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  1. Have you tried with the new 4.004 patch? I played this evening and had much better performance in multiplayer. It's not frame capped all the time but it's much much better than previously.
  2. Well the tree thing is all you man, your game client thought you hit a tree, no network involved. I heard that sometimes tree hitboxes are sometimes a little taller than you'd think, but never hit one myself. Nice to see (and hear!) everyone having a good time on the server though. That map The Crimean Offensive was designed by @the-nines, lots of fun I think.
  3. I did some re-testing. For the 2D version, I don't see any significant change: DDR4-3600, 15-15-15-36 2T Game version 4.003 <---- OLD VERSION Passmark: 3034 / 3029 / 3031 Benchmarks: Frames / Avg / Min / Max Run 1: 26895 / 149.417 / 105 / 240 Run 2: 26815 / 148.972 / 105 / 239 DDR4-3600, 15-15-15-36 2T Game version 4.004 <---- NEW VERSION Passmark: 3023 / 3033 / 3030 Benchmarks: Frames / Avg / Min / Max Run 1: 26865 / 149.250 / 104 / 241 Run 2: 26774 / 148.744 / 101 / 240 And in fact in the VR benchmark, I also see no real overall improvement, except that my "trying for 80 FPS" test run was able to have fewer frame time spikes. This is only really visible on the graph, not the raw numbers. But actual in-flight performance on Combat Box, on a full server, is way better than previously. I'm able to run at nearly 80 FPS most of the time. I'm probably going to change my strategy from "40 ASW eye candy" to "try for 80, less eye candy".
  4. 3D Migoto alters the shaders in the game. If there were no shader changes this patch, then the mod will still work. If shaders changed but are not used very often, the mod might mostly-work and something edge-case will be borked, such as tree shadows. Sounds like the devs changed something with the texture caching (for performance improvement) but not the shaders, so the mod still works.
  5. Great update. For me as a multiplayer server admin and map maker, this is a 10/10 update. Performance fixes for multiplayer, visual map improvements on Rhineland, and new airfield options so we can build even more missions. Yay!
  6. You could use a "gate" timer MCU. At mission start, disable the gate. Then on plane takeoff, enable the gate. Have onPlaneLanded fire an event to the gate. Or, more work, use a complex trigger to detect the OnPlaneLanded events, and only enable that trigger once the mission has properly started and players have taken off. ?
  7. Looks like the most recent update has some significant changes to the graphics pipeline, in particular they have changed the texture caching to try to eliminate stutters in multiplayer. Patch 4.004 will probably affect the benchmark results, I'll re-run the benchmarks once I get Combat Box up and working with the new version.
  8. Unfortunately I made such a bad decision on my current board that I don't trust myself giving recommendations. I'd check Gamers Nexus for motherboard reviews, or some proper overclocking places like Actually Hardcore Overclocking, Der8auer, that kind of thing. Stay away from Tom's Hardware. The interesting chiller is a thermosiphon. Available for preorder, $119.99 price (MSRP $149.99) with a $19.99 deposit for their limited production run. Production unit will be smaller than Linus' review unit.
  9. I've alternated between trying for a constant 80 FPS and accepting less than that. Especially in a heavy multiplayer situation, I get dips away from 80 that are quite noticeable, and at the moment I have my rig configured to force 40 ASW at all times. I find the consistency is better, but the drawback is trying to ID a plane at 10x that is crossing my field of vision fast, where I will see ghosting. Many of my squadmates are running a GTX 1080 and they also are in 40 ASW most of the time, and they make it work too. With a 4790K you need to accept that reprojection is going to be on most of the time, and tune for that. The nice thing is that 22ms frame time target instead of 11ms is quite a lot more headroom (but you will still see the very occasional frame miss) and you can choose higher settings that look nicer visually. I still wouldn't recommend Ultra or tons of supersample, however, as they might work for you in a low pressure situation and then be too much for your PC to handle in heavy action.
  10. I guess it's not "true" HDR, but it's an in-game setting on the Graphics options. It should work for your Valve Index.
  11. I think your best bet is probably to buy a pre-binned, pre-delidded 9900KS along with a 360mm AIO, or even consider more exotic cooling solutions (Linus had some kind of active chiller thing, a preproduction model, or you could go with a custom loop). A motherboard that is known-good for overclocking especially of RAM and the north bridge too (I thought I had a good motherboard for overclocking, it turns out I can't tune as much as I would like when it comes to memory OC). And some DDR4-4000 CAS16 or something. When are rumored new GPUs coming out? Big Navi may put pricing pressure on NVidia (we can but hope) so that might be another reason to wait for the 10-series. Not necessarily because you want the 10-series chips, but because that will reduce pricing on the 9900K(S) and there might be new GPU price wars by then. The usual problem with PC buying is that there's always something better around the corner. Do you need an upgrade today to be happy? If not, wait. Otherwise buy.
  12. Thank you for the report. butterfly_ is now taking a one-week vacation from the server.
  13. Thanks CountZero! I have applied your latest 1.3 mod to the Combat Box server, as of now. Thank you for checking and doing the work on this. Hopefully this improves pilot experience for that last-minute map end scenario. @CountZero Can I check my report.py contains the right code? This is what I have now: def killed_by_damage(self, dmg_pct=0): if not self.is_killed and (self.damage > dmg_pct or self.is_captured): # если самолет приземлился не в зоне своего филда или пилот выпрыгнул или пилот мертв # - записываем его как сбитый if (self.on_ground and not self.is_rtb) or self.is_bailout or (self.bot and self.bot.life_status.is_destroyed): self.got_killed(force_by_dmg=True) # in case of disconection - the player who damaged him gets kill, when damage occurs at any time in flight if self.sortie and not self.is_rtb: if not self.sortie.is_ended: self.got_killed(force_by_dmg=True)
  14. Thanks for the instructions. I've got my 2560x1080 60hz monitor running at 75hz, according to NVidia control panel. That seems like a result too good to be true! Is there any downside to overclocking or any testing I should do? Or if it appears to work, it actually works? Edit: Hmm, it looks like my monitor was frame skipping at 75hz, I backed it down to 72 and it's not skipping any more. Frame skip tool: https://www.testufo.com/frameskipping
  15. Until the game offers things like this as a first-class mechanic with an in-game GUI, it's very unlikely we will do anything like this on Combat Box. The only way to implement currently is to use a TAW-style "kick someone if they take a plane they didn't earn", and while it's ok for TAW's simulated campaign it's just too hard to explain to people on a more casual server like Combat Box. Earned planes would also exacerbate skill disparity -- the best pilots will earn the most points and be in the best planes, and have even more of an advantage. If we're worried about the "arms race" and everyone being on the best planes, well, we can vary that by mission based on the time period (and we do -- you can't get a 150 octane P51 on every map, nor a DC K4, some maps don't have a P-38 or K4 or D9). I think CB has a decent amount of complexity already, with multiple airfields per side, different airplanes and loadouts depending on time period, Me-262 jets that are unlocked either by player count or through player actions attacking/defending the jet fuel depot and trains, radar that reports player locations but can have the radar station destroyed, etc. We never set out to build a campaign simulation, we like the "map resets every 2.5 hours, try to win as many maps as you can" style of server, and we hope it's sufficiently fun that you enjoy it too!
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