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  1. Hi Wulfe! Thanks for this. What I'm really interested in is the relative performance vs another graphics card. Are you able to record some kind of test track, like Chili has used before, then run it to make reproducible (to you) performance numbers? That way you could compare the performance of the 3080 to your previous graphics card. If I had a 3080 on hand, this is what I'd do: Install old GPU (RTX 2080 in my case). Record 2-minute benchmark track including other planes, some combat, some ground stuff. Set graphics high enough that I don't hit 90 FPS. I have a Valve Index, so actually what I do for benchmarking is use 144hz mode with all reprojection switched off. This gives a real framerate. (Probably you want High or Ultra with everything switched on, and some supersample). Benchmark the 2080, maybe 3 runs. Install new 3080, benchmark again, maybe 3 runs. The reason I suggest setting the graphics high enough that you don't hit 90 FPS is because that gives a real differential between the cards. You also want to disable the 45 FPS interpolated mode for benchmarking, what we're looking for is the "raw FPS" that each card can deliver.
  2. Here's a video, directly about whether to upgrade on the used market: This suggests you can get a 2070 Super for ~$400, but I think that's not enough to run the Reverb really. You could go 2080 Super for $600, I guess. But if you can wait, you'll either be able to get a 3070 for $500 (MSRP) or buy a 2080ti for the same price, since if the 3070 does really hit 2080ti levels of performance, it will decimate the used prices for the 2080ti. The only reason 2080ti is holding its price right now is because the 3080 has no availability. As always with PC hardware, if you can wait, you'll be able to get something better for your money.
  3. I would look for a 2080ti, not a regular 2080. The 1080 to 2080 performance jump just isn't that much, and people were fire-selling their 2080ti's before the 3080 launched. The 2080ti sales might have slowed down because the availability of the 3080 is bad. Or, you could wait for the 3070. That is being positioned as having performance similar to the 2080ti, and it would be brand new. If you are thinking about getting a card second hand, Jay has some hints on how not to get ripped off:
  4. It's included in the box. I mean yeah, there's some marketing spin, but they're now doing exactly what most high-end headsets (Valve Index, Pimax) already do, which is to have an extra power brick. USB is such a pig's breakfast of a spec...
  5. It's just a rumor for now. Basically, NVidia will wait until AMD reveal their cards and pricing. AMD is likely to make a card that is just a little slower than the 3080 but with 16GB VRAM. If AMD make their card (say) $100 cheaper than the 3080, with (say) -10% performance but +6GB VRAM, quite a lot of people could want the AMD card instead. The 3080 is almost overkill for 4K gaming and 4K is still super niche, according to SteamVR hardware survey. So if AMD release such a card, NVidia might need to counter with a 20GB 3080, or a 20GB 3080ti or something. Remember that the 3080 has at least some of it's shader modules disabled, depending on the quality of the silicon they get from the fab. NVidia basically sits on all the chips that are 'better' than the current 3080, so they have the option to make a 3080ti in future. Es solo un rumor por ahora. Básicamente, NVidia esperará hasta que AMD revele sus tarjetas y precios. Es probable que AMD fabrique una tarjeta que sea un poco más lenta que la 3080 pero con 16 GB de VRAM. Si AMD hace su tarjeta (digamos) $ 100 más barata que la 3080, con (digamos) -10% de rendimiento pero + 6GB VRAM, mucha gente podría querer la tarjeta AMD en su lugar. El 3080 es casi exagerado para juegos 4K y 4K sigue siendo un súper nicho, según la encuesta de hardware SteamVR. Entonces, si AMD lanza una tarjeta de este tipo, es posible que NVidia deba contrarrestar con una 3080 de 20 GB, una 3080ti de 20 GB o algo así. Recuerde que el 3080 tiene al menos algunos de sus módulos de sombreado desactivados, dependiendo de la calidad del silicio que obtienen de la fábrica. NVidia básicamente se encuentra en todos los chips que son "mejores" que el actual 3080, por lo que tienen la opción de hacer un 3080ti en el futuro.
  6. Thanks for that. I am not seeing an "add to cart" button, am I on the right page? I am trying this one: https://store.hp.com/CanadaStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=1G5U1AA&opt=ABA&sel=ACC
  7. Yep. For me, I have a Valve Index and an RTX 2080. If I had $1500 USD to spend, I think my best bet would be a nicely performing 3080 ($800), a Reverb G2 ($600) and $100 on maybe an airflow-oriented case. Or spend zero money and just enjoy what I have. Actually, serious question - is it possible to demo a Reverb? Even the original? I'm trying to understand what the resolution upgrade and FOV decrease look like.
