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  1. Some more videos shot on Combat Box. From Manu: And from 77th_FlyingBull:
  2. Great video! How does the motion-cancellation work on the Vive? Do you have a motion cancellation solution for other headsets, such as Rift S ?
  3. As DakPilot said, if it's only about VR and flight sims, just get the 9600K or 9700K and good components to allow overclocking. You said in another thread "never done that before" but honestly it's fairly easy and someone here can talk you through it. I don't know why you're looking at the CPUs that you are, or why you have the CPU you currently have. Those mega-multicore monsters are for professional, highly threaded workloads. It's just a waste of money for IL2. If I were in your shoes, today, I would do this: Maybe wait for the new AMD chips. Not because you want one (single thread will be slower) but because Intel might drop prices. Or don't wait, since your current CPU is crippling your VR experience. Buy a 9700K with a 280mm liquid cooler, and all the supporting stuff. Overclock the snot out of the 9700K, enjoy 90 FPS in your Rift S Wait until Valve Index is generally available and bug-free Spend the savings from not getting a mega-multicore CPU on upgrading to a Valve Index, sell your Rift S. The extra FOV will be nicely immersive for simming.
  4. Use a specific glasses cleaning cloth. Don't use spray or solution. Use circular motions around the lenses to clean them, not rubbing up and down across them. And be gentle.
  5. Thanks Riksen! We've put a lot of work into it, many minds have collaborated on the mission design, testing, and so on. Glad you like it.
  6. Yes, sorry I use "map" and "mission" interchangeably, but I guess "map" should mean "Moscow" or whatever. To me it usually means mission.
  7. Here is the script. WARNING WARNING WARNING -- it includes an initial "kill any running dserver" function. You might not want that. Back up your files before using this script. No warranty. Use at your own risk, etc. This is a very dumb script. It does some brute-force things, and some Combat Box-specific things: Kills any running dserver process, then enters a loop: Loads SDS config file, looking for round time and current map. Replaces map in SDS with a randomly chosen one (not same as previous). Checks for round time and remembers it. Writes a "current map" text file so that il2 stats Django web page can show current map and time remaining. Copies map JSON over static file in il2 stats so that il2 mission planner integration works. Executes dserver for the map, waiting for dserver not running any more -- crashed or exited cleanly via ShutdownLoads = 1 Maximum round time + 2 minutes is exceeded -- server probably got "stuck" A new "zero" [0] log appears -- map has for some reason rolled Map is done, so kill any remaining dserver processes As you can see this is brute force because something about one or more of the Combat Box maps leaves the server "hung". You might not need all this logic on your server. While it's dumb, it's also quite successful. Combat Box has been running for several days now with only one undetected server failure, and I've adjusted the script to pick that up too. dserver-controller-0.2.pl.txt
  8. Filmed on Combat Box, in inimitable Scharfi.
  9. Hi Lefuneste. Mod looks like it's working, I did a quick test flight around an airfield. I have discovered a problem with the vertical offset of the zoom. I noticed that using Durafen's settings for the Rift S (and previously in my own testing) that there is a 'snap' between the initial zoom, and where the zoom goes once you press a vertical adjustment hotkey. First is medium zoom. Camera is roughly centered on the fuel drums. Medium zoom goes below the drums, but then when I push LCTRL + PGDN it 'snaps' to the correct position. Same for the 10x zoom. This behavior is the same in flight and leads to both the 5x and 10x zoom being too "low" compared to centered view, and the fine-tuning does not help, because it activates the extra correction. Here is a video demonstrating the issue. To get the zoom to 'snap' up to the correct vertical, I am pressing LCTRL+PGDN, one of the "fine tune" hotkeys.
  10. Gorgeous! And 8 axes, very very useful. I already re-learned how to fly right handed, but this is fantastic for lefties!
  11. What is your use-case? If pancake monitor, what resolution and refresh rate? If VR, what headset? If pancake now, do you have any desire to upgrade to VR in the future? VR is the most demanding use-case because of the extra geometry and render calls, and the fact that most headsets are 80, 90 or even 120hz. This gives the CPU very little time to do all the physics and geometry and shovel data into the GPU. For VR, I would recommend the 9600K as being the sweet spot in price-performance, coupled with (this is important) a 240 or 280mm liquid cooler, 3200mhz RAM, and a motherboard that supports decent overclocking. The extra performance you get from a 9700K or 9900K isn't worth the extra cash. The CPU you listed is a 16 core monster! Is that some kind of drop-in replacement to your existing setup? Do you need the high core count for professional use? Even so, you can get an entire rig for less than the cost of that CPU, and likely achieve better single threaded performance, which is what IL2 needs. The 9960X isn't a "bad" chip for IL2, I would just suspect it's somewhat difficult to clock as highly as a 9600K, and single thread is what you want. Having said that (excuse the stream of consciousness!) you may have bios options to run the 9960X at quite a high frequency with 6 cores active (the most IL2 needs) then a little less as more cores get active during professional use cases, ratcheting down to a tame overclock when all 16 cores are active.
  12. Yes you're totally right. What Oculus Homeless does is let you have the Oculus window open (because it keeps bloody opening, sigh) and ignore it, because underneath it's running an empty grey box instead of a fancy Home environment. I got sick of shutting down Oculus only to have it open all the time so now I just ignore it.
  13. Technically OTT offers to let you install something called "Oculus Homeless" which replaces the Oculus Home environment with a featureless grey landscape. This is useful (if you don't use Home) because it uses almost zero GPU and memory. I believe Home auto shuts off when a VR game is running, so you don't actually save anything in a game, but it's good to not have your GPU running at 40% all the time when you're not in VR.
  14. These are some great ideas, thank you for detailing them! I like the idea of trying to mimic reality at least a little bit -- historically most 262s were destroyed on the ground, or during takeoff or landing. So far on the current maps I've basically only gently encouraged people to do that, by giving the takeoff and landing notifications for the jets. Having a map with an explicit objective to shut down the 262 base is pretty interesting. We're still sketching mission designs, and I definitely appreciate you taking the time here to give ideas.
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