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  1. I've said this in the chat on CB and it's the truth.. If the blue side doesn't want their 262's getting absolutely savaged, it best coordinate and put up a defensive CAP over the jet bases and keep the allies away from them. It's what the Luftwaffe had to do IRL
  2. I'm trying to figure out what your gripe is..is it that the 262 is limited and an asset that isn't available from the very beginning of the maps it's on? That the allied side is able to effectively knock them out of the action if the jet fuel bases are destroyed or their vulched on takeoff?
  3. I fail to see why catering to Steam at the expense of everything else makes sense. The problem is the way Steam lists titles, not the way 1C and company have structured their game
  4. Reminder you can completely hide the chat windows. The majority of the time where I see people chatting is when there's fairly few people on both sides so the chances of running into a hostile are very slim
  5. BON is the next title and it's already outpacing Bodenplatte sales, people need to forget about the PTO for the time being, and by time being I mean for years.
  6. Grass is something I reduce because the only time you really ever deal with it is when on the ground... I reduce shadows to the lower setting as well as there's not a huuuge difference
  7. Honestly the only plane that I find missing is the Spitfire IXC like others have mentioned, but it's not terribly critical.
  8. It's not the axis side alone that has been complaining, but they've been complaining the loudest the last few weeks
  9. Odd that suddenly that the Luftwaffe side isn't unquestionably superior, like they were for the majority of the BOS/BOM/BOK expansions...that suddenly there's a need for balance.
  10. If history is any indication, we'll likely see the first aircraft around June with the map coming in mid-late 2021
  11. My hope is like the B-25..the B-26 can eventually become a collector plane
  12. I play both DCS and IL-2 for different reasons, and both are showing their age with the change in technology and such. The big gorilla in the room (RIP Harambe) is MFS2020...to a point it'll be highlighting the relative age/shortcomings in other simulators, both combat and GA
  13. Can some of you all point me to where these UberPony's are? I mean, is "literally a bullet sponge" an option in the loadout because I've found that even glancing shots when they hit the center of the fuselage near the radiator or the engine is sufficient to effectively mission kill the Mustang and make me look at the map and question if I can make it back onto the allied lines
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