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  1. I really think it's random. Here's a picture from the mission editor. It's not fully random, but either CBA, CAB or BCA each time the map runs: For Operation Frantic thank you for the suggestion! We did this mission previously, but it was quite a while ago -- did you try it on Combat Box? It's not exactly as you describe, and I like your suggestions about the B-25s and so on. Here's the mission text for it, we might be able to put it back in rotation: Operation Frantic Mission Planner JSON Operating from bases in southern Italy, American aircraft have begun shuttle bombing missions against Nazi Germany. In each 'shuttle', the Allies take off from Italian bases, attack targets in Germany, then land in Soviet Russia. The Allies shuttle bombing focuses on important German infrastructure such as rail yards and synthetic oil production facilities. After one of their missions, a Heinkel He-111 shadows the Allies and identifies the Ukrainian bases where they have landed. The Luftwaffe assemble a large force and attack the bases where the shuttle bombers are stationed. Victory conditions: Each side must destroy enemy targets while defending friendly targets. The first side to destroy four out of five enemy targets will win the map. If time runs out, the side that has destroyed the most objectives wins. Massive thanks to Psyrion for finding last-minute durability changes that impacted this map.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/user/Krupnski https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrvwzM-RClyvSiWqIQTQmw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEOoU9PxkXEmsFdzrbvx37A
  3. I think it's random. I don't want to turn up the skill, because the idea is to at least be able to have a chance against them. I did an attack yesterday where I dived in at high speed (none of this slow climb from the 6 crap) and I got pilot sniped by an AI gunner. It's basically a crapshoot. The Allies get a "message from bomber command" 5 minutes before the bombers spawn, including the target they are going for. There's also a message at spawn time and then every few minutes along the route. It's possible the messages get overwritten by other "under attack" messages, but they are there. Keep your eyes peeled for bomber info. There are two randomized time/weather sets for each map. Sounds like you ran into the 40%-chance dawn flight of the bombers. The other is like 11am or something I think. Thank you! Apparently for guns, there's some other key bind you have to hit, maybe reloading the belt for the gun? In other news, we have decided to disallow Player-12345 default usernames on Combat Box. There are just too many gunner trolls with that kind of username. If you have been affected by this, you need to use the Profile feature on the IL2 website to change your name. Once you pick a non-default name, you'll be allowed on the server. We're using temp bans to reduce the spamminess for players, so you might need to wait up to 15 minutes for the ban to clear. If you bought the game on Steam, use the "link accounts" feature to link through to the IL2 website so you can change your pilot name. Unfortunately this isn't a server bug. It's just a disagreement about whether you took enough damage to count as "shot down". Sometimes you can take some damage, limp back to base, land carefully, and the game and/or IL2 Stats will say you crashed. Happens sometimes, it's not map-dependent.
  4. The bomber waves go in a random order each map, but each wave goes to a designated target. There's also a call-out from 'radar' about halfway to German territory giving a north or east general direction, then spotted messages when they hit the front line. It's intended that the Germans at least have a chance to get in position, it's totally unfair otherwise and you'll have people climbing 10 minutes to barely get into the fight. I would expect to see Germans posted over the incoming B-25s in order to intercept them. I was flying yesterday and I built the map, know what I'm doing, got a call-out from a friendly when the bombers were over Venlo and *still* just about missed them, so I'd say things are in ok shape right now. Still a bit one-sided, easier for blue to kill the waves than red to kill ground targets, so might need to adjust. But ignoring the "who wins the map" portion it's creating some great high altitude fights. Glad you like it 😉
  5. You're looking for Dogfight, then "COMBAT BOX by Red Flight" - you should see a lot of servers in the list, probably 20 or more. Which airfield?
