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  1. Unfortunately you’re a bit stuck on some of those parts. The 1060 3GB is significantly worse than the 6GB card and frankly should not be allowed to be called a 1060. But overall your current components probably balance each other quite nicely. You probably need to plan to upgrade in chunks. Today’s RAM is DDR4, not 3, so cpu plus motherboard plus RAM is one upgrade step, and then GPU is another. I don’t know enough about 2D mode to know if your current cpu is a bottleneck, but it’s not super fast. You might get quite a boost from going to a midrange AMD (Ryzen 5 3600 or something) plus 16GB of DDR4-3200. You could then consider a GPU upgrade separately. One thing to bear in mind is computer stuff generally always gets better and faster. So unless you need to upgrade today because the pc doesn’t do something you want, waiting will generally yield you a better thing for the same or less money. But if you feel the current performance is stopping you having fun and you want to upgrade, that’s cool. There are Only very few times when it’s sensible to wait for a specific thing, usually within a month or two of a launch window.
  2. We have about a thousand active users on the stats site, but (currently) 2,700 players for February. That's why I'm suggesting the 1/3rd number. But it's not a very good analysis -- for example it could be that of the top 500 most frequent pilots, all of them are looking at the stats website. It's impossible to correlate. The most likely take away is just that a fairly large chunk of people who fly don't look at the stats website, they just have the in-game scoreboard.
  3. No offence, but I feel like you're just dumping a "stream of consciousness" into this thread without really thinking things through. That's a bit frustrating to others in the thread, including me, who have thought deeply about how the server is set up, whether to have "campaign" style missions or one-offs, whether to provide stats and how to adjust them. You seem to be unaware of several facts: There are two 'stats' systems at play. The in-game scoreboard, which cannot be altered or removed, and the combatbox.net IL2Stats system which is provided largely by an official developer. Of the nearly three thousand pilots flying on the server, less than one third of them visit the combatbox.net stats site. In the combatbox.net stats system, pilots already receive a bonus for landing on an airfield, and a penalty for ditching, bailing, dying or being captured. Modifying the stats system is quite difficult, as code comments are all in Russian (it's not bad code, it's just a complex system that does a lot, and it would probably be somewhat challenging for even a native speaker to modify). So your suggestion to "encourage RTB in friendly territory" and "just that implemented would discourage certain antics" seems to be made from a point of view that lacks knowledge of the basic facts of the current situation and has no real deep consideration of current player behavior. It's just not adding much to the thread (again, I don't mean to be rude, just calling it how I see it). If someone's not adding much to a thread, people get frustrated with that. I don't think removing the combatbox.net stats site would do anything except remove a useful tool for those of us who want to improve over time, especially as fully two-thirds of players don't even look at it. There is some weirdness with the stats and I'd like to look into it, as the leaderboard currently penalizes deaths quite a lot -- there's someone with only 18 kills in the rankings as high as someone with 250+ kills and some deaths. That's just weird and I want to look at it. But again, IL2stats is not easy to modify.
  4. In our experience, usually the missions and game are set up correctly, and it's pilot error/misinterpretation that causes a problem. For example, if your bombs hit a wingman who is flying behind you, that is friendly fire. If you think there is a friendly fire error with a map, please report the mission name and version (e.g. Battle of the Scheldt 0.9.14) as well as the grid where the problem occurred (e.g. 0914), and if possible a link to a sortie e.g. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/384579/?tour=19 I can then check the mission file to ensure that the coalition is set correctly for all objects in the vicinity.
  5. Is there a full enumeration of the modes for the 8KX anywhere? It's hardware switchable between 75hz 4K-per-eye and 90hz upscaled 1440p-per-eye, right? Can the upscaler run at refresh rates other than 90? I'm definitely not going to upgrade my GPU before the 3000-series. The Canadian peso doesn't help me either, my 2080 (EVGA XC Ultra) was like $1500 CAD. If the 3000-series provides a generational boost similar to the last time, a hypothetical 3080 ought to do same as or slightly better than 2080ti, right? Do your simulated tests tell anything about what I might be able to run for Normal FOV, 8K mode, 75hz, 2080 (non-ti) ? For base stations, I was under the impression that the only reason you need two is occlusion, not for 6DOF. My old Rift CV1 ran 6DOF fine with just one sensor, the second was to support trackers and bigger play space. Would you buy the bundled base stations + controllers, or get them from Valve directly? (Steam presumably would let me order them, they're not cheap though, cost $100 more than if I were to bundle them with the Index).
  6. Everyone is welcome! (Er, except people who misbehave -- no attacking players who are on the ground, no friendly fire griefing, and try to use the taxiways and runways sensibly....)
