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  1. The big question is whether the game actually renders objects (aircraft) within the extra 45 degrees. You need to test. For example, park on a runway with an Ai plane behind you. Can you still see it using the 45 degree head turn? IL2 renders scenery further than it thinks you can see, but not objects. It might be different now, which would be great, but please test you can see an aircraft object using the 45 degree turn.
  2. Lefuneste never advertises this himself, but he has a Patreon if anyone would like to donate and buy him a coffee for his hard work. https://www.patreon.com/lefuneste
  3. This is one of the reasons I tend to suggest people try the Oculus ecosystem if they're just getting into VR. The software side of things is very well done out of the box, with ASW enabled by default. If you're using something that's not a simulator, you'll find it's much easier to get the performance to hit a real 90 FPS -- most VR games are quite "console like" in that you can easily reduce graphics settings even if you don't get much specific control over what you're reducing, for better frame rates. I'm glad you've decided to keep the headset! Yay, another VR pilot.
  4. Hi @SCG_Fenris_Wolf I am doing some spotting testing and I wondered some things: How do you and your group do spotting testing? You said in another thread you have done significant testing - can I ask (briefly) your method? I am building a spotting testing/practice map and I wonder about your method. For the Rift S, you recommend HDR enabled, but not for the Pimax 5k. Could I ask why the difference? And especially, what improvement does HDR enabled give for the Rift S, vs not enabled? Thanks!
  5. Yep, I think that's what's going on. I've tried to include Allied (as opposed to Soviet) ground objects where possible, for example static aircraft at US or British bases should be Spitfire / Tempest / P51 / P38 / P47, but this is not possible for all assets yet. Looks like the pilot destroyed 416 tents and a jeep. We have changed the way the points work because players were farming the easily destroyed camp tents. Some targets require the tents to be killed, but for many they are decoration and "too easy". So to get the most points you need to kill real ground targets.
  6. Reverb is software-only IPD, so if you're much outside 64mm, you might be stuck. But it's very much a personal thing. I've heard of people with a 70 IPD saying the Rift S is just fine for them. The Index does have physical IPD adjustment, and a wider FOV which will be better for simming. You don't need a full Index package for seated sims, just the headset and 1 base station, so that brings the cost down. Unfortunately you almost need to be prepared to order something and then send it back if it doesn't work for you. I believe HP offers no questions asked returns on the Reverb, I'm not sure about Oculus and Valve (for the Rift S and Index, respectively).
  7. There's nothing wrong with the T16000m. I had one and it was pretty good for the money. I'd say if you get that plus the throttle (I think that's the thing you linked) you will be good to go. Yes, the twist will break, but you'll want to add pedals before it breaks anyhow (twist is weird for rudder). For the hundred quid I'd go T16k + throttle, next logical step up is the Warthog, in my opinion. The X52 / X56 aren't much better than the T16k (arguably worse in some regards) so I think 'meh' to those. For reference, I have owned the T-Flight HOTAS-X, The X52, a T16k, and now dual Virpil T50s. I've used a Warthog but not owned one. For rudder pedals I've never found any cheap ones to be any good, others might chime in here. I had some Logitech ones that were hard to use skilfully, I upgraded to MFG Crosswinds and they are absolutely awesome.
  8. Many of my squadmates are running a Rift S + GTX 1080, and they have simply decided to live with 40 FPS + ASW mode to interpolate up to 80 FPS. The Rift tech really works surprisingly well here. I think your rig would do fine for this, but it would struggle (both CPU and GPU) to get to a real 80 FPS. While my squadmate (and I) are fairly happy with ASW, some pilots really don't like it at all and do everything they can to get to a real 80 FPS (or 90, depending on headset). Are there any places for you to buy a Rift S with money back guarantee? You could always return it if you don't like it.
