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  1. Huge thanks to @Wim and friends at Shark Squad, we have an awesome "mission briefing" video for our new Operation Market Garden mission. Check it out. I'll also mention that this mission, like all the others, features an extensive SRS radio integration. We have a speech-recognition voice bot that will understand your radio calls, assign you and your flight a call sign, and provide tasking and tactical updates throughout your mission. If you haven't tried it yet, please log in and give it a try. More info on voice calls on our web page here: https://combatbox.net/en
  2. I'm glad you're enjoying the mission. We added the 'forward' airfields for times when there are fewer players online so people could get into the action faster, and they are quite limited in the number of airframes available. Do you have a suggestion for how we could improve it?
  3. The old emitters needed to be rotated to match the wind. Do the new emitters automatically do the right thing? I'd love it if someone made a batch file. It might not be that simple, though -- my missions have two emitters each on a 10 second "start" cycle. The new emitter needs just 1 effect, and if you want it to switch off you have to do so explicitly (on the old ones you could just stop doing the 'start' trigger). I'm slowly fixing this as I make new missions but going through all the old ones is time consuming.
  4. It's a driver-level feature, I believe. NVidia are using their software to automatically enable the feature in games that they have tested, kind of like their VRSS I think. They're never going to test IL2 so you will need to enable resizeable BAR via NVidia inspector, for il2.exe Some related chatter where other people say this same thing for other games: https://www.resetera.com/threads/resizable-bar-support-for-rtx-3000-series-gpus-is-now-available.402418/
  5. Combat Box is planning two events ourselves and have committed to supporting JimTM's formation flying event, so we have quite a bit going on already. I see you've got one other volunteer from ITAF to help -- let me know if that doesn't work out, Combat Box might be able to help (but please try the other volunteers first). Great to hear you're doing an event!
  6. Anyone got resizable BAR working on an NVidia card yet? I think NVidia are gating this feature behind game testing, so it probably needs NVidia inspector to enable it for IL2. I'll look into this eventually but no time at the moment. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/geforce-rtx-30-series-resizable-bar-support/
  7. Hey everyone, wanted to let you know we just completed a server upgrade for Combat Box. Read on for some details. Combat Box has mostly run on just one 'main' server up until now, including IL2 dedicated server, stats processing, web server, and all the other 'utility' scripts we run like the vulching detector, ban hammer, and so on. Thanks to your support we have upgraded the main server, it's now an AMD 5800X which is about 30-40% faster and should give us more headroom in complex missions with lots of moving pieces. Everything other than the IL2 server is staying on the previous
  8. If you don't need/want the Patreon supporter benefits (Discord role, other stuff) then you can do a 1-time donation with Patreon and then cancel the next day, it will just charge you the one time for whichever amount you enter. Please do consider the monthly pledge though -- even at an entry level -- because monthly income is quite useful for the team to help plan to cover their server costs, make upgrades, etc.
  9. New feature in our SRS bot (well, two, actually, but I need to do more speech training to enable one of them). You can now say "command, voodoo-2 in grid 1015, request picture" and the bot will assess action in your immediate vicinity. If there's a "hot" point of interest or heavy fighting within about 20km, it will let you know. It will also look for any enemies it knows about in your sector, and either say "picture clear" if it can't find anything, or it will warn you of the general amount of enemy activity. The bot is not all-seeing, so even if it says "picture clear" you cannot
  10. Given the time spent on it, hopefully it's good enough to earn a spot in the rotation 🙂 Although it's based on A Bridge Too Far basically only the airfield layout and front line will be familiar, almost everything else about the map is updated and the mechanics are very different.
  11. This Friday (2030 UTC, 2130 CET, 1630 Eastern time) we're going to debut a new Combat Box mission, Operation Market Garden. From the mission briefing: September, 1944. Field Marshal Montgomery's audacious plan launches with an unopposed air drop deep in German territory. The landed paratroopers are well behind enemy lines and need to be supplied in order to continue fighting. The 8th AF is called on to supply fighter support, both to protect the transports and to suppress flak along the flight path of C-47 cargo planes. Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe put forth a significant effort to wre
  12. Please be careful using this tool. One unlucky pilot tried a GUI tool to make a symbolic link, and somehow deleted their skin collection. But yes, "mklink" is the tool you want for this.
  13. Groovy. If you're on SRS, you will also get a voice message on channel 1 if you are in recon range, and then either a success message or a "return to complete the recon" message.
  14. The recon mechanic is that you need to get within a 3,500m (11,000ft) sphere of the centre point of the recon objective, and stay there for 60 seconds. At 10k feet you're likely to miss the 'top' of the sphere, so lower is better. If you're in the right spot you should get a white message to "stay close while photographing", stay within the sphere for 60 seconds and the target should open up on the map. If you stray outside the sphere it will tell you "return to the objective to finish photographing". If you're getting no white text at all then you're either not in the sphere or not at a recon
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