  7. I don't understand. Can you elaborate please?
  8. Well I think there’s a bit of exaggeration going on there. If you can sell your Rift S kit and your 1080ti you get some cash back, and the GPU upgrade is sort-of optional—we don’t know what the 3000 series will perform like, or the cost, and you could under-sample the 8KX until ready for an update or (say) FFR or VRSS software solutions start to work. But yeah the 8KX is not a cheap upgrade. I’d only do it if I felt I was future proofing and could get at least a couple of years or more out of it. Edit: I realise the irony of using "future proof" to refer to tech that's evolving faster than cellphones. I guess I just mean that the display tech is very good and might be very decent for a while. Rift S was arguably only just enough to keep people interested compared to other non-Oculus options, I'd rather not feel stuck again like I do now.
  9. Max ping is currently 175 (=350 round trip 'standard' ping). Did you see "server overload" messages? I logged into the server last night to check things, because we were seeing "red blobs" on the server graph. These correspond to "multiplayer server overload" messages and generally too much happening on the server. From my vantage point at a southern Allied airfield, I recorded a short TacView track to see what was going on. There's a server bug right now where everyone's game client receives flak/tracer fire from anywhere on the map. Basically, I could see several 'normal' looking interactions, as well as several people vulching airfields. When someone does this, a lot of guns at the airfield open fire, and the server sends every single one of those tracers and flak puffs to every single client. This causes a lot of load. We're very reluctant to make a rule against operating near an enemy airfield, but I'm also reluctant to reduce the number of guns defending the field. It would be nice if instead of vulching a field people went to actually compete over the map objectives, because vulching directly causes performance problems. I'm hoping for a server fix in future for this issue. There's a thread in the bug reports forum.
  10. One thing that makes it difficult also is that I am in the Oculus ecosystem right now, so I don't have any base stations or controllers. To play non-sim games in the Artisan it really pushes up the price: Get the Artisan for simming, stick with Rift S for everything else. Need to buy Artisan + v1 base station = ~$449 + $150 = $600. Get the Artisan + important accessories, just for simming. Artisan + Pimax audio strap + Comfort kit + v1 base station = $767. Get Artisan + Valve controllers + audio strap + comfort kit = $1116, sell Rift S kit for $300 = "$816" for Artisan. I see people saying the basic Pimax strap is no good. Is that true? Do we know if the Pimax modular audio strap is any good? Is the base model ok? Why is the deluxe almost twice the price? Do I need a comfort kit or will the Artisan ship with one? Do I need a silicone protector sleeve, or are people who complain about damage to their 5K+ just careless?
  11. I'm currently a fairly happy Rift S user. My rig is an 8086K @ 5.0ghz, RTX 2080 graphics, and it drives the Rift S nicely. I like the comfort of the Rift S, but I would like better image clarity and I would definitely like the extra FOV if it can be used for checking six (if the distortion is too much and checking six is not helped, there's little reason for me to upgrade). I think I have discounted the Index because it's too heavy. I already wrench my neck once a week in a dogfight, I don't really want to add 40% weight for an Index. I'm considering the Pimax ecosystem. Some questions and thoughts: Artisan has caught my eye, because I don't think the extreme FOV of the other headsets is actually that useful (especially given that FFR is buggy, and we're likely getting to the distortion limit of the lenses). But is it going to be enough of a clarity bump over Rift S for me to want it? 8KX is the other contender. I don't think there's a GPU on the planet that can power it, but GPU tech is improving, they might fix FFR, and eye tracking might eventually be a thing. And I can run it at a lower render target until GPUs catch up. It's eye-wateringly expensive. Is it overpriced? Would I miss the 120hz option that I'd get with the Artisan? Should I be buying the Valve controllers and base stations? If I don't then I will have to use my Rift S to play Alyx. If I do get them, am I in for a long wait? Is this "can't update the base stations" problem a real problem when buying them from Pimax? I've priced out a couple of options, and any way I slice it the 8KX ends up being probably 2x the cost of the Artisan. But I have a niggling feeling that although the Artisan is a nice bump in FOV, it's not going to do much for pixel density, and I might regret it as a bit of a sidegrade from the Rift S. Any thoughts or advice?
  12. Update: It looks like the issue affects not just "puffy" heavy flak, but all flak. Here's a video showing tracer fire at a player airfield ~100km away. No planes are visible, but my game client is being sent the data and is processing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9X6ZUE7JOk
  13. I don't have the jetpad, so I can't answer the first few questions. But for this one, I believe the jetpad connects via USB and does not require a sound card. If you wanted a buttkicker / bass shaker and the jetpad, then you need an available sound output. For me, I use digital out and VR headset as my normal sound output, so I can use the analog out on the soundcard for bass shakers.
  14. I've bought SimShaker Wings + Bass Shaker option. Easy purchase process through PayPal, and Andre emailed a key to me within a few minutes of my payment. Thanks Andre!
  15. Definitely tapping. I've rejigged my setup to use left/right on the amp instead of the sub output, plus a low-pass filter on Voicemeeter to emulate the hardware low pass on the amp. So far the problem hasn't recurred, but I do seem to have to turn the volume up pretty high on the amp.
