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  1. Escape from Tarkow. In the end of mission...)
  2. Finnish Virtual Pilot and Loose Deuce
  3. AlphaRandomExpert, approx. 50 pilots (Ju-87, Hs-129 and cover)
  4. 22 x Ju-52/3m g4e (SG77 + SG2 event)
  5. 16 x He-111-H6 with cover on Random Expert server (KG53 + SG2 + WG)
  6. 1920x1080 BOS Upd: wrong content for maps 2560 x 1440 BOM BOBP 1920 x 1080
  7. upd Wrong content for maps😐 2560 x 1440 BOM BOK BOM BOK
  8. Finnish VirtualPilots SG2, III./SG77 (~12 Ju-88) and WG in cover
  9. Is it planned to add the announced Ju88 C-6а to the single campaign in Kuban (III/KG51)?
  10. Screenshots from Events (SG2/SG77/JG4/WG/JG51/SV7 and other)
  11. Ju-87 D-5 has been used at night in Normandy, it is a pity that his not included in set of aircraft
  12. Flight on Ju-87D-3 with fighter cover. 27 October. DED-SG2 Event server, more than pilots ~45 pilots from SG2, JG4, III./SG77, JG51, WG and a lot of single pilots) upd: missed 7 pilots from III./ SG77 on the last screen
  13. KOTA server (Screens made by Rostic)
  14. Yesterday's flight on KOTA server. A lot of Heinkels, a lot of cover fighters, 35 men in coordination. BubiHun thanks for the mission, it was great fun!
  15. yes, 37-mm for LaGG.. for a map where a lot of tankers..it is a big advantage) P.S. we need that thing in the tower
  16. Made a visit to the Red's airfield)
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