  6. We're putting Battle of the Scheldt back into rotation today and clarifying the rules around vulching. Attacking players who are on the ground or within 30 seconds of takeoff is not allowed. The admins take a dim view of vulching; we think it is anti-fun and unrealistic -- airfields historically would have had upwards of 300 flak guns protecting them. Airfields on Combat Box are not absolute "safe zones" -- pilots who take off while their field is under attack should know they are taking their virtual life in their hands. Players who repeatedly engage in vulching -- whether they are breaking the letter of the rules or not -- will be asked politely to desist, then given a short vacation from the server. The admin team will process complaints in the #support Discord channel only, and any complaint should be backed up by a sortie log from our website and/or a TacView showing the problem. We're also working on an automated script to enforce the 30-second no-kill timer. Examples of how these rules apply: Chasing a bandit back to base and shooting them down before they land - ALLOWED Patrolling airspace between an enemy field and mission objectives, and attacking players while they are in their initial climb out - ALLOWED Attacking players who have their wheels on the ground at an airfield, strafing, bombing, rockets, whatever - NOT ALLOWED Attacking players who have recently taken off - NOT ALLOWED Taking a squad to patrol an enemy airfield and claiming "we're preventing enemy pilots from entering the fight" -- probably fails the "being a dick" rule, likely to incite an opposite and escalating response from the enemy team, not recommended, might result in a ban.
  7. New map will debut today! Please join us for The Rhineland Campaign at 1600 Eastern, 2000 UTC and also 2100 Eastern, 0100 UTC. Map concept by @björn with implementation by me. Although this is named a 'campaign' it's still a single 2.5hr mission, but it has some 'campaign feel' to it. See poster for details. Big thanks to everyone who helped with this, especially @haluter and @Mordrac for extensive help with testing alpha versions, and to @Riksen for his excellent artwork.
  8. B-78 isn't a player field so I wouldn't call this vulching, but I would say it's strongly against the spirit of the game and falls into the "exploit" category. Do you have a sortie log for them, by chance?
  9. The only static objects worth zero points (on the stats site) are tents, since they are so easy to destroy. Even a static truck should get you a few points. The stats site and in-game do not match, use the stats site for best accuracy. As for why you were killed on landing, that’s not anything to do with me as a server operator. Maybe you bled out and died? Sometimes an aircraft is flyable but any tiny piece of damage on landing will mark it dead and give a kill to your opponent.
  10. Heheh. Talon with the biting sarcasm as usual 😉 But yes, we did do this mission, it's just not always in the rotation. KW in case you're interested, we also did Operation Paravane and Operation Eisenhammer based on historical ops. We also did a recreation of the D-Day landings (actually that might be a fun one to dust off for a special event in future). Yes, I think for an occasional map we can hold off on all the super late-war stuff. Maybe stick to lend-lease planes like on the updated Battle for Kalinin.
  11. We will, I think the last banner was a 262 smashing someone. We are definitely intending to have 'balance' in our banners as well as in the actual missions. 🙂
  12. I built the mission based on a concept from @Jakerthesnak, I'm happy to try to answer questions. In terms of information about the bombers: There are 3 waves of bombers, and they start in a random order each time, once enough players are flying. Flight Alpha always goes north to Deelen, Flight Bravo to (I think) northeast to Bochum, and Charlie east to Borken. We originally had 12 bombers (3 x 4) in each flight but that plus 84 players was too much for the server. We reduced to 8 bombers (2 x 4) now. It's still not 100% stable and sometimes the server 'hangs' on the final wave of bombers. But players really like the mission, so it's worth the instability (I'd say). The Allies get a "bomber command" message 5 minutes before the bombers spawn, stating roughly where they will start and what target they will hit. Allies then get a message at bomber spawn and a message every 3-5 minutes as the bombers make their way to target. The Germans get a "bombers on radar" message when the bombers are approximately 10 minutes from target, then a "spotted" message as they cross the front line and another one closer to target. If you're on the German team you probably don't have time to climb and reposition, so if you want to strike the bombers you need to get to altitude and then watch for where they are going. You can also see the bomber contrails from 50+km away on the map, if you're looking closely. This is often the best way to pick them up. The bombers spawn at altitude, but they do try to land properly after bombing their objective. The flights split and go to different airfields for faster landings. We try not to do too much with the "map radar" stuff as it's too gamey, so we use a text message supposedly from your friendly radar or from a ground spotter. This tells players where the action is but you need to pay attention. Or just get on Axis Discord where there can be upwards of a dozen players in voice comms (awful for trying to coordinate, since everyone talks over each other, but I use it as an SA-aid and mute it when I get into a fight...).