  16. Reasonably cheap, user friendly, will work reasonably well on a marginally-specced PC, not very adjustable, not good if you have large or small IPD: Oculus Rift S Amazing build quality, best in class tracking, amazing audio, very adjustable, expensive: Valve Index Retina-display VR, needs an appropriate PC to match: HP Reverb Super wide, needs expertise in tinkering with software, customer support more difficult, amazing visuals: Pimax Cheap and not at all bad: Odyssey+ Personally, if I could convince myself that money is no object, I would buy a top-of-the-line Pimax 8KX headset, plus the Valve tracking and controllers kit for it, and upgrade to the NVidia 3000-series GPUs when they come out. But then I already have a 5ghz 8086K to power all that stuff. If someone said to me "which VR headset?" and "I'm not giving you more details" I would say Rift S every time, because it's a good all rounder. It's what I have currently. But there are better headsets.
  17. Map is on, GPS is off. We try to build scenarios on parts of the map where you can navigate visually, though. Battle for the Scheldt is particularly good as it's by the coast and there are lots of distinguishing features.
  18. If this were to happen today, please let us know either here or on Discord, and include a link to the sortie or a screenshot or something like that. We would all much rather spend our time flying than policing the server, so making it as easy as possible for us to go "click, yep that's a douchebag, temp ban" will really help. I think our rules around attacking players who are on the ground are clearer now, and we have in-mission warning text for it as well as a detailed message when someone does get banned, so we can be more direct with administrative action.
  19. Here are steps to reproduce, with a mission to reproduce the problem, and a track showing the problem. Enable track recording including TacView recording on server and client. Load mission into dserver (real dserver, not game client hosted deathmatch). Connect to dserver and spawn a plane from the airfield near Eindhoven. Record track for several seconds. Observe that aircraft near Antwerp are not visible in the recording, but flak puffs are visible in TacView. Expected behavior is that server 'culls' the flak and does not send it to the client, because player plane and flak are very far apart. The AA guns are not attached to a check zone. It would make no difference. The guns should be active because there are P51 enemy planes nearby. dserver-long-range-flak-dogfight.2020-02-12_10-21-34_00.zip dserver-flak-long-range-bug-alonzo.zip
  20. @-DED-Rapidus Here's an explanation: In the recorded track, the player had just taken off from Eindhoven airfield (grid 1514). The flak is firing somewhere north of Antwerp, I believe it is at the objective "Kampfgruppe Chill" (grid 1606). The flak is controlled by a group called "Axis AAA Destructible Medium". You can find this in the object browser by expanding Battle of the Scheldt > Axis Kampfgruppe Chill > Axis AAA Destructible Medium. Flak switches on using the CLOSER check zone, editor ID 12428, within the flak group. This is spawn/delete style flak which was introduced as a workaround when "activated" flak was invisible (bug both introduced and fixed some time in 2019). Please understand, I am not some random player who has no idea what he is doing. I've been building maps for a year and I run the Combat Box multiplayer server, which is one of the "top 3" servers. I really do believe that this is a bug in the network culling code. I think it's a small bug that seems to have quite an outsize performance impact for some players. I know it's your job to shield the developers from things that would waste their time, and I respect that, but I believe this is definitely a bug. Thank you for your time and attention.
  21. How much easier is checking six in the Pimax? (Normal FOV, I think GPUs can't drive the super wide yet). I'm considering the Artisan, I figure you're getting about 20 degrees extra either side over the Rift S. And actually that's about how far I have Lefuneste's mod rotating me (19 degrees in my setup). Apparently there's some problem with cracking on the plastic of the Artisan, so I'm holding off until that's all sorted out, but it does look like a potential option for me coming from the Rift S.
  22. Here's the mission. If I have made a mistake with the check zones, maybe you could let me know the mistake. Battle_of_the_Scheldt_Sep_1944.zip
  23. This is a complex mission with 80 players flying on the server. We have check zones that deactivate guns when players are far away. In this case, though, there are players near the flak guns. Maybe a diagram will help. Point 1: Location of player who is recording the track. Point 2: Flak guns, with check zone, and other players on the multiplayer server. We cannot see the other players in the track, but they are there. The players and guns at "point 2" are far away from the player who is recording the track. There is no reason for the server to tell the recording player, at point 1, about the players far away from them. There is never a reason for the server to tell game clients about flak that is more than ~15km away, because it doesn't render for the client. The server is transmitting data about flak puffs 80km from the player, which wastes server CPU, server network, client network and client CPU. If you are able to show this picture to a network programmer, they will realize there is a bug. The technique is called network traffic culling and dserver is definitely doing it, just there is a small bug in the implementation for heavy flak guns.
  24. With ships and tanks, they can fire the onKilled event more than once. So you really want to use a "1 count" MCU to level that out. The ships are definitely dead once they fire the onKilled event, they might be smoking and actually go down later but they are destroyed. For large buildings they will fire an onKilled for each small subsection that can be marked as damaged. To see how many onKilled messages I might get from a block, I tend to "add damage" to the object and observe in the 3D view how many individual sections of damage that block will allow. That's roughly the maximum number of onKilled messages you can expect from it. (I might be doing this wrong, I admit). But yes, in the end, you need to tune all your numbers and counters so the objective 'feels' the right strength.
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