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  1. KOTA server (Screens made by Rostic)
  2. Yesterday's flight on KOTA server. A lot of Heinkels, a lot of cover fighters, 35 men in coordination. BubiHun thanks for the mission, it was great fun!
  3. yes, 37-mm for LaGG.. for a map where a lot of tankers..it is a big advantage) P.S. we need that thing in the tower
  4. Made a visit to the Red's airfield)
  5. The red side still needs pilots! Start today, description above
  6. "The landing of the Red Army in the Crimea January 1944" 3-stage event There will be 2 possible targets for each side. One for assault planes, one for bombers. The purpose of event is fight of large organized groups of pilots. Regulation: 1) According to the rules of the event we have 1 life. Captivity = Death = Leaving the server. Disconnect is not considered like a death. Don't shoot parachutists. 2) If there is a landing on own territory with a live pilot, you can take off again on any available aircraft. 3) Each side has 42 pilots. 4) Each side has a supply column and a warehouse. 5) The results of the mission will be taken into account at the next stage of the event. 6) Mission duration is 90 minutes. 7) After the event, the game statistics of the server will be published Date: September 14. Collect in Teamspeak at 20:30 Moscow time (17:30 UTC). The server will be launched at 21:00 Moscow time (18:00 UTC) Server list: SG2-event. Login password to the server will be issued in TeamSpeak Teamspeak: without password. Need pilots (organized groups or squads) for Red side. Mission tasks will give FPS_Cutlass in TeamSpeak before the event All, who wants participate necessarily register in spreadsheet. Join now and call comrades, there will be an interesting showdown Table for registration: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lXA7FYjwruIxlN2OaEBHtJ8VRRglP223fb1u2hg7VZk/edit#gid=88008338
  7. As I know B6 wrote that Ferdinand (and Pz V too) will not be included in the offline campaign on Prokhorovka, because they weren't there. I agree that Stug would be a better then Ferdinand My thoughts on the Ardennes - Any late modification of the Pz. IV - Jagdpanther - Late Panther Pz. V or Late tiger Pz. VI 88 mm - King Tiger - Jagdpanzer IV or Jagdpanzer 38 - Wirbelwind (controlled antiaircraft gun) - Any late modification of the Sherman - M10 Wolverin - Churchill Mk IV - M26 Pershing - British Comet A34 - American M16 with 4 brownings (controlled antiaircraft gun)
  8. Today's group flight on KOTA. Ju-88 returned to base (Don't know who, but flew beautifully)
  9. Some screenshots from flights on the KOTA server
  10. Joint departure SG2 and III./SG77, accompanied by WG, LwS, ZG26 and single pilots. 25 Aug
  11. 4th Luftflotte. New community blue squad with general coordination. The departure on the server KOTA: SG2, III./SG77 accompanied by WG and single pilots. More than 20 pilots in one flight is just the beginning!
  12. I share screenshots of departure of 11 Ju-88 in the last mission. unfortunately I do not have the ability to record video some time. Overall the flight was good, met resistance over the aim (the plant), but bombed very well. P.S. fighters, thanks for cover, Foxbat - for skins, Faber for participation
  13. We did not calculate, the field is rather short than the others and chose a delay of 0.5. The part of the pilots for some reason not gone outside bombs. But in general, the field was damaged by 54 %, could have turned out better)
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