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  1. Excellent! I thought the 262 and the Dora were going to release together? I'm not complaining about the update at all, just trying to clarify.
  2. Doggo

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    That other sim with warbirds has manual start up...maybe that's more your cup of tea? Keep in mind all the systems are modeled and function, they're just automated. This has been asked many times, and it's not going to happen, per Jason himself. I used to want the option as well, but I've learned to live and enjoy the game without it.
  3. American, PNW, 33..non-smoker. Lemme know what I can do, I have considerable free time
  4. I want whatever the Dev's can accurately simulate...be it the ITO, PTO or KTO.
  5. Ooooohhh...a Mossie is a possie! ...... *sorry I'll see myself out.
  6. Doggo

    Hype about ME262

    What a nasty bit of pro-Nazi propaganda I think it is if you manually control the turbo in the P-47 and leave it on high while yanking the throttle back to idle.
  7. Doggo

    Hype about ME262

    One side wanting it to be an uber plane and laboring under the notion that the Germans were never technologically defeated.. and the other side not wanting to have to think of new ways to deal with a very fast aircraft that can easily walk away from even the fastest allied piston fighter in a straight line at any altitude.
  8. Doggo

    Hype about ME262

    Not really all that impotent. Training pilots in 262's took longer than 190's and 109's...if you kill the pilots, it delays the problem
  9. Doggo

    Hype about ME262

    I can't wait for the salt on the multiplayer servers when the 262's get jumped by P-51's and Tempests near their fields while trying to take off and land.
  10. Hopefully the Spit IX will get 4K skins too on an update going forward...
  11. 33 here and 5.0 will be a instant buy for me as well
  12. Doggo

    DD today?

    I mean...the alternative to complaining is...enjoying the game? I know it's a radical concept.
  13. Doggo

    The Air Combat Group

    Lovely, sounds like a good time. It should be fun seeing large mixed scenarios soon.
  14. Doggo

    The Air Combat Group

    Do you plan on introducing RAF or USAAF units once Bodenplatte is in full release?
  15. American air launched torpedoes were actually pretty good...it was the ship and submarine versions that suffered.