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  1. Received my pair of VPC T-50 BE flightsticks (with base) in the mail today. Shipping was super fast after I received notice. Really liking it so far... but just a couple wrinkles First.. my brake lever is spiking like crazy. I have only unpacked one of the sticks, so not sure if it will happen with the other one too. I thought I could fix it by just re-calibrating with the Windows Game Controllers app, but I cannot calibrate the brake lever. That's because during the axis travel, the brake lever button triggers the calibration app screen to forward to the next screen before I've worked the lever through its full travel Has anyone else had this problem? Second, the stick at rest leans right some 5-10 degrees. Is that normal?
  2. Doesn't the WoL stats website already tell you who's online? Even which side they are on?
  3. I finally fixed it. It was a Steam issue. I had to go to "Steam > Setting > Controller >General Controller Settings" and unclick "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support"
  4. OMG - finally fixed it!!!! It was a Steam issue. I had to go to "Steam > Setting > Controller >General Controller Settings" and unclick "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support"
  5. Hey Guys, I'm really in a bind here... what could cause a device to be recognized by Windows, but not recognized by any flight sim (IL2, DCS, AeroFly 2, all tried cannot see it). Again, shows up fine in Windows Game Controllers, and is responsive. Having this problem with three devices: a VKB stick, a TM warthog throttle, and a Saitek throttle quadrant. I've tried them in isolation, and none are recognized by games, even though windows sees them fine. I've spent 5-6 hours beating my head against my PC today with no measurable improvement.
  6. Update: one of the rigs started working. No idea why! All I've done is lots of restarts and retries and it finally worked. Still trying to resolve the other
  7. I have Saitek, VKB, and Thrustmaster input devices on two sim rigs. Devices are fully calibrated, recognized properly by windows, but are not recognized in ANY sims (DCSm AeroFly2, IL2) Does anyone know what could cause this? It's happening identically on two identical rigs Everything was working 2 days ago. Possible Norton update occurred. Otherwise, I don't know what could have changed EDITS: updated, more accurate, information
  8. I rushed home yesterday, eagerly turned on steam, but didnt get an update to download. Should i be concerned? Granted, I haven't launched the game yet to see if it's already updated. Ran out of time. Those with steam installs, did you have to do an update yesterday? Edit: looks like my steam account finally caught up. Downloading now
  9. Is it possible to give input devices a name that shows up in the controls mapping screen? When I map joystick buttons, they read as "Joy6_BTN5", for example. I would rather that they read something like "WTHG_BTN5", or something similarly customized. Has anyone found a way to edit a config file to do this?
  10. Does anybody run at 4K using a 1070 card? Or is that just hopelessly optimistic?
  11. Holy Shnikies...! I received my VKB Gunfighter Pro yesterday (USA order), hastily set it... and I was flat-stunned by the experience. It far exceeded my expectations. It was as big of a leap forward for me as my VR was. Last night was, by far, the finest flight sim experience I've ever had. And to think... I will be able to do it again whenever I want !!! As a real-life pilot, I felt right at home. The longer stick extension pairs perfectly with the VR, because my shoulders weren't locked into a fixed position like they are with a shorter stick. The longer stick allows so much more mobility for checking 6, etc... while still maintaining full control of the aircraft. Worlds better. For those waiting.. it's WORTH the WAIT. Rarely in my life have I felt so happy about spending hundreds of dollars on something like this. Quality FAR exceeds cost incurred. I have two of them, and will likely buy a third when they are back in stock.
  12. That's hot I have 2 gunfighters pros. Will be watching closely
  13. Dumb question... will the Brake Lever be recognized as an axis? or as a button (like the warthog brake lever)?
  14. VKB base height is about the same height as the stock Warthog base. Very close, less than an inch difference I would say. Thanks for the info on the center mount. Looks even better, because I have a gunfight pro in the mail
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