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  1. Folks, plenty of threads are getting derailed these days, I'd rather this one didn't. VR discussion forum is here. We just run a server, we have no influence over the way the game works in VR. As an avid VR user I have some personal opinions but they're mine and not really related to Combat Box. Damage model debates and "red is weaker!" "no, blue is weaker", "no, .50 cal sux!" aren't helpful here either. We determined that red's ability to ground attack took a bit of a nerf in the DM patch, and we've tried to adjust ground targets to compensate. The most useful stuff for this thread is feedback that affects the server itself and the way we build missions. If you think it's too hard for one side to win or some planes are under-performing, let's have a discussion about mission balance and the things we could do to preserve people's ability to fly the planes but have a fairer matchup. Thread derails about .50 cal vs 30mm feel a lot like Reddit threads where people are going into hand-to-hand combat with each other rather than having constructive discussion. I was surprised we got so little discussion of the pilot survey. Here's the link again. What do you think of the survey results? Anything surprising in there? Anything that we should take on board to change something about the way we build missions? (No promises, we take this as input, disclaimer disclaimer, etc etc).
  2. Might be useful if you have a bunch of crap installed. Usual caveats though, it might kill things you need. But no harm in trying, you can always reboot after a gaming session and get your business apps back.
  3. My CPU frame times went from ~11-12ms down to ~6-7ms for the new patch. This enables me to run High preset, 4x MSAA, High clouds, Medium mirrors, High shadows, and still maintain 80 FPS in an 8-aircraft dogfight. This is on an 8086K @ 5ghz / RTX 2080 GPU.
  4. I flew "Ripper Five" tonight - lots of fun, thank you for the missions!
  5. 9700K is plenty, as long as it'll overclock. Might be worth phoning them, I know some YouTubers really like Microcentre, maybe they can help you tweak it. You're looking for overclocking potential, so you probably want a decent cooler on that CPU. That said, the recent IL2 patch has massively boosted performance, so you don't need a 5ghz processor any more. The 9700K with a reasonable overclock will work great.
  6. Sorry about that, there was some sort of glitch. We did a restart.
  7. I have a delidding kit that just arrived for my 8086K, which I ordered before the patch made the CPU improvements. I'm actually thinking I might not do it. I dunno, it would be nice to use less voltage on the chip and need less cooling. How safe is delidding?
  8. I don't think so. Eventually a mainstream supplier (Oculus, probably) is going to incorporate eye tracking and dynamic foveated rendering so they can improve graphics and battery life for their mobile VR headset. The trickle-down will be that more headsets will include eye tracking, or those that already theoretically have it will get a software ecosystem where it actually works. Suddenly we'll have massively reduced rendering requirements. Might even couple it with deep learning fovea infill and use just sparse peripheral rendering. Could be a 10x reduction in rendering requirements. (Cue people who've not read the research saying that foveated rendering doesn't work or that your eyes can spot the difference).
  9. Oh man. This is gonna make its way into a mission description somehow. Artisanal hand-crafted supplies for the front line troops? Small-batch highest quality munitions?
  10. This is really interesting data. It does seem to coincide with where the guys in our squadron ended up -- 4xFXAA + 1.1 pixel density. This is for Rift S / 8700K / GTX 1080, a fairly standard combination several people bought ~18 months ago. Technically 4xFXAA is less good than MSAA for spotting, but FXAA is able to give them 80 FPS on the 1080, MSAA cannot. So the reliable framerate may make up for the slightly less good contact contrast.
  11. It's actually slightly longer on my rig at ~600 or so. So I think it's okay. Good idea - we actually did that and got super similar CPU and memory ratings from PassMark. So again, the two rigs look very similar. We're using the same driver version, we checked that. What else? "Prefer Maximum Performance" is one, I'll make sure we check that. Thanks for all the suggestions folks, really appreciated.
  12. Two people who I trust, since their credentials are "knows lots about VR and is actually a competent fighter pilot", are Talon and Fenris. Both of them say that MSAA is better for spotting. If performance is not an issue, 4x MSAA is better for spotting. But performance is also important in a dog fight. Talon is using 4x FXAA and 1.1 supersample as a compromise so that he can still have 80FPS on his hardware in most situations. Fenris' thread always contains his latest thinking on best settings for spotting. He does extensive testing with his squad mates. Sometimes people who know what they're talking about* disagree with him, but it's 100% a good place to start. If someone claims to know about VR but also seems to think 40 FPS is 'fine', or gives pronouncements on performance without actual benchmark numbers, well, they don't know what they're talking about and the entire rest of their advice should be ignored. There are unfortunately several individuals in the VR community who have questionable knowledge but pass themselves off as being the ultimate authority on things VR. I guess that's the same as getting financial advice on Reddit -- buyer beware.
  13. I like 80hz on my Rift S, so I don't use SSAO. That's basically my own calculus.
  14. I use the mouse scroll wheel. My VR sim rig has a track ball (not mouse) stuck next to my throttle, so I can take my hand off the throttle, use the mouse pointer and scroll wheel (= map zoom) then put my hand back on the throttle.
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