  9. We're making a change to our map rotation. Every week or so we will feature one "classic" mission in addition to our new BoBP missions. This will make 6 missions in rotation and help avoid the "always same mission at same time of day" problem. This week we're adding Operation Frantic back into the mix, updated with new planes and a new "shuttle bombing" unlock mechanic. Nope, it's a bug. I set the influence zone before finalizing the bridgehead, and the German "capture" zone was indeed extending into the bridgehead. I've fixed this, but you don't get much wiggle room -- there's about a thousand meters "no man's land" before you'd get captured. Thanks for the bug report!
  10. Benchmarks are old, but here's a doc I wrote: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CBd9ubU78ZScBhEDry7I_p3_irptAVTr09gTqPIf0Ls/edit# Somewhere in this thread I actually measure the difference from lower latency RAM: For VR, you basically need everything as a fumble-for-it style control, not much getting around that. I still fumble a lot. Some people add a bunch of physical switches to their sim rig, I have a wooden DIY rig that I intend to (eventually) add physical switches to. They would be in very clear places, I'm thinking I especially need to get gear off my throttle unit, and eject onto a panic pull somewhere. For motion sickness, that's definitely a thing. If you Google a bit how to get your "VR legs" you'll find some advice. Basically don't ever push it -- stop as soon as you feel event remotely nauseous, and slowly build up the amount of time you're able to play. I'd say it's definitely worth it. Screen Door on the Rift S is bearable, better on the Index, and almost non-existent on the Reverb. HP currently has a "send it back if you don't like it, by Jan 20th" deal (at least on their Canadian store) so you could try one at little to no risk to your wallet.
  11. Found it, I think: 1.4 PD is too much, 1.3 gives 9,892,746 pixels, close enough to the Reverb's 9.5 million. So I think I want OTT 1.3 pixel density to 'emulate' the amount of pixels I need to drive for a Reverb at native resolution. Edit: Spreadsheet link if anyone's interested.
  12. Chili, I've just seen the Reverb is on sale for Cyber Monday week, I can get it for CAD$749, with free return if I don't like it. So I think I might grab one, just to see if it's worth it over the Rift S. Before I do that, I want to run supersampling on my Rift S to match pixels for the 9.5 million that the Reverb has, to test my rig (8086K-5.0ghz, 2080). I know you have a spreadsheet but I can't find the right one! What OTT pixel density do I need to match a Rift S pixels to Reverb pixels, please?
  13. When I last fiddled with it, I also felt that the preset changed the amount of detail in the cockpit geometry, but I wouldn't swear to it. It would make sense, though -- that's a lot of geometry right up close to you, dropping a few polygons from that would make it perform better.
  14. Not to nitpick, but "software only" is what a lot of people mean when they say "doesn't have IPD adjustment" for a headset. Here's Palmer Lucky ranting about why the difference is important: http://palmerluckey.com/i-cant-use-rift-s-and-neither-can-you/ I suspect Starcos knows he/she is outside the sweet spot for the "universal IPD" lenses that Reverb / Rift S use, and doesn't enjoy the headaches / blur they induce. Fortunately my IPD is 63mm so I'm all good.
  15. I have some benchmarks in the IL2 VR forum, where CPU (and RAM) performance is critical to maintain frame rate. For VR, at least, there is a measurable improvement when you lower memory latency. Latency is a combination of speed (mhz) and CAS-latency (usually a number like 14, 16, 17 or 19). I can measure the improvement in IL2 VR when I overclock my memory from 3200-CAS16 to 3466-CAS16, and this is on an 8086K @ 5.0ghz. Sounds like you already know your thing, but can I ask why you want to spend so much money on a flatscreen gaming experience? Have you considered VR? For the amount of cash you're dropping, you could run the HP Reverb headset, which has very high resolution and is pretty excellent for simulators. For processor, if you can clock the 9700K as high as a 9900K (which you can do, if you get a beefy AIO cooler), there is no benefit to the extra expense of the 9900K. You could put that money towards the upgrade from 2070S to 2080S and that would probably give you more of a measurable improvement.
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