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  1. Per Shadowgravy confirmed this works per his instruction "Reverb G2? I found that pressing the menu button on a hand controller and then exiting out back to the IL-2 hangar lets me use the mouse again."
  2. mouse works when headset is off but as soon as I put it on the mouse won't move, tried pressing windows + y and it does not do anything. How do you get the mouse to work with IL2 VR and mixed reality headset reverb g2
  3. I love it, historically accurate or not it's beautiful, thank you for sharing
  4. ^ Thanks man I knew you guys would know !
  5. I like the look and color of the water close up but from a distance it's just too blue for my taste, is there a mod that recolors the water or has anyone else found a way to do this?
  6. so long as it does not need to render anything more than your single screen at 600x800 or whatever you had it set at yeah why does it matter?
  7. Looks like it added the remainder of the BOK planes , able to fly them all now, nice surprise.
  8. Everyone thanks for the replies, answered all my question perfectly, special thanks to JG51_Fenris_Wolf for the detailed answer.
  9. Hi I have a oculus rift and flying in BOK is jaw dropping to say the least. However I'm curious about the oculus debug tool vs steam VR pixels per display and super sampling options. Does one override the other, I normally run oculus debug in 2 and steam vr with supersampling 1.7 and enale advanced super sampling on. What is the right way to set this up? In BOS / BOK I seem to get a better picture with SSAO and HDR off , do other find this as well or do you use these? Specifically in BOK if applicable. That's all thanks
  10. bok stunning on monitors, bok simply jaw droping in rift - have fun your in for a treat
  11. ^^ Frost and Katdog add me to the list, VR is what brought me back to IL2 BOS . BOK in VR took was pretty good and blew the doors off, like you Frost I'm floored and amazed at what they accomplished with the new engine.
  12. After the BOK update tonight I will probably never fly using my monitors again with trackir, BOK with rift is simply amazing. Go to best buy get an rift, take it home try it out, if you don't like it take it back but do yourself a favor and try it with BOK
  13. I stand corrected on the above statement. Was judging only by the screenshots, now that I've had a go at the actual game I'm very impressed. This exceeded my expectations, the new Kuban map is amazing, the trees (the number of trees), the textures, the lighting, the old "il2" feeling is just amazing and with excellent FPS to boot, they nailed it with this one and it's only going to get better. This is the new standard by which flight sims will be judged. The HS 129 is amazing and in VR worth every penny, in VR this as close to real life that I've experienced in any sim to date. Real
  14. Wow those green fields look great, the only improvement to the screens I've seen that I could mention is higher def base ground textutes, maybe the improved shading and all those tree are going to help, but those green fields wow wow wow. Looking good
  15. I am seeing the same news. Will just echo what I said if you have the money to drop on a new toy and won't feel guilt rift is an amazing experience. You have to have the right attitude and expectation though to continue to enjoy it after the newness wears off. Using a keyboard is extremely frustrating, hotas not so much. It's not going to have the clarity of a monitor and I feel like it washes out the picture, for text you have to learn to look directly at it as the oculus has a walleye effect and blurs at the edges. Overall I'd recommend it those that can drop the cash but just keep t
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