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  1. I bought the DCS P-47 and channel map yesterday, and it needs some optimization, especially in combination with the Channel map. That being said, I feel like the DCS P-47 is probably the best warbird module in DCS right now, and the best recreation of the P-47 yet in a sim. While the overall combat experience is probably better in IL-2, the DCS P-47 isn't the pig that it is in IL-2. While all being relative, you can "feel" the power of the R2800 much better, and overall the aircraft feels like it has some genuine performance to it, where as in IL-2 it feels like you have to use a witches brew of black magic and convincing to get any respectable speed out of it. It's hard to quantify..but the P-47 in DCS feels right, and feels reasonable to explain why so many P-47's were built.
  2. IIRC 150 octane became available and field modifications started on the P-51's and P-47's in late May 1944
  3. 357th_Dog

    In Pursuit

    Vulchwaffe gonna vulch
  4. Not to be rude but this seems like kind of a silly thing to get all flustered about
  5. What else do you propose they use to fill out the Axis roster for BON?
  6. While that's a neat video... They're also shooting, in aircraft terms, at nearly point blank range. To get a better idea of performance of API/APIT at WW2 engagement ranges they'd need to step out to closer to 200 yards
  7. The rework of the fuel system seems like a good time to revisit the engine timers issues..
  8. Having a juke box option wouldn't break my heart, or being able to tune to "AFN" on your in game radio and get period music.
  9. I've said this in the chat on CB and it's the truth.. If the blue side doesn't want their 262's getting absolutely savaged, it best coordinate and put up a defensive CAP over the jet bases and keep the allies away from them. It's what the Luftwaffe had to do IRL
  10. I'm trying to figure out what your gripe is..is it that the 262 is limited and an asset that isn't available from the very beginning of the maps it's on? That the allied side is able to effectively knock them out of the action if the jet fuel bases are destroyed or their vulched on takeoff?
  11. I fail to see why catering to Steam at the expense of everything else makes sense. The problem is the way Steam lists titles, not the way 1C and company have structured their game
  12. Reminder you can completely hide the chat windows. The majority of the time where I see people chatting is when there's fairly few people on both sides so the chances of running into a hostile are very slim
  13. BON is the next title and it's already outpacing Bodenplatte sales, people need to forget about the PTO for the time being, and by time being I mean for years.
  14. Grass is something I reduce because the only time you really ever deal with it is when on the ground... I reduce shadows to the lower setting as well as there's not a huuuge difference
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