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  1. Combat Box has a mission with AI bombers that can be part of a mission objective, and a single flight of 3 AI bombers works ok even with 64 players on the server, so it can be done if you are careful. It needs to have some integration with mission objectives, though, otherwise it's 'just' AI flying around. Honestly part of the problem here is the limited multiplayer numbers. WoL + KOTA + Combat Box + TAW = maximum ~315 concurrent players. War Thunder is looking at its 25k concurrent players and giggling at us. I really wish we had many more players for IL2, then people would choose a server based on what they liked the most, rather than what is most populated. I think a lot about how to improve Combat Box and ultimately I don't believe there is a problem with maps, or missions, or plane sets. It's all about population. I'm happy to work on the other things but when we do an organized event we can max the server out, people like to come fly with us. Maps, missions and plane sets are not perfect, buy they are good enough, and I believe the energy is better spent on community. I sometimes wish Combat Box was more populated, but I am also very happy when we get 500 pilots a month on the server. That's down from a peak of 2,000 pilots per month, but it's still a great number of fellow WW2 sim enthusiasts to reach.
  2. No it's fine, because the pulley is basically just taking the weight off the cable, the left/right movement isn't really affected. It's quite a long way to the ceiling so the pulley cable can move left and right a few inches easily. The full pulley kit can be used to make a room-scale VR setup where the cable is up in the air, and with that you have like 5-6 pulleys all cooperating to keep the cable up in the air but still give you free movement. I guess it's not 100% free movement but it's so much better than a dangling cable that can get caught on the chair, sat on, etc. I really like it.
  3. An update to my rig. I painted and improved cable management. If you haven't painted anything in a while, you will be amazed. Modern paints don't smell, dry overnight, and wash off your hands with plain water. Witchcraft, I tell you, witchcraft. This thing is built from 2x3 wood, and is reasonably sturdy, but I am 150 pounds sopping wet. Overall rig (click images for bigger version): Pedals and powered USB hub: Amp for bass shakers which are mounted by pedals and under seat (I used Dayton audio transducer pucks, which I actually would not recommend -- they are too small, go for the larger 50W ones instead if you're doing a shaker setup). Also left-handed trackball mouse. VR headset cable management. Highly recommended, gets the cable off the back of the chair and gives total freedom, 100% improvement in VR experience: Overall pilot's view: Building tips: Get the chair height and pedal arrangement 100% correct before locking everything down. I had the chair too low and the pedals too close and had to faff about to recover from that. Some people will prefer a "low and long" setup, others a "high and short." Depends on your preference but it's hard to change after. Next most important positioning is stick and throttle. The stick here is resting on the hardwood 'bottom' of the chair, in a cut-out. This is a Virpil T-50 with a 10cm extension. Stick and throttle placement are critical for comfort, so get that right too. Powered USB hub helps a ton with cable hell, but there's obviously still cable hell going on here. If you were feeling extra fancy you could raise the whole thing up a few inches and then mount all the electronics connectors, power supplies etc underneath. Or maybe under the seat or something. You don't need 14 gauge wire like I used for the bass shakers. Total overkill and actually harder to work with. 16 or 18 gauge is fine. If you want it more sturdy, consider a square frame going all the way across the top of the pilot's knees (basically make it symmetrical rather than the way I have just the throttles on a vertical bar). My rig has a bit of left/right flex if you really yank the throttle or stick; I don't notice it in flight but a heavier pilot might want a more robust rig. Painting this has made it 100% more awesome. I've been using it for a month unpainted and although nothing has really changed about it, having it looking cool somehow adds to my wanting to take it out for a flight! Good luck.
  4. Try those settings but with 80hz instead. You should be able to hit it even more of the time, and your eyes probably won’t notice the missing 10 FPS.
