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  1. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Thanks for the diaries, tanks are great) Dear @Jason_Williams, could you answer a few questions? 1) I bought Tank crew few days ago and they are beautiful! Are there any plans for tanks from "Tank crew" for more modification, not only shells types? - additional tracks on the sides or tower for tanks, where it could be used - removable armor plates on the sides - additional radio station - it is possible on some tanks, anti-aircraft gun, etc. - camouflage elements (branches, bushes on the sides and the tower) 2) Is it possible to revive the already released aircraft. Is it possible to add modification to already produced aircraft? For example: a) Bf-110G-2 - MK 108 and Wbr 21 rockets for Bodenplatte b) U-2VS - transport containers for transport missions - removable co-pilot to sage weight and visibility c) Ju-52/3m - MG131, additional MGs on board c) He-111H-6 - Loading of cargo for Stalingrad - Mines (BM 1000) and torpedoes for action at sea d) Ju-87 / Ju88 / A-20B / Il-2 ... The gameplay would play with new colors.. 3) Would you plan your next theater based on those 3 criteria which are the most important? a-Major battle (ex: Kursk, Overlord, Bodenplatte) b-Balanced and Iconic plane set c-Close distance between airfield The game missed many iconic planes that are missing in the BoM, BoS and BoK...Hurricane, Bf-110F, DB-3/IL-4, Ju-87B/R, I-153. Do you plan to release those planes on a new theater?
  2. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    The Ju-87B-2 and Pe-3 might be usable at Moscow too... The Me-110F-2 and Hurricane might be usable at Stalingrad too...
  3. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    It's a pity only Banak airfield is far beyond the map (~337 km from Banak to Murmansk), but the advanced airfields are within playable boundaries.
  4. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    Another advantage of Murmansk and Northern Norway is that the introduction of the described aircraft will link a single thread all the planes from BoM, BoS and BoK . Almost the only theater where all the planes would be involved from BoM, BoS and BoK, just imagine the campaign from 1941 to 1943(1944) year on single map.
  5. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    All hope that community will find this theater significant and interesting and developers will decide to choose for implementation. Interesting aircraft, important battle, ships, torpedoes, the attention of the community could be weighing arguments for developers
  6. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    Yes, it is one of the most important aircraft for the period of military operations
  7. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    Hello dears! In Il-2 discussed many options to continue after the Pacific. It is known that the game lacks many aircraft of the early years of the war What do you think about the Northern theater of war. Location: Murmansk and Nothern Norway, the peak of the battle is in the summer of 1942. Advantages: - The ability to include in the game missed, but very popular aircraft (including Il-4, which is widely used in this theater) - Ability to use torpedo bombers and seaplanes - The ability to use the equipment of the red army air force, and the technique of allies - Map with fantastic beauty of the surrounding area and fjords. - Ability to have summer, autumn-spring and winter maps - Playable distance between blue and red side airfields - Allied convoys, ships, which will have a positive impact on the variety of gameplay The choice of aircraft: - Ju-87B-2/R-2/R-4 - He-115B-1/С-1 - BV.138С-1 - FW190А-2/A-4 - Bf110F-2 - I-153 / P-40F,K / Aircobra I - Il-4 - MBR-2 - Hurricane - Pe-3 bis - Torpedoes for He-111H-6 / Il-4T / He-115 / A20B P.S. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language
  8. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    1 Ju-88 for 1/SG2_Jonick 1 Ju-88 for 1/SG2_COTbIU, please
  9. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ju-52 for me too, Tip, thanks)
  10. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    Me would, too, like the emergence of Storch! Guys can you create a poll in which it would be possible to find out the preferences of the Western community. Apparently, the Fi-153 will compete with the FW 189 in the expectations of the players. And the choice of a low-speed scout in contrast to the U-2 will occur between Fi-153 and FW 189 On the last Friday for Russian speakers I did a poll during which it turned out that the advantage of FW 189 with ratio of 1: 4 (1: 5) P.S. In Russian FW-189 is Рама, Fi-153 is Шторьх. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8070-что-на-ваш-взгляд-наиболее-интересное-из-этих-пар-какой-самолет-для-вас-наиболее-ожидаем/
  11. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Polikarpov U2 ❤️"Kukuruznik" Fan Club & Help

    We were flying with Nil, and suddenly this Me-109 flew in😄
  12. 1/SG2_Hummels

    SG 2. EVENTS

    Join us, there will be a hot battle. The server has 84 seats.Table for registration:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lXA7FYjwruIxlN2OaEBHtJ8VRRglP223fb1u2hg7VZk/edit#gid=88008338Read more information above. Start today
  13. 1/SG2_Hummels

    SG 2. EVENTS

    Briefing of event "Winter storm. Part 3" Server name WoL-DED-SG2-event-1 Start: 20:50 Moscow time Monday 17 December The collection in the Teamspeak at 20:35 Moscow time Teamspeak: without password. Collect: Reds in USSR channel (without password) / Blue in SG2 channel (password: 1985) Table for registration: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lXA7FYjwruIxlN2OaEBHtJ8VRRglP223fb1u2hg7VZk/edit#gid=88008338 Especially we are waiting for the players who will manage the tanks! Game conventions: - All players have 1 life. Death for any reason the player leaves the server - Captivity = death and still leaving the server - Re-flight just after landing on any active friendly airfield - An opportunity for all to cross the front line freely from the first minute of the event. - You have only one serviceable aircraft or tank. Re-departure is possible only after a successful landing at any main or auxiliary airfield - Air defense is distributed evenly and is present not only at airfields but also near cities and the front line. The server with a password, the password will be distributed before the event in Teamspeak. -MAIN TASKS FOR THE PARTIES- RED ARMY 1. For red fighters the purpose is covering own panzers (9 tank crews) 2. For red tank crews the purpose is defending Abganerovo (the first 60 minutes of event to defend the advanced defense in case of a breakthrough, the task is to defend the headquarters) 3. For attack planes the purpose is to support tanks that are defending Abganerovo. 4. For red fighters the purpose is shooting down transport planes delivering ammunition to the front line 5. For red fighters the purpose is covering own transport column "BLUE" 1. For blue tank crews the purpose is breaking through the defenses and capture the flag in Abganerovo 1723 2. For blue fighters the purpose is covering own Pz.III (11 tank crews) 3. For blue fighters the purpose is covering own Ju-52 4. For attack planes the purpose is to support own tanks. 5. Transport aircraft Ju-52 must be dropped within 80 minutes at least 48 containers of fuel to the tank base blue. This will give a complete restoration of the tank Park of the parts of the Panzerwaffe to 22 pieces Write your results in the registration table after event -VICTORY CONDITION - Blue tank crews attack the defense of Abganerovo. There are two attack targets in this sequence: №1 Line of defense Abganerovo, in case of success, the blue tankers: goal №2 is headquarters of Red. The line of defense you need to destroy 70% then to capture the flag (flag is activated only after the destruction of 70% of defense). After that, you can step on the headquarters The line of defense must be destroyed by 70% in the first 60 minutes of event. Otherwise, the Reds win.
  14. 1/SG2_Hummels

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip, we have not received a message with a briefing)