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  1. I share screenshots of departure of 11 Ju-88 in the last mission. unfortunately I do not have the ability to record video some time. Overall the flight was good, met resistance over the aim (the plant), but bombed very well. P.S. fighters, thanks for cover, Foxbat - for skins, Faber for participation
  2. We did not calculate, the field is rather short than the others and chose a delay of 0.5. The part of the pilots for some reason not gone outside bombs. But in general, the field was damaged by 54 %, could have turned out better)
  3. Raid 12 Junkers-88 with cover on the Abganerovo airfield
  4. It's online, there are live pilots. We have a large group (about 15 people)
  5. Few departures. Video made by I./SG2_Foxmann
  6. Few departures. Video made by I./SG2_Foxmann
  7. KOTA - Big bombs - many Heinkels - 1 sortie and 2 destroyed targets
  8. Write who wish to participate in the flight on the He-111 H-6 as part of the big formation? It is planned to collect about 15 Heinkels, maybe more. We'll have a good fighter cover. Date: Wednesday, May 29. Time: 21:00 Moscow time. (18:00 UTC) Teamspeak: without password Collect: 3/SG2 channel (password: 1985) - English speaking pilots room Departure as part of a large group will be on one of the game servers. The server and all the details of departure will be later. Screenshots made by Rostic after the departure few days ago
  9. Yesterday's departure SG2 and KG53 on the server TAW. Screenshots made by Rostic
  10. Thanks guys! The evening was a success, it was interesting to watch all this from the ground!)
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