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  1. Ok thanks for explanation. I used 30% so i guess i'll have to tweak the settings. While at it i saw you also removed direct opposition odds, i always set that to 0 in previous versions because it kind of defeats the purpose of having realistic encounters with other flights. Is that completely removed from PWCG or is there still a hidden chance of 'canned' flights spawning in players path?
  2. I noticed Flight Generation Odds setting is missing, is that intentional? I find it most useful when tweaking campaign air activity to my preference.
  3. You can try Q 1.5 and SS 30%, small FOV, PP on, 64 Hz refresh rate. I'm on windows 7 so Smart Smoothing doesn't work, but that should also help alot. Try to keep vertical render target over 2100 for acceptable PQ. I get around 35-60 fps depending on scenario. Paralel projections are problem with 1070, they tank FPS and most games that require it are not really playable with good PQ. I do get decent performance and looks in all games that don't need it. Honestly i'm looking for upgrade to a used 1080ti before i'll play IL2 seriously.
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