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  1. You're citing something that is used to discuss cover for handgun and light rifle caliber rounds... Comparing it with an 8mm round moving at an initial muzzle velocity in excess of 2,700 feet per second
  2. If you did that in a non-malcom hood Mustang (Ie the birdcage) you'd have the canopy glass tear off due to the way it closes up.
  3. Yup...modern non-racing P-51's run on 100 LL and usually don't run past about 45" of mercury and 2500 RPM
  4. Because restored warbirds burning modern, cleaner fuels don't smoke, and period footage from WW2 isn't high enough resolution to show the smoke back then
  5. As I said...this all boils down to the fact that people are unhappy they can't pull UFO tricks anymore and want the old way that they were used to flying and fighting back
  6. And their adams apple is off putting!
  7. P-51... Because I think she's prettier
  8. Hope you adapt to the new reality in IL-2 soon
  9. You'd think you'd be able to adapt to change better then
  10. Ah the classic "come and fight me" appeal. The fact that you instantly got defensive and angry means I'm more than likely more right than not. Have fun with the new reality in IL-2, maybe War Thunder or IL-2 1946 is more your speed.
  11. Sorry for seeing this late The gyro gun sight was a field modification in most cases, so there's no definitive statement as to what grips left what factory and when. The same thing hold true for the underwing stores hardpoints.
  12. Frankly this is all just the fit throwing of someone who became overly dependent on unrealistic maneuvers and now that the servers have implemented the new realistic G force effects and such..they have found their tried and true tricks that got them kills and out of hairy circumstances now result in death over and over again. Oh and the "any untrained person can handle 5 G" is a load of pure nonsense. A 2-3 second 5 G pull for someone that isn't anticipating it or straining against it is enough to induce at best a sharp grey out with loss of motor function and more than likely an immediate black out and loss of control for several seconds, followed by several more seconds of spatial and motor disorientation. Don't believe me? Hop in a centrifuge and have them do a spike from a baseline 1.1G to a 5.1 G for three seconds.
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