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  1. This Mustang has been modified to accept a rear jump seat, which necessitates both the enlarged, blown canopy and moving the pilot forward (as well as the obvious deletion of the fuel cell, radio and battery)
  2. If the MP maps were about 75% bigger it'd be a genuine need..maybe some day
  3. How is this guy a founder but doesn't understand early access?
  4. It's called the Meredith Effect, it wasn't really unique to the Mustang, but the Mustang did perhaps take the most advantage of it.
  5. The advantage to the Spit V is that it doesn't have a tremendous amount of power, so like the P-40, you have to be conservative with it..however unlike the P-40 it's engine is very robust and it's much lighter and more nimble, plus your ammo load is considerably diminished.
  6. The P-47 might be a bit better for that...
  7. Single engine out was a problem on take off and some landing conditions. The P-38 was completely flight tested with a single engine, and while not ideal, with appropriate rudder trim, it would at least get you home so you could either attempt a landing or bail out over friendly territory
  8. P-38: US $97,147 in 1944 P-51: US $50,985 in 1945 P-47: US $83,000 in 1945
  9. On the armament point.. IRL the P-38 suffered from jamming issues with the hispano 20mm, however since random jamming isn't really modeled currently, it'll be okay.
  10. The advantage the Spitfire has is it's lighter...but then again, the P-51 has a bit more internal fuel ya know, a few gallons
  11. The 109 was nowhere near cutting edge for the axis fighters at the end. At best it was an acceptable engine mated to an ancient (in relative terms) sourced air frame. Had the Doras been able to get up to production speed fast enough it's almost certain that the 109 would have stopped production all together, as Adolf Galland advised. The P-51D was only fielded in the spring of 1944, and the P-51B's and C's only about six months before that (December 1943 at the earliest).
  12. Realistically the easiest route will be for a 150 Octane option as a Mod like the gunsight, mirrors, RDF, etc.
  13. "My rig is i5 6400 in win7 OS" Need a lot more info than that.
  14. The 51 had a..trick wing profile. Not necessarily due to it being laminar flow, but it was very low drag which is great for speed but also caused very tricky snap stall wing drop properties which I imagine can be hard to code
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