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  1. The "old" numbers from a previous version of the mod work well for the Rift CV1. They were in a different file I think. Unfortunately since I've upgraded to the S I think I nuked all my old settings.
  2. Yes, except that even with a very beefy CPU we will struggle to get to 120hz on the Index in simulators. I'm probably going to go with the Index once they have better global availability. I'll be interested in hearing about the refresh-rate tech -- 60 FPS doubled to 120hz might be a really good tradeoff, or even 72 doubled to 144. We'll have to see what the pilots with mega-rigs can manage when they get the Index. Right now I'm happy with my Rift S (ended up being a CAD$250 upgrade once I had sold the old CV1) but I do think increased FOV is going to be the way to go. With now two major headsets supporting quite wide FOV (Index and Pimax) I am hoping that the software tech catches up.
  3. Yes! With a 1060 and a CV1 you are probably in 45 FPS ASW mode most of the time (which is fine, I find it totally playable like that). Migoto mod lets you zoom in to ID distant enemies, and some of the graphical settings here help with FPS. You should also consider dumping SteamVR in favor of OpenComposite -- it goes direct to the Oculus APIs and gives you a little bit extra performance.
  4. Just to round out the 262 discussion, you'll see in the Discord change log we reduced the availability of the 262s. Instead of there being one available at map start, the blues always need to wait for a fair number of red fliers to be in the air first. Instead of 3 x 262 available once unlocked, it's just 2 x 262, and the renew rate is lowered. If people are careful and fly their 262 back to base for repair/rearm/refuel then there could end up being more than two 262s in the air by the end of the map, but hopefully this new setup will avoid the "omg reds just got jumped by four jets" type situations. It's a bit of a bummer if you actually want to fly the 262 because it's even more of a crapshoot whether one is available, but given that Axis planes are out-pacing Allied planes in pre-release BoBP it's the best we can do and still keep the jet in the game. Forthcoming map (this week? early next week?) is going to have 262-specific mechanics and a lot more clarity for players on how/why the 262 becomes available (or not) during the mission.
  5. I think the only limit is 8 axes per device. You have 8 axes across 3 devices, you can add more devices for more axes no problem.
  6. I'm sure everyone will be different, but personally I only use the manual when I'm map-making, and that's at my regular gaming rig with fast CPU, GPU, and Internet. Being online-only (or online-mostly) will be fine for me for the manual. I think this is an excellent thing to do, I am probably reading a slightly old version of the manual that I got around Christmas. Sadly I am not a Wordpress guru so cannot offer much there.
  7. On Combat Box we have complex triggers at the Allied air bases, counting planes taking off (you could also count OnSpawned at the airfields if you wish to avoid complex triggers). After a certain number of Allied planes take off, it triggers a Behavior command to set the Axis 262 base to a plane set that includes the 262. Currently that's all that happens. Once the 262s are "unlocked" then they are available, although in small numbers with a half hour renew time. I would like to expand the system so that a certain number of Allied aircraft need to be flying in order to keep the 262 base unlocked, but I haven't implemented that yet. Another option is to use a TAW or Coconut style out-of-server monitor program that looks at the currently playing Allied and Axis players. Based on player count, that external script can issue commands to the map through the remote console, and open/close airfields. I have a forthcoming map that will include specific 262 mechanics, allowing the players' actions (on both sides) to explicitly influence the availability of the jets, but the map is not ready yet and I don't want to reveal things too early. But with some imagination you can guess how other stuff happening on a map might contribute to the 262 being available or not available, and allow player agency in that process. Your suggestion of a truck convoy is the kind of thing that I mean -- if the convoy gets through, switch to a plane set with some 262s available.
  8. Dak, a number of my squad mates are running a Rift S with a 1080 and are happy with it as an upgrade over the CV1. The clarity is a good upgrade. You can’t really run more than 1.1 pixel density but that’s ok, that’s how I run the S with a 2080.
  9. You might want to consider also the Valve Index. It’s kind of halfway between the extreme resolution and extreme FOV of the two you listed. I expect the Index to actually work without needing an engineering degree—both Pimax and a Reverb seem to be having issues. But of course it’s not out yet so there would be a wait for it.
  10. This is a good question actually -- I would not recommend being in VR in order to learn the HOTAS button combinations, that's really quite difficult. Personally I fly in 2D mode in unchallenging conditions so I can practice where I have put all the buttons, and once I get to the point where I am not looking at my keybinds "cheat sheet" (paper version of my keybinds) or looking down at the controls for where to put my fingers, then I transition into VR. So put all controls onto HOTAS, then use 2D or 2D + TrackIR to learn them into muscle memory, then transition into VR.
  11. Just wanted to say I found this incredibly useful. I'm doing a mission where I expect the AI to actually land at a player airfield, and the taxi setup has allowed me do to this without building some specific-for-the-AI fake airfield. Thanks Jim!
  12. From I Fly Central, shot on Combat Box. Some great camerawork here:
  13. If a car manufacturer can use VR to design a car virtually instead of requiring physical prototypes, they will save millions and be able to bring new cars to market faster. This is exactly the use-case for headsets like Reverb as well as higher resolution gear like XTAL. I hardly think a rational corporation would buy expensive high-def headsets for "prestige" or that a VR headset is a "toy" to them.
  14. From Buddy in the 332nd, shot on Combat Box on PSVR on PC.
  15. 1080ti is plenty for the Rift S. Because of the refresh rate reduction from 90 to 80, if you're happy with the performance of your 1080ti with the CV1, you'll be happy with the Rift S. I am using an RTX 2080 (~same as 1080ti) with the Rift S and it looks and performs great. I sold my full Rift CV1 kit to offset the cost of the upgrade. BUT. If you have IPD outside of the 'core' range for Rift S, you might have problems. At least one of my squad mates is returning the Rift S because their IPD is < 60 and it just doesn't work for them comfortably. My IPD is 64.5 so pretty close to average, and it works great for me.
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