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  1. Alonzo

    Cannot get server to work.

    It's working pretty great in VMware, once I did the port forwarding on my router. But now I have this weirdness where two maps that I authored work fine, but a third map from a friend (which I have loaded and re-saved using my mission editor) does not work. Definitely a head-scratcher.
  2. If you run resaver without any arguments, it offers -t as an option. It doesn't explain it either. My translation files get zapped down to 1KB if I *don't* use the -t option, but I don't actually know what it does. OK, thank you for your patience. Here are the steps I am taking: Friend sends me a ZIP file with their 9 files including .mission. Unzip to Steam...Dogfight folder. Run Mission Editor (Steam). Load mission from friend. Change mission name to AlonzoDF. File > Save As "AlonzoDF". I now have AlonzoDF.{eng,fra,ger,list,Mission,msnbin,pol,rus,spa} Copy AlonzoDF files to server machine, put in non-steam....dogfight. Open dserver. Manage SDS. Load my SDS (which has credentials etc). Remove all missions from rotation. Add just AlonzoDF mission, from C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight Save and close, open the SDS. Server loads and registers with master server. Map begins to run -- I can tell because tick time is 10ms due to significant AI activity on this map. Run client. Multiplayer, dogfight, find my server. Connect. Game loads. Red loading bar. Kicked back to Co-op/Dogfight screen. If I do similar steps but with missions that I created entirely myself on my Steam computer, I can connect and play the mission. I'm very confused because it seems that something in the mission itself is causing a problem, even with the load/save cycle. If I missed a step or got something wrong please let me know.
  3. Alonzo

    Cannot get server to work.

    I'm currently being offered, and My actual local area network IP is the last one, the first two are VMware virtual adapter IP addresses. I have VMware installed because I'm testing on a VM while developing my missions. The weird thing is two of my maps run perfectly while being in this configuration, but one map from a friend that I am trying to host is kicking me back to the Co-op/Dogfight screen every time. I entered the IP on my client, and it didn't fix the problem. I checked and the VMware server only thinks it has one IP. I put it into startup.cfg on the server and restarted dserver, still hasn't fixed the problem. I'm a bit stuck. Missions that I have authored myself seem to be served fine, missions from a friend load OK but then I get this "kicks you back to Co-op/Dogfight" every time. The only thing I'm changing on dserver is the actual .mission selected in rotation. Seems very weird.
  4. Unfortunately I think that CPU is going to hold you back. The GPU will be able to do increased supersampling, so the picture should look nice and crisp. I would start with SteamVR 150% supersample and 'balanced' in-game settings, and see how it goes. A lot of people are fine flying 45 FPS ASW, if that works for you then you can increase to 'high' in game settings.
  5. This is one of the reasons I'm so hesitant to move away from Oculus. The headset specs are unfortunately pretty low these days, especially resolution, but the ergonomics and sweet spot are pretty great. I'd be very reluctant to take a step back on ergonomics even for improved resolution. Does Pimax offer demos? I know I can buy an Odyssey+ and return it if it's no good, Pimax is probably a little more difficult.
  6. There is apparently a way to reconfigure the rotary encoder as a virtual axis that will report 0 - 100%, and rotating the knob will increase/decrease the axis value by a configurable amount. Pressing the knob can 'center' the axis to 50%. This is black magic voodoo in the config tool, though. I haven't watched this video, but I have watched others in the series, and they are pretty good. This one might contain the info you need:
  7. Depending on what mood the game engine is in, and whether a recent patch has improved or degraded performance, you *do* need to overclock to get hit a consistent 90 FPS in VR. 5ghz is easily achievable with a 9600K or 9700K, and IL2 loves single threaded performance. Some people may or may not feel a constant 90 FPS is the baseline they need for a good experience in VR. If you turn out to be one of those people, you will appreciate the extra clock speed from overclocking with a good cooler. Air coolers can be as good as AIO liquid coolers, but the costs are very similar and with an AIO you're more likely to be giving the GPU some thermal headroom too, since you can vent CPU heat straight out of the case. I switched from liquid to a decent Noctua air cooler and I'm actually regretting it. For that UK gaming computers site, here's a configuration that would work well for VR. Basically I picked the 8700K gaming computer, asked them to overclock it for you, put in a 240mm liquid cooler, switched to faster RAM, and added a 2080 graphics card (which is slightly overkill, but the 1070ti is slightly underkill....). Price is GBP 1873 including VAT. EREBUS - I7 GAMING PC Case 1 x Phanteks Eclipse P400S White RGB Glass Power Supply 1 x Corsair CX650 650W Processor 1 x Intel Core i7 8700k 3.7Ghz Turbo 4.7Ghz Overclocking 1 x Moderate Processor Cooler 1 x Corsair Hydro H100i GTX RAM 1 x 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000Mhz (2 x 8GB) Motherboard 1 x Asus PRIME Z370-P II Graphics Card 1 x Nvidia GeForce® RTX 2080 8GB Hard Drive 1 x 250GB Samsung 860 Evo SSD 2nd Hard Drive 1 x 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM Sound Card 1 x Motherboard Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio Network Card 1 x Integrated 10/100/1000MBPS Case Paint 1 x Standard Case finish Case Fans 1 x Standard Case Fans Cable Management 1 x UKGC Advanced System SATA Cables 1 x Standard Manufacturer SATA Cables Thermal Compound 1 x UKGC Standard System Warranty 1 x Standard 6 Year Warranty Support 1 x Lifetime Estimated Build Time 1 x Standard 5 - 10 Working Days
  8. Thank you for the tips. Here, do you mean resaver is a bad idea? Unfortunately I cannot run the editor on the server computer, it doesn't like it at all (something about graphics I think). But dserver runs ok. But my editing machine is Steam, the server is not steam, so the directories are different. The resaver seemed to work to fix the directory differences between machines. Should I instead do the work of making sure I have non-Steam installs everywhere, both on editing machine and server? What I was previously seeing was that the server had the correct .list file and translations, but they were not being copied to the client. I have fixed that by using the -t option on resaver. Now the behavior I am seeing is very strange: the client can connect, transfer all of the files (including .list, translations, and .mission file), I get a loading screen and red bar at the bottom, but then I am immediately booted back to the "Co-op / Dogfight" screen. Any idea what could cause this? Thank you for your suggestions so far.
  9. Yeah personally I would go with 9600K, 16gb of 3200Mhz CAS-16 or better RAM, and a GTX 1080 or RTX 2070 (or better) GPU. For the CPU you need to overclock, so get a 240mm liquid cooler (or better).
  10. Hey all, I've been running into very frustrating issues and I feel like I'm doing something 'against' the way multiplayer missions are supposed to be developed and hosted. I'm looking for guidance on a way of doing all this that works properly for multiplayer hosting. My main gaming machine has IL2 installed through Steam. My server just has a straight download of IL2 and its installer from the 1CG website. Is this just a plain bad idea because directories will not line up? I am using resaver when copying the missions across, but I'm left with empty translation files and need to re-copy those. So it feels like I'm doing something wrong there. One of my squad mates shared a mission with me. Works perfectly for him. I put it onto the server, ran resaver on it, cranked it up. Couldn't get my client to connect. I tried loading the file into the editor on my own gaming rig, saving it again, copying to the server, re-saving in the same way as my working maps. Still didn't work. Clients that connect only get the .mission and .list files, then get booted back to the "Coop / Deathmatch" screen. Is there a 'proper' way to collaborate on missions with friends? I've been using subdirectories (such as Alonzo/<map name>) for working on my missions. But when I look at what I get from established multiplayer servers, all the stuff is just in the root. Am I doing a dumb thing by trying to have directories? Basically I'm looking for what works. The server is finicky, but it is what it is, I'm not seeking to complain about it. I just want a recipe that works, or things to avoid that definitely do not work. Any help appreciated, it's been quite a frustrating evening.
  11. You can also do that with “cover me” and “patrol the area” single keybinds. At least I’m doing it and I think it works! 😜
  12. You might try a spring zip-tie mod on the stick. Out of the box it has too strong a centering action making it difficult to make fine adjustments around Center. The sensors themselves are great but mechanically it’s hard to move close to zero. Google zip tie mod to see what I mean. I had medium success with this on my old T16000m stick. The other option is even more of a hack which is to make an extension for the stick, adding precision. I’ve seen pictures, there might be a guide out there.
  13. Alonzo