  5. For games coded against the SteamVR API, it looks like this: Game -> SteamVR API -> SteamVR/Oculus translation -> Oculus API - > Oculus Headset. When using OpenComposite, you get this: Game -> OpenComposite -> Oculus API -> Oculus Headset. SteamVR uses a bit of a translation layer to convert from the SteamVR standard to Oculus, and OpenComposite rips this out because it knows you're going to go directly to Oculus. Basically the flexibility of SteamVR is wasting a few CPU cycles that you can reclaim if you know you're going direct to Oculus. I don't think I'd argue it's bad that SteamVR does this, I'd actually petition the game developers to have an Oculus-specific version of their software so it's better optimized, but I can see why they don't (cheaper, easier to code against SteamVR and get automatic support for lots of headsets).
  6. Hmm, yes that's a good point. I was thinking "well, it's a good upgrade for Vive users who want to stay in the ecosystem" but actually no it's really not. They could use their lighthouses and wands and grab just the Index HMD for like $550 and have a better setup than the Cosmos. As a Rift S user (confirmation bias incoming!) I'm still fairly happy with my purchase. The resolution is pretty close to Cosmos, the optics are probably better (unknown but that review isn't favorable for Cosmos), and 57% of the price.
  7. As far as I know, ReShade doesn't work for VR, so you might want to remove it outright. I suspect the problem is your CPU. Try installing Oculus Tray Tool, then setting "HUD" to "Application latency". Then report the CPU and GPU times. If CPU or GPU goes above 12.5ms for the Rift S, it will switch to ASW projection mode. This runs at 40 FPS and creates interpolated frames for the other 40 FPS to make 80 for the headset. This is probably what you mean by "doubled images". Basically, you want to tune the settings so that CPU and GPU times are < 12.5ms, most of the time, so you can get 80 fps. I don't know if this will be possible on your CPU. The heavy CPU setting is the "Low / Balanced / High" one, so drop that to Balanced immediately and see if it helps. The heavy GPU options tend to be clouds, anti-aliasing, and (sort of) landscape render distance. You can also install OpenComposite to bypass SteamVR and gain a bit of performance. For your CPU, I would say this is essential.
  8. It's not random on Combat Box, but I can see how it might appear that way. Here's a snippet from the editor, mission Stalingrad Scramble. The grey line in the middle is the front line, which only shows up as the little yellow boxes in the editor. The blue area to the bottom-left is the German influence zone, the blue area to the top-right is the Russian influence zone. If you land in an enemy influence zone you are captured. But the blue shape is irregular and is sometimes closer or further front the front-line, so I can see how you'd think it was random.
  9. WoL is popular because it's popular. People want to be on a populated server so they have something to shoot at, so once one server gets going it holds onto a head of steam. It's a bit of a cycle. WoL is also very accessible due to GPS and a wide variety of maps with the older planes. Secretly, I think a lot of very experienced players like playing on WoL because there are always scrubs to pick on. I feel I can say that, knowing I myself am a scrub and would never claim otherwise 😉
  10. In the mission editor, you get to define "influence areas" that determine which coalition controls each part of the map. On my missions I ensure there's a few km "no man's land" near the actual front line, so if a pilot lands there (from either side) they won't get captured. They should only get captured once a few km into enemy territory.
  11. Well, I still like my 2560x1080 60hz ultrawide, it's just I'd rather have a 1440p version 😉 Here's a 60hz 1440 ultrawide for $399 off Amazon US. Here's a 200hz 1080 ultrawide for $300.
  12. I haven't used a > 60hz display, but a lot of people say they're awesome. I suspect for flight sims you'll get a benefit from going from 60 to 75 to 90 to 100, but you might not get a lot beyond 100hz, and you certainly pay for higher refresh rates. Personally I think ultrawide 21:9 is where it's at for most gaming, rather than having a 2 monitor setup. I have a 21:9 ultrawide but it's only 1080 vertically. If I was buying again today I think I'd be looking for 100hz 21:9 ultrawide with 1440 vertical pixels. For flight simming, input lag matters a lot less than for FPS / shooters. If you're just flight simming you might be fine just enabling vsync and choosing graphics settings that allow your GPU to pin the monitor at max refresh rate. I have an NVidia card so I might consider G-sync, but it adds a lot to the cost of a monitor. NVidia are increasingly allowing adaptive refresh rates on FreeSync monitors (the AMD/open version of G-sync) but I'm not sure how many models are compatible. The CAD$550 model from my local supplier looks good. $100 instant savings, $30 mail in rebate taking it to $519.99 + tax, and for that you're getting 34in curved ultrawide, 100hz, freesync, and 3440 x 1440 resolution. And MSI claims it's Gsync compatible. That's the MSI Optix MAG341CQ. Obligatory VR pitch: If you're buying a new monitor and have a GPU that can drive it, you could spend the money on a VR headset instead...
