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  1. AI is currently disabled on all maps due to the high numbers of players we have been seeing at peak hours. It’s possible we’ll reintroduce it but we’ll have to see.
  2. Which gimbal are you using? I have the MT50 base with a 100mm extension on it and it seems pretty smooth to me. I think I switched in the Cosmo cam for ailerons and the one with quite an increase in required force for elevator. Rig looking great by the way!
  3. So you play mostly single player, with Novice AI wingmen, 30% fuel loads, against 10:1 odds, and sometimes recycle years-old training aircraft into your fleet as you get increasingly desperate in your defence of the Reich? Sounds fun but has nothing to do with Combat Box. This is the one and only time in this thread that I will indulge you with a response. Go troll elsewhere.
  4. Stoopy has the answer -- the red warning flare fires if an enemy comes within 6km (that's less than one minute away, given the speeds we now fly at) and then a green flare fires when there are no enemies nearby (out to like 7.5km or something). If you're on the ground, you'll find the flare is accompanied by an air raid siren from the tower. My usual action on seeing a red flare is to clean up the plane, add throttle and get fast, and start to look for flak or tracers.
  5. Super interesting! Thanks for reporting it. On a number of maps I have switched to spawn/delete on the AA, and that works without the invisibility bug. So there is a workaround, but it's a lot of editing to go through old maps and change it from activate/deactivate to spawn/delete.
  6. Great! This fixed my problem. In future, should I ensure I always apply each patch, rather than skipping patches? (That's fine, I didn't realize my mistake).
  7. Do you have Sharpen enabled? What other graphics settings are you using? For the VR players, we've learned that Sharpen is absolutely critical, must be enabled, and that too much AA blurs the plane a lot. HDR helps, but you have to turn off Bloom in the config file.
  8. We realize that some of the maps feel a bit cramped now, especially with the late-war super props. We're always evaluating and we do intend to offer more spaced out airfields. Bear in mind, though, that we are forced to use existing airfields on the maps -- we cannot simply plop down an airfield wherever we like. This is one of the things that makes map-making tricky -- you need to find good locations with a spread of airfields, landmarks, and targets.
  9. People who know what they're doing will never get hit by ground AA, especially in the superfast new planes. As it is, there are 8-10 High skill fast-firing AA guns at every player field, and you can see the server begin to lag when they all open up on someone. I agree that players can use a different field, and probably should if their field is under attack. That said, this is the rule. If someone is on the ground, they are not a valid target. If they're coming into landing or chose to continue a takeoff and are in the air, shoot them as you like. This is to stop the extremely frustrating situation where someone is spooling up their engine and gets shot. Play by the rules, or play elsewhere. That goes for all the other stuff too: cheating, using racist, homophobic or religion-based slurs in chat, and generally being a douchebag. Be nice, enjoy the server. If a player is on the ground, they are not a valid target. I've changed the wording to 'attacking' because you are right, 'strafing' leaves things open to bombing etc. The excuse "I was bombing parked planes, not player planes" doesn't work -- if you attack (deliberately or otherwise) a player who is on the ground, that's against the rules. Offenders will be warned, then temp banned, then banned for longer.
  10. We do have turbulence, depends on the map. Less cloud = less turbulence, in general. Which map did you feel was too smooth? (I'm a bit surprised because people usually complain about how bumpy Combat Box maps are! 🙂 )
  11. On airfield attacks, historical accuracy, and gameplay: Historically, airfields were dangerous targets, with up to 300 AA guns at each. When a squadron was given an order to attack an airfield, it was a very grave mission indeed -- on average 30-40% of pilots would be killed, and that's when an entire squadron attacks. Unfortunately due to technical limitations we cannot make airfield AA as lethal as it would be in real life. While we strive for the game to be historically inspired, true history was pretty stark. In 1945 the Luftwaffe was heavily outnumbered, with little fuel, and virtually no experienced pilots. As anyone who has flown with a numbers balance will attest, odds like this are not very much fun. But this is a game, and it's intended to be fun and hopefully somewhat balanced. We updated the ruleset this week. Attacking enemy planes on the ground is now against server rules. It's no fun to be shot during startup or taxi. But at the same time, airfields are not "safe" -- this is a wartime simulation. If you are in the air, you are a valid target. If you are climbing out from takeoff, be on the lookout for enemy aircraft. The map shows enemies within 10km of an airfield, there are warning messages, flak and air raid sirens. You can always despawn and choose another airfield. If you are on landing approach, consider an "overhead break" to get you to the field and down faster. If you are flying a bird that is vulnerable down low, such as a 262 during takeoff or landing, you might need to call for an escort. We would also urge players to reconsider airfield vulching in general. If the other side is outnumbered and spawn camped, they'll stop playing, and you won't have anyone to shoot at anyway. In the long run, that's no fun for anyone.
  12. Hello, I am getting a problem with the stats parser: KeyError: 'vehiclerangefinderturret' [2019.10.11 08:23:26] Lock 69842608 released on C:\il2_stats\file.lock Did I mess up an update somehow? I have an il2_stats installation that I have patched from 1.31 to 1.32 to 1.35, but I missed the interim patches (.33 and .34). Could that be the problem?
  13. I have those audio pucks, and whilst they’re okay my setup quickly overwhelms them and goes to nasty sounding rattle rather than vibration—I have to have the amplifier quite low to drive them in their sweet spot. But still, they are a lot of fun and add to the immersion. If you like the effect you could always add a couple near the pedals—getting vibration through your feet is quite nice and immersive too.
  14. Unfortunately MRTV is far from independent. He failed to disclose a bunch of the problems with his early Reverb review unit, for example. At the end of the day I think you have to try the headsets to be really sure. That said, Pimax 8K+ does seem like it has impressive specs, and the software is getting better over time.
  15. It was the new Europe map, summer, at the airfield in 2212. Date was set to 1945-03-01, temperature 12C. Thanks for checking!
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