  8. Having owned an Artisan, I think there are other cons on Pimax: Software is variable quality. Only recently did they fix PiTool so you could get 100% GPU usage. The fixed foveated rendering (and thus DFR) crashes in IL2 after several minutes. They consistently miss their own estimates on when they will deliver software. HMD build quality is inconsistent. My Artisan, brand new, immediately developed cracks in the housing. This is after Pimax claimed to have fixed the manufacturing defects. Customer service, including ordering experience and delivery times, is inconsistent. If you have smaller-than-average IPD, you will get a small sweet spot and blurry edges on the lenses. I would not recommend Pimax for anyone with < 65mm IPD. Audio and comfort requires after-market modifications. The FOV is the reason to go for Pimax. It's amazing, it really is. For me, the IPD issue meant I was not willing to keep the headset. If I had kept it, I would treat it as something that is for "tinkering" -- it needs modding and personalization. I want an Index "S" model with increased resolution. That would be the ideal headset for me.
  9. ...and watching the Linus video, it seems the 3090 drivers have certain high-end/professional optimizations switched off so they don't cannibalize their workstation card sales. It's bizarre. They're really saying it's a content-creators card. For 2x the price of the 3080. That kinda sorta does "8K" if you squint.
  10. "The 3090 is a workstation card." (someone waves a wad of cash at him) "It's a ... workstation card." (more cash waved) "It's a...." (Steve takes the cash and pockets it) ".....gaming card." Man, I nearly cried with laughter.
  11. It's tricky. I definitely want an upgrade, but I know intellectually I should wait. Memory Express, a local provider, says they are working through their order backlog but they are only getting 100 cards every day or two days, so they have at least a month of back orders. AMD have their event late October which may change the landscape a bit. The tech youtubers that I respect are all saying "wait two months" if you can, because then we'll at least know what the AMD cards offer (maybe only on paper, but we'll know something) and the initial rush for the 3080 will be over. And maybe I should wait even longer and get the Reverb G2 in the meantime. "Meantime" LOL that thing's not arriving anytime soon either...
  12. I'm generally suspicious of heavy NVidia control panel tweaks. The only one you should need is "prefer maximum performance" - I would get rid of the rest. Then for in-game settings I would change yours to be: Mirrors - simple Landscape filter - none or sharp Antialiasing x2 (yours is currently 'off') How's your frame rate? If you're already locked at your monitor refresh rate you could also enable vsync. A lot of people don't like that because "muh input lag" but since you're using flight controls there's no issue there. 4K locked at 60fps with vsync on is going to be perfectly fine. MSAA x2 specifically increases the contrast around contacts, so you definitely want that on. MSAA requires some GPU performance, if you can't maintain the 60 FPS I would start reducing other settings so you can get MSAA x2 and 60 FPS. Grass quality to normal since that's cosmetic, horizon to 130km or 100km or even drop to High overall.
  13. That's very cool. I didn't realize you were still maintaining it, it looks very active. As I understand it, F# is usable from C# since they are both CLR languages. But is that a sensible thing to do? (It's been a long time since I did any functional programming, I don't think I want to dive into the F# directly).
  14. Hello Lefuneste, this is indeed very interesting. I have been threatening for some time to break the things that need to be in the mission editor (objects, 3D placement) from things that are logic and could be done in a different way (all behaviors, basically). Up until this point, as you saw in the durability thread, I have only done fairly simple tweaks. I'm still not 100% sure I want to jump in with both feet to this kind of thing, it would be quite a departure from how we currently build missions on Combat Box. It's probably worth asking @coconut and @LLv34_Temuri for their opinion, I know they have done significant work on the mission files and underlying maps. Coconut for years ran a very successful dynamic campaign system (and I believe is building a new one currently) and Temuri is the brains behind the Finnish Virtual Pilots "dynamic war" campaign which has received very good feedback recently (I am planning to start playing it tonight, in fact!). Some random thoughts about how I might design missions, if I had code/library support to do so. I am not a Python expert - if I were doing this myself it would be C# (I created CB Radio using C# and was very productive, that's just because I know the language, I have nothing against Python). Combat Box missions have player airfields, objectives, influence zones, and (now) SRS radio call-outs. I'd love to be able to 'decorate' groups in the mission with 'behaviors', and to indicate in the mission editor what behaviors I want, maybe through some kind of 'tagging' convention. That way I can tag a player airfield as "no vulching" and have the right underlying stuff be added to the mission. Icons usually represent objectives. So if I had a group with a single icon in it, and I tag it as an objective, I would like to add behaviors. Some way to track things killed within the group and to mark the objective destroyed. When destroyed, on Combat Box, we draw a big black X over the target. It would be nice if the X was added because of the tagged objective, rather than added by hand in the editor. Objectives also need to wire themselves up to the global scoreboard and victory conditions. It would be nice if this were automatic. To be clear, I'm not asking for you to implement these things, just that they are the kinds of things I think about when I'm editing an objective for the 50th time or trying to ensure everything is wired up correctly.