  13. A lot of these rigs (mine included) are a bit easier to think about because they're dedicated to flight simming. You can't really use the PC or the space for anything else. Are you looking for a dedicated space or a 'convertible' desk where you can use the PC for other stuff? If you're going dedicated, I'd consider pulling the legs off the chair and using a wooden frame to position it statically against all the other peripherals. That one change made a massive difference for me, the chair being fixed vs rolling around. I'll PM you a shot of mine ready for painting, you might be able to see a bit more how I constructed it.
  14. Check all your cables, including where the cable attaches to the headset. Sometimes this will be the loose end causing a problem. Does Index take power from USB? Try using a different USB port, it might not be delivering enough power (for my Rift S I use the USB-C port on my RTX 2080, with an adapter, because 'VirtualLink' is guaranteed to give enough power to the USB port).
  15. Yes, I've just updated the AI and the AI control script. Basically the 4 current maps now have AI patrols and also AI 'scenarios' where bombers will try to attack a specific objective. They will tell you their intent and call for cover too, if you keep an eye on the messages. Once the server has 15 players online, the AI has a "fast bugout" mechanism -- all the AI fighters will head for friendly territory, and deactivate when there are no planes near them. The bombers tend to complete their missions but in some circumstances they can bug out quickly too. This is a compromise intended to make the AI all disappear fairly quickly at peak times, but keep them around during non-peak times. If you notice anything weird about an AI plane, please let us know here or on the Discord and we'll look into it.
  16. Do you have a particular budget that you're working with? How fast is the 4770K clocked currently? Which headset are you using? People in my squadron have good results in IL-2 VR with a Rift S and the GTX 1080, which is about the same as a 2070. So I would suggest 2070 or better. If you can, invest in overclocking your current 4770K. This might mean buying a 240/280/360mm AIO water cooler for your processor. If you can get that CPU up to about 4.5ghz it will have a big benefit for VR. (Also, I notice this is in the general hardware forum -- you will get more specific help if you choose the VR sub forum and include your current headset details).
  17. My first question would be whether you intend the rig to be VR-ready at some point. If you're not worried about IL2 in VR, you can save significant money on the processor. Even if you are interested in VR I would say that the 9900K processor is overkill. I would instead get a 9700K, a motherboard with good overclocking/power delivery, and an AIO cooler. The Noctua is decent but in my experience you really want a 280mm or 360mm AIO for good overclocking. For the memory, check what CAS latency you're getting. 3200mhz is good, but if you can get CAS-15 (or even 14) that will help IL2 a lot. NVMe drives are a total waste of money for gaming. You can reduce the cost of your build significantly by skipping NVMe and just getting good m.2 drives. If you're not interested in VR/4K, I think you'll be fine with the RTX 2070, but if you're thinking about either of those, I would go for the 2080 instead. Use the cost savings from skipping the NVMe drives and downgrading the CPU. Edit: Guess I was a bit late on these suggestions! Anyways I'm sure you will enjoy the new rig, you have specified very nice parts.
