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  1. Ah just worked this out, nevermind. Waiting on VR to make the jump as I cant really play outside it anymore but in no hurry as Ive got quite a few other sims. Will be great when it finally rolls around though.
  2. This will be an immediate buy from me once they implement VR.
  3. Bought! I figured theres a good chance I would not see it down at 23.99 for a while, in any event thats a price im quite happy to pay for a wwii sim. Ive got trackir for my non-OR gaming so I'll still get value out of it, looking forward to giving it a spin. If you see me around, shout hi, unless youre flying german in which case, you wont see me until its too late
  4. Hey all very tempted to get this game in the next seven hours (Steam discount) but I have alot of other stuff to play, such as CLoD with the TF mod and four different DCS planes. My wallet is hurting. The thing that would tip me over the edge here is if the promised Oculus implementation was on the horizon, as that would put this to the front of my gaming queue. Any word on that?
  5. hey guys, as the resident Oculus owner thought I might just jump in and clear up a couple of misconceptions here. Nope. You will not ever play flight sims like those mentioned on the Samsung Gear VR. It slots a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the front and is good for the kind of games that will run on a phone, and of course media, which excludes anything but the most basic of sim experiences - for now. If you want to start messing around with sims you need the DK2 - http://www.oculus.com/dk2/ This is true. It really depends what you want the oculus for. If you want to be competitive in multiplayer, wait for the release of the CV (Commercial Version) 1 next year with the upgraded screen. Currently you cannot pick out dots that would be visible on a screen and losing aircraft in ground clutter is also a worry. If you cant wait, want to feel like youre actually flying something solid in three dimensions, an incredible sense of immersion for me personally, rather than watching yourself flying through a little 23" window in front of you, then its worth consideration. I would recommend trying one first if possible. Currently its really good for sim racing because of the static seat and watching media is great fun (with the proviso that youre essentially watching in VHS quality), but flight sims have yet to catch up. DCS works for me, as an AMD user, only using a workaround and makes it feel like im sitting really close to the front panel. On the bright side I can read all the gauges, on the downside id get bounced to hell and back in a competitive scenario. IL2 BOS has yet to introduce a workable Oculus Rift version, thats coming in November. Its December you say? My my. War Thunder suffers also from the perspective thing so currently there is yet to be a comfortable 'sitting in a cockpit sensibly' experience - I cant speak for Nvidia DCS players.
  6. Wheres my oculus rift support, sigh. Also I saw a jpg floating around of a 'starter edition'. Take it that was fake?
  7. I remember reading about the big bombers, fortresses and Lancasters, diving to put out fires. That must have taken balls, big big balls.
  8. Hi there /Oculus army here. The public version (referred to as CV1) does not yet have a release date. The current version is the second Developer Kit, or DK2, which is theoretically meant to be for developers to get a start on developing for the Oculus CV1. About 75% of those who bought DK2 though are 'enthusiasts', like myself, who just get a kick out of the tech. The current latest version is 'Crystal Cove', which addresses a number of issues with the DK2 such as a much improved resolution and lighter weight, but other than it appearing at the first every Oculus Connect a week back, we dont know anything else about it. It is likely that this hardware will form the basis of the CV1. It is also likely that this will be released anywhere between June - December 2015, but they may go either way. AS to using a DK2 in any flight sim - difficult call. There are the current resolution issues which means you wont be competitive in spotting bogies, but you will get trackir-esque type SA whilst in a dogfight. You wont be able to read the dials very clearly - someone mentioned elite and personally ive had no problems with the text but someone who has not got their rift set up right might have an issue. EA flying at distance do become blocky but that shouldnt present a problem at distances where convergence is relevant. Otherwise, the announcement of DK2 suport just made the game a must buy for me, simply because the immersion in a cockpit is intense - and as the owner of an AMD card I cant fly DCS! I have yet to come across a worthwhile WWII flight sim that supports the DK2 - so fingers crossed. Cant wait to hop into a cockpit, its an undescribable sensation in a DK2 so i wont bother trying
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