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    You make a fair point but I would argue that one of the objectives of the forum is to create a community of players. A community is itself a sales engine -- people tell their friends, organize squadrons, make YouTube videos, help each other out with VR issues.... All those things are helpful. For the developers, the community may help them improve the game too. I came from World of Warcraft (and people constantly tell me it's a different game, YES, but that makes my point no less valid) and that game got immense benefit from the game designers, raid encounter programmers etc being able to talk directly and specifically about game mechanics with their player base. Yes, there was a lot of moderation required because this is the internet and there are jerks, but Blizzard got a lot out of it. I think deleting threads is a bad idea -- unless they are clearly just flame bait -- because it damages community and makes it look like 1CGS has something to hide. Lock a thread and let it fall off the bottom of the page if you like, be very careful about deleting stuff. I think the some of the company folks here are way too sensitive to criticism and claim it's people bashing or flaming their product when in fact a lot of stuff is objective statement of fact. (Also, inb4locked.)
  14. Alonzo

    Investigating head tracking options

    I really liked my EDTracker, gave it up a while ago when I got VR. I don’t think the 3DoF is a big drawback and it’s much better than no headlook. I since got a TrackHat and while it works reasonably well the camera regularly gets spooked and it needs to be stopped and started. Might just be my config but I haven’t got it working to my satisfaction yet. I’m using TrackHat whole I wait for a repair on my 2+ year old Oculus Rift. Gold standard is of course VR so I would recommend that but it’s not cheap and you need a good rig to support it.
  15. YES! So the problem was twofold. Thank you so much for the information about the .list file. The .list file was indeed empty as you guessed. Opening and saving the mission didn't help. I loaded it on a separate machine and that machine saved the .list just fine. Here's what I had done: On my gaming rig I had made a directory outside of the usual IL2 data folder, where I was working on the missions. I didn't want to get confused or accidentally connect to my server and overwrite in-development map files with ones from the server. But if you edit a mission file outside of the usual IL2 data folder/structure, it gives you an empty .list file. You must work on missions in the usual folder structure for the .list file to be saved correctly. Now I know. I was trying to be altogether too clever. I'll just stick to zipping up my directories every time I do something significant, as I can always go spelunking in zip files if I delete something important. A hundred thanks for your help.