  13. New week, new maps! (Unrelated to previous post -- we change the maps each week, and there are 7+ in rotation). This week we're bringing back Operation Paravane to the mix. Here's the lineup: Operation-Paravane-Sep-1944 Crossing_the_Rhine_Mar_1945 Battle-for-Kalinin-Aug-1944 Closing_of_the_Ruhr_Pocket_Apr_1945 Mitchells_Men_Mar_1945 A_Bridge_Too_Far_Sep_1944 Battle_over_Eindhoven_Mar_1945 Legend-of-Y-29-Jan-1945 We have removed Battle of the Scheldt temporarily while we make changes to the way the 262s function on the map. When we moved the 262 base to Helmond and made it attackable, it really became a case of "admin-sponsored vulching" and that's not a good thing. We think vulching is anti-fun and we don't want to encourage it. We'll put Scheldt back once we've made changes to it. Big shout out to @Riksen @haluter @Mordrac @Psyrion and @Roach46☭ for all their work on Combat Box website banners. The current banner is a seriously mean looking Tempest, and we have a bunch of equally awesome stuff in the bag for future rotations. Please visit the website every so often and enjoy the banners!
  14. Running a server is a lot of witchcraft and voodoo, so it's hard to know what's really going to have an effect and what isn't. Combat Box does 2.5 hour missions, and it's mostly ok but we do sometimes observe a performance degradation towards the end of the map. For a 3 or 4 hour map I think you'd want a lot less moving pieces (i.e. ground/interesting stuff). But that might be worth it, depending on the overall effect you want to achieve with the longer missions.
  15. Player kills do not count towards shutting down the airfield. The rule of not attacking players who are on the ground still stands -- if it's got an engine and a player, wait until it's in the air. Players who are taking off from a field with flak firing and air raid sirens going off should consider asking for cover first! We use a custom script to kick players who have over 350 ping. This is averaged over more than a minute, so if you're getting kicked you unfortunately have a poor connection to the server. It's in New York, and we have players from Australia playing fine. If you're on home wifi, you can save a few milliseconds by switching to a wired connection from your PC to home router. We are not increasing this limit. Even at 350 you get players bouncing around the screen sometimes, if anything we might decrease it in future. Mitchell's Men seems to be stable for the first couple of bomber waves, but by the end of the map it's getting unstable. We're still tuning. People really like the concept. Your ping is fairly inconsistent. These are 'half' ping times used internally by dserver: Line 86971: 2020/03/27 19:11:42 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (210) above limit Line 86973: 2020/03/27 19:12:42 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (252) above limit Line 86974: 2020/03/27 19:12:42 ban-hammer.pl:228 INFO Tora has high ping twice in a row, kicking them Line 88766: 2020/03/28 18:09:20 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (381) above limit Line 88768: 2020/03/28 18:10:21 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (371) above limit Line 88769: 2020/03/28 18:10:21 ban-hammer.pl:228 INFO Tora has high ping twice in a row, kicking them Line 88775: 2020/03/28 18:13:27 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (346) above limit Line 88777: 2020/03/28 18:14:27 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (355) above limit Line 88778: 2020/03/28 18:14:27 ban-hammer.pl:228 INFO Tora has high ping twice in a row, kicking them Line 90394: 2020/03/29 13:36:25 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (211) above limit Line 90396: 2020/03/29 13:37:25 ban-hammer.pl:225 INFO Tora has ping (187) above limit Line 90397: 2020/03/29 13:37:25 ban-hammer.pl:228 INFO Tora has high ping twice in a row, kicking them A ping of 210 is actually a ping of 420ms round trip. You were kicked for a round-trip ping of 504ms, 740ms, 710ms and 380ms. Where in the world are you located? These ping times are wildly variable and a lot more than 130-140.
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