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  1. I'm very interested in this, too. I am running out of VRAM on the jets simulator in multiplayer, in VR with a 3080 10GB. So even if the 6800XT or 6900XT is relatively similar in performance, they might be a lot better. IL2 runs great on the 10GB 3080, I think the programmers here actually know a thing or two about freeing memory once they're done with it! 😉
  2. I ran into this last night and can confirm it's good advice. If you have any "motionReprojectionMode" setting in your default.vrsettings file then WMR ignores the SteamVR setting for motion reprojection, and just does what you wrote in the file. So if you want SteamVR to control motion reprojection on a WMR device like the G2, you need to comment this line out of the file. I did this last night and now I have a proper variable framerate from mostly-90 to mid-70s, rather than an instant drop to 45.
  3. Anyone found a fix for this? I've just run into it, thought my trackball batteries were dead, but no -- IL2 is ignoring mouse input when I have my G2 headset on. If I take it off my eyes (leave game focused) the mouse works fine.
  4. On the Intel chips it looked like memory frequency was more important than latency. Which is odd, but there you go. It wasn't like latency did nothing, but frequency was more important (e.g. 3600-CL16 was better than 3200-CL14 even though both have same latency). My theory is that something in the IL2 code is doing some cross-thread communication/locking, and whatever we can do to make that fast helps increase FPS. The switch from the old 3000-series to new 5000-series AMD architecture -- infinity fabric? -- seems to have done really well. I'd guess that whatever runs infinity fabric at its fastest and allows the CPU cores to synchronize across it will be most impactful.
  5. Legacy reprojection enabled seems to be (for me) the only way to properly benchmark. If I don't do that, I get half-FPS mode instead of a properly fluctuating FPS. Maybe I did something wrong. Visually at least, legacy reprojection looks awful on my Index. Every head movement causes a stutter.
  6. I think I'm slowly coming around. Now I'm trying to decide between cranking the settings and accepting 45 FPS mode, and lowering the settings (all the way to balanced on my rig) for the smooth 90. One issue that with multiplayer, my 8086K @ 5.1ghz just isn't enough, I'd need a 5900X. But my 3080 is frankly struggling -- I was running High settings, High clouds, no shadows, and G2 at 65% and it wasn't giving me 90 FPS all the time even in QMB. What balance has everyone settled on for the G2?
  7. I'm going to avoid the term "sweet spot": I've owned Rift CV1, Rift S, Pimax Artisan, Valve Index and (now) Reverb G2. I only have the Index and G2 on hand today (sold the others) but my impression is that Rift S and Index both have pretty good overall sharpness and a gentle falloff in apparent sharpness outside of the center. The Pimax Artisan and Reverb G2 have more sudden sharpness falloff from the center (for me). I believe there's something very good about the Index lenses -- if you upgraded the panel underneath them, I think people would agree that it gave a better picture than the G2. I got my 3D printed gasket mod for the G2, I might try it even without a face pad (still on order, + magnets). I did a text comparison with the Index and G2 and although my eyes complain about the sudden sharpness dropoff in the G2, the actual legibility is very similar between the two headsets at similar angles off center. It's just the G2 goes from tack-sharp to 'meh' very very quickly and so it's visually much more obvious. VR headsets are stupid. I now have the great-in-all-ways-except-resolution Valve Index and the insanely-sharp-mostly-good-but-obvious-sharpness-falloff G2. Valve Index G2 when?
  8. MRTV is teasing a video for Friday. He has like 6+ G2s that people have sent in for testing. Maybe there is a discovery. I just compared the Index and the G2 in the ROV test room, one after another. The central sharp area of the G2 is really amazing. It may be that flying with that headset is overall better, even though I need to "look with my head" a little more than the Index. I've ordered a 3D print and thin face pad to see if getting my eyes ~15mm closer to the lenses can help a little. I really want to like the G2, in some short testing I found it easier to track and reacquire targets in a dogfight. More testing tomorrow, I think, including some back-to-back tests between the G2 and the Index.
  9. Just received a G2. Very small central sharp area ("sweet spot"). Am gonna have to play with it and see if the headset is actually usable for me. This is the 5th headset I've had on my face and the only conclusion I can come to is that these things are very personal. Rift and Rift S were great for me, good edge to edge clarity. Index is great, but heavy, decent edge-to-edge clarity and wider FOV. The Pimax Artisan was pretty bad for me, blurry stereo overlap was very noticeable. And now the G2. I noticed the small central sharp area immediately. Maybe I just got used to the Index and I need to play with the G2 a bit. But right now it seems like a shocking waste of pixels and GPU horsepower. There's no point rendering the outer two thirds at full resolution because the blurriness wastes them all. Gasket mod might help, I tried no gasket and getting my eyes closer did help a bit.
  10. Yes, I ordered it some time ago. My recent posts were about thinking maybe to cancel the order, but it's on the way now! It's stuck at a processing facility, I think the transport company is clearing their Christmas backlog. (An aside: Amazon is going to kill everyone else not just because they have a huge selection and mostly-cheap prices, but they are buying planes and building a very good delivery system -- if I have to always wait 1 week for other vendors, I might choose Amazon even if I don't want to give money to Jeff).
  11. As far as I know nothing's changed, the server is hosted in New York, USA. 262 activation generally depends on there being plenty of opposing players and is deliberately randomized to make it harder for someone to know exactly when the 262 will unlock. It's intended to be a 'bonus' plane that you might get to fly sometimes, rather than something that is guaranteed. Missions with the 262: Battle over Eindhoven (fuel train / fuel depot) Battle of the Scheldt (small number available later in the mission) Mitchell's Men (small number available later in the mission) Crossing the Rhine (small number available later in the mission)
  12. I like the 3D printed one, it looks good. I have the StudioFormCreative one and I like it a lot. I'm planning to transfer it to a G2 since it looks like it should work, because the ear-cups are the same on the two headsets.
  13. We've very excited to announce the winners of the mission design contest! First place and a $40 gift card for the 1C store goes to Rush to Berlin by BlackHellHound1. This mission is super interesting, ambitious, and features new mechanics that we're excited to build. Second place and a $20 gift card goes to Market Garden Air Drop by VBF-12_KW. KW suggested this adaptation of our existing Bridge Too Far mission a while back and created a very compelling new mission focused on protecting or attacking C-47 supply drops during Operation Market Garden. Third place and a $10 gift card goes to Fall of Munster by Cass D.R. It's a classic map layout with an additional mechanic to do with softening up 'main' targets by destroying smaller ones and we think it will add a strategic element to the mission. We'd like to thank everyone who submitted a mission design to the contest. They were all great entries with some really good thinking behind them and plot lines. We're a little bit sad that we had to pick just three winners, since all the entries were so good. Sketch and Alonzo will be working with the mission designers to convert the winning entries into flyable missions for Combat Box, stay tuned to see those come to life.
  14. It's the CPU that is holding you back. Try 'Balanced' settings, switch off grass, switch off shadows. You can also try OpenComposite, which bypasses SteamVR and gives you a little extra performance. Other things to try: You can disable ASW using OpenComposite. This will allow the frame rate to go below 80, but not jump down to 40. You might find that actually works better for you. Alternatively, accept that 40 (with frame doubling to 80) is all you're going to achieve, and instead use OpenComposite to force 40 ASW all the time. Then it won't try to jump between 40 and 80, and you might find that's a 'smoother' experience. If you do that, you can also tune your settings a bit higher because your system has 25ms for each frame instead of 12.5ms.
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