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  1. I just smile when I see release like this one. It is the constant attention to detail and the continuous flow of additions and improvements that keep me a long term customer of whatever you produce.
  2. I am so very happy you announced this. This is more than fantastic news. You will have my hard earned cash the minute this goes on pre-order!
  3. Fantastic... REALLY looking forward to this update
  4. I also experienced this with the new patch (the enemy plane that is invisible beyond 600m and then pops into view) but with me it has only been when the enemy plane was a U-2VS. I also use a Rift S. I tried about 5 other planes and they were fine but I certainly have not tried them all yet.
  5. I am also on Rift S and tried a bunch quick missions using different planes. I also experienced the "invisible" plane until it reaches 600m (or so) but with me it only happened when the enemy was a U-2VS. The other planes I fought against were fine but I have only tried about 6 other planes at this point it time.
  6. Thanks Thad, Do you mind if I ask a few dumb questions regarding your reply? I would probably not go the JSGME/mod route (not fully comfortable with that) but would it be possible to: a) Copy the existing data/input folder to a temporary location called "planeinput" (or do I just need to copy out one specific file from the input directory rather than the whole directory?) b) Delete the input directory so the game creates a new input directory with the necessary new files c) Go into the game and create new settings for tanks and then copy the input directory to a location called "tankinput" d) Then...when I play with planes I copy the "planeinput" files to the input directory and when I play Tank Crew I copy the "tankinput" files to input. Would this work? I am afraid if I delete the whole input directory I am probably deleting more than just the key bindings but I am not sure what else is in there. This is why I wish the game would do this rather than me :>)
  7. I play Great Battles in VR (planes and tanks) and have a Warthog HOTAS and pedals. 1) VR means a keyboard and mouse only solution for tank controls does not make sense for me 2) Given that the planes in Great Battles all share one input file (there are not separate inputs for individual planes) my HOTAS controls are basically all used by by plane settings 3) Given that single input file is now used for all tanks, as well as all planes, I have tried to dance around to get proper tank settings but I keep getting conflicts with my plane settings (even when sharing control inputs). This has become more than awkward and has certainly been frustrating and time consuming. So am I correct in assuming that there is no real solution for this problem other than to go to third party software as Thad has been so kind to discuss in other threads? Also, I have not seen any discussion of separating the input files from the developer, so I am also assuming that this will be an on-going issue even when Tank Crew leaves early access. Thanks for any input.
  8. I very much look forward to what you come up with.
  9. Very informative write-up about this beast. I am really looking forward to it.
  10. As a long time flight sim enthusiast I am excited by the products you make and look forward to each and every addition and update you make... And as a software developer of over 30 years I am highly impressed by the team's talent, skill and creativity. You have my continued support for many years to come.
  11. I just found these and I am very glad I did. I downloaded and flew my first mission tonight and it was great. Thanks for creating the missions MB and I look forward to whatever else you have coming down the pike.
  12. Incredibly happy to see the progress that is being made. I can't wait.
  13. OK. Got it, sort of... but still an awkward system. Go to the gunners seat and look as far left or right as you can and then re-center the VR view. You are not facing backwards but you are facing to the back right or back left quadrant. Then do all the regular "take control", nestle to gun-sight etc. I still am a bit baffled as to how I quickly switch from left to right but I will sort that out. Given that this is the first plane with a back-seater that can fly and fire it is understandable that everything is not fully ironed out yet. Still love the U-2VS
  14. Thanks Therion, I had tried that before with no luck but I went and tried it again just to make sure. No matter what I try I am always facing front. You are doing this in VR right? I can successfully switch to the back seat but I am always facing forward. I tried: Turret Take/Leave control (T), Turret Nestle to Gun sight (Lsht + T), Switch to next firing point (Lsht + C) and then I have tried all of the controls that would work but don't because the VR headset is in control (tried Turret Gun sight View, reset horizontal and vertical to gun-sight, pilot head backward, right and left, turn pilot and gunner head horizontal and vertical, and all the gun-sight controls. Bottom line so far is the only way I could use it is if I physically moved my actual body backwards which is next to impossible with my home cockpit and Hotas controls. What am I missing?
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