfull=1#post524546 https://why485.itch.io/smart-scaling-demonstration
  11. pictures are more worth than words.. for those who speak about visibility in BMS without ever having tried BMS much, or at all.. and for the rest, a how it COULD be.. with "simple", but PROPER graphics even.. (simulation is about TACTICAL purpose (visuals) and accuracy, NOT graphics pimped to new standards of tech and loosing the roots - sales-fuck up)
  12. sometimes it helps to see and to remember.. when visibility was visibility (just stumbled over this video..old days..good days) https://youtu.be/YUeNODK5d1o?t=708
  13. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/b710/ec0ee173c78eeddd5348244ac9ef4e6e250c.pdf
  14. I want some of what you have been smoking. You are in a state of self-deception here. I am sorry, if that may sound harsh.. but that big of BS i don´t read often I think you and IL-2 is confusing realistic "spotting distances" with "ID-ability distances" - at least from the products current state it is. You DO understand yes? that realistic size-ing of targets can be done even with changing FOVs, right? I think i need to make a post about this topic, WHY and HOW this can be achieved. Yes. i need to. Image standing on the side of a plane (looking at nose and tail at the same time) - plane is 5 meters from you - plane is 100 meters from you - plane is 2000 meters from you the ANGLE between the straight lines of sight from nose-tip to tail-tip will change, according to distance (milliradian). No matter what FOV you use, or can use inside a game, milliradian must remain true to what it would be in reality, which then results in realistic size/distance. Vio la. Not only is that important for visbility, but also for gunnery and wing-span distance measure-ments. It starts with the question, what IS real FOV in reality .. and how to maintain size-ing true even changing above or below that realistic FOV value (which we do in games due to monitor size etc etc etc). VR has it somewhat right.. accurate scaling however.. does not exist in any sim (exception one) i know of.
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