  15. With a slightly heavy heart, we have decided to ban graphical injectors on Combat Box. ReShade and the VREM mod will no longer work as of the next map roll. With the new spotting improvements it feels like there are less and less valid arguments that ReShade is needed, and it's unfortunately a cheat vector for the game. All other mainstream servers have already banned injectors, today we're following suit. To those of you using injectors for a legitimate purpose I can only apologize and say that it sucks that a few cheaters ensure the rest of us can't have nice things. The good thing is that spotting is genuinely improved and I have heard many friends (especially in VR) on comms gleefully exclaim "I can see! I can see!". Yay, and thank you to the devs for the improved visibility.
  16. I'd suggest the HP Reverb G2. You'll find it's an insane resolution upgrade over the original Rift, and a 2080ti (already) does a good job with a Reverb, so a 3080/6900XT should be in a good spot for performance. With the G2 you also get Valve's excellent off-ear audio. Other headsets you might consider include the Valve Index, which has a bit more field of view than the G2, but it's heavier, more expensive, and requires external tracking hardware. Some people like the outside-in tracking of the Index because it's very accurate and good for full-room VR, but some people don't because they just wanna run seated simulators and the extra faffing is a turn-off. If you are willing to sell a kidney and struggle through the pain that long wait times, dodgy customer service and variable build quality, and if you have a larger than average IPD, 65mm or above, then consider the Pimax 8KX. But it's very expensive and very much an enthusiast's headset - you need to be willing to tinker to get the most out of it. I tried an Artisan and my 62.8mm IPD didn't work with it very well. Rift S is a bit of a dead-end and a waste of your hardware, compared to a G2. But it's not a bad headset.
  17. Judging by that players sortie list, they are a troll. They've been given a 24 ban for the team kill, please report if they do it again and the next ban will be longer.
  18. As far as I know, it's labels on or off: at 3km or less you get an aircraft type, and 2km or less you get a player/Ai name as well. I think it's worth talking about going "icons off" on the training server. I know I've been repeatedly bounced while in the dogfight areas (who doesn't wanna shoot down an admin?) and I would not be opposed to switching them off. Personally I think I would get better BFM practice if icons were off. But it's a broad player base -- maybe we can get a few more opinions here.
  19. Combat Box is a late war server, and by that point in the war most ground attack was done by fighter-bombers. Look at all the P47s and P38s, that was the ground attack part of the Allied formation. I'm not sure I'd want to be dawdling along in a lumbering bomber when there's P51s and K4s zipping around. There are plenty of smaller scale ground attack runs every night of the week. Just look for the TBAS guys, they'll be on comms and leading a gaggle of A-20s or 110s, usually with fighter escort and coordination via SRS. Regardless, if you make a statement like "large formations of bombers are impossible in this game" you need to be very precise about what you mean, because it certainly looks to me like both large numbers of aircraft and significant player coordination are not just possible, but demonstrated frequently.
  20. I don't understand what you mean. Here's what happened last week in Sketch's "Friday Night Flights" event. A little more than 3 to 5 planes flying together 😉
  21. I hope they keep the ant-scalper scripts running for at least a month. Scalpers are scumbags.
  22. That's the point. No settings were given, or actual frame rates, only frame rate comparisons. Digital Foundry was given very specific instructions and used settings that put the 2080 8GB into "texture swapping" territory, but did not put the 3080 10GB into texture swapping. That allowed the "up to 80% faster" claim to be 'verified' by Digital Foundry two weeks ago. Real reviewers using regular benchmark techniques have found significantly less of an advantage of the 3080 over the 2080. This is why it's dishonest, the texture swapping gave the 3080 an extra advantage at those very specific settings.
  23. I am wrong. It turns out that the Battlefield settings used by Digital Foundry on their paid promotional piece showing the 3080 as being 80-90% better than the 2080 were deliberately chosen to use more than 8GB VRAM but less than 10GB. This hamstrung the 2080 and let the 3080 stretch its legs, at 4K resolution. So. @Jaws2002 and @Voyager I apologize, I am wrong, it does look like 10GB is a questionable amount of VRAM, maybe not exactly today, but probably in the mid term.
  24. I'm hoping Valve Index has done well enough for them that they have an 'S' model in the works. I love mine, it has better FOV compared to anything other than a Pimax, the only thing I'd change about it is the display density. It's not bad but it's a long way behind Reverb and 8KX. If they can sub in a 2k by 2k panel for each eye but keep the nice FOV and comfort/adjustability, that would be great. I wouldn't say no to reducing the weight a couple hundred grams too.
  25. For anyone having trouble opening a .Mission file, make sure to delete (or rename) the associated .msnbin file. The mission editor looks at them both, but the file format for the .msnbin has changed. If you have just the .Mission file the editor will open it and you can then save it as normal.
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