  18. You could post-process the .mission file to change the weather, I think. I do this to remove DEBUG MCUs (message MCUs that print green text at the bottom of the screen) by setting their coalitions to none. When I deploy a mission to my server, I copy all the files including .mission and .msnbin, post-process the .mission to do things like removing DEBUG, then use the mission resaver to create a .msnbin, then delete the .mission. This is important for my use-case because the server starts much faster from a .msnbin file. Here's a chunk of the .mission file containing stuff you might change with post-processing: Time = 6:30:0; Date = 10.4.1944; HMap = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Kuban_sp\height.hini"; Textures = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Kuban_sp\textures.tini"; Forests = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Kuban_sp\trees\woods.wds"; Layers = ""; GuiMap = "kuban-spring"; SeasonPrefix = "su"; MissionType = 2; AqmId = 0; CloudLevel = 2500; CloudHeight = 1300; PrecLevel = 0; PrecType = 0; CloudConfig = "summer\02_Medium_06\sky.ini"; SeaState = 0; Turbulence = 0.7; TempPressLevel = 0; Temperature = 16; Pressure = 760; WindLayers { 0 : 340 : 3; 500 : 330 : 4; 1000 : 320 : 5; 2000 : 300 : 6; 5000 : 280 : 8; }
  19. Server will be open to the public. In past events an organized squad logs in and starts rolling, maybe they get some organized opposition, and then people see Combat Box rising in the server listing "sort by population". It tends to attract players from there. There are no coalition balance or aircraft locks in place, other than maps with the 262 (Battle for Kalinin simply has a low number of 262s available, Stalingrad Scramble has the jet fuel depot/train unlock mechanic for the 262s). In the past we've had fairly balanced sides and people can fly (more or less) the planes they want to. At the moment the server is limited to 64 slots as we start to see network performance degrade a bit after that. But basically, for your squad, just show up more or less close to the event start time and I'm confident there will be enough spots for you. An hour into the map, maybe less of a guarantee, but usually at map start there's plenty of space.
  20. Hi everyone! This week Combat Box is hosting not one, but TWO events! Friday Night Fights is Sketch's regular evening flyout, this Friday Sep 13th, 9pm Eastern - 11pm Eastern (1am GMT - 3am GMT). Sign up, or don't sign up and instead fly against Sketch's organized squads and see how many bombers you can take a bite out of, the choice is yours! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GRzfTj99hyR8SeurTWz5TvbOWOT1N_V0-hGdN5x5uyg/edit?usp=drivesdk Saturday Late War Clan War is a more Euro-friendly flyout, this Saturday Sep 14th 1200 Eastern, 1600 GMT. No signup required, but Sketch may ask people to drink shots every time they shoot someone down. More info on both of these events on our events page: http://combatbox.net/en/events/
  21. Another trick is to fully minimize the object hierarchy (usually left-hand window pane). Then when you paste something, it doesn't cycle. I think it's just an update of the tree control that is somehow really slow.
  22. A few tricks I use on Combat Box: If you want some logic to switch off forever, use a Deactivate MCU to disable the timers. For example I have AI flying around, if enough players log into the server a counter fires to a deactivate, and it disables a whole load of individual timers that were being used to spawn AI. If you want a sequence of things to happen, try using a series of Counter MCUs with 1, 2, 3 (etc) as the counter setting. I use this to easily activate logic in a 1-2-3 order. For example on one mission there is a series of 3 trains that are spawned. The first one is activated after a '1' counter, the second after a '2' counter, etc. When a mission event occurs and I want the 'next' train to spawn, I fire an event at all 3 counters. Then the correct train spawns each time. Counters are nice because (by default) once they have fired once they will not fire again, so it doesn't hurt to send too many events to them. Counter reset logic with MCU SetValue seems to work well. I have several missions where I set a counter back to zero, rather than needing to know whether it fired or not.
  23. Hmm, I am not sure. Can you give links to the exact sorties? From here? http://combatbox.net/en/sorties/409/615sqn_Buzz/?tour=12
  24. Here's one of my old layouts. I think I've tweaked some things since I did this, but it gives you some ideas. Basically I cheat by having the extra Saitek throttle quadrant for some more axes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/km9azpo9vj2cpba/IL2 Sturmovik Controls Layout T50 Stick %2B Throttle %2B Quadrant.pdf?dl=0
  25. I'd be quite interested to hear the difference between 80hz non-interpolated and 120hz interpolated from 60 (since I doubt IL2 is ever going to manage 120 FPS just because it's so CPU bound). I find the ghosting on the Oculus ASW from 40 to 80hz and 45 to 90hz was quite noticeable, but maybe 60 interpolated to 120 is less noticeable? Or even 72 interpolated to 144?
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