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  1. Alright, now its finished and I can breathe freely. Development will continue
  2. Gentlmen, development paused because of increased activity at my main job. 20th of july is a planned deadline there. I'm sorry shit happens
  3. I've almost finished resolving found bugs and remain features to start. I hope open beta test in 1-2 weeks.
  4. No. I’ve started closed alpha testing for new version. It would reborn again soon
  5. I've got hot season at my job. Development paused for some time.
  6. Divisions AAA aiLevel lowered. But amount is the same - they still can hit you. Buildings and other static objects durability fixed using new game requirements.
  7. We wait for fix game logs. Some critical information for us was removed
  8. For single pilot - mostly yes. But I successfully made solo flight on I-16, shot down one part of a division and returned to base. I've been attacking less covered part of a target. Targets are new, study them to reach success. Also, targets remember their damage level, you dont need to destroy them in one mission.
  9. Yes. It's appeared after game update. Waiting for hotfix...
  10. Every time server loads default settings file in Multiplayer/Dogfight folder. Delete them to fix the problem with 1 hour.
  11. Here is gameplay concept. We may change something, but general options will stay the same (google translated) Types of missions: Confrontation Offensive In the mission of confrontation: The parties have 3 front airfields and 1 rear airfield. The parties have 3 divisions: 1 tank, 1 artillery and 1 motorized. There are 16 units in each, including air defense units. The parties have 2 large sectioned warehouses near the cities. 5 sections. The tank division has a supply column. Aircraft on the airfields are finite. In the mission of the offensive: The parties have 3 front airfields and 1 rear airfield The attacking side has 3 tank groups attacking defensive positions, 4 bridges and 3 railway stations. The parties have 2 large sectioned warehouses near the cities. 5 sections. Aircraft on the airfields are finite. Rules of the gameplay: It is possible to attack only divisions, columns, warehouses, bridges, railway stations and front-line airfields present in the mission. Divisions accumulate damage from mission to mission. At the end of each mission, all divisions receive a replenishment equivalent to the three units of the division. Warehouses accumulate damage from mission to mission. The warehouse has a gradation of states from 0 to 80% of the damage in increments of 20%. Complete destruction of one section of the warehouse is equivalent to 15% of the damage to the warehouse. At the end of the mission, the warehouse remains are distributed evenly over its sections, thus, the damage to the warehouse is distributed to all sections. At aerodromes, damage does not accumulate. "Suppression" of one warehouse (60% or more damage) reduces the replenishment of divisions by one unit. "Suppression" of both warehouses (60% or more of each damage) blocks the arrival of aircraft from the rear airfield at the end of the mission. The destruction of the supply column reduces the replenishment of its tank division by one unit. Verification of the condition for the transition to an offensive is carried out only after the destruction of two divisions. Capture of the airfield begins if there are less than 20 aircraft left on it or its strength is less than 50%. One of the parties goes on the offensive. The task of attackers is to preserve the advantage, the defenders are to break off the offensive. With inaction or insufficient counteraction of the defenders, the adversaries win and capture the airfield. Disruption of capture occurs if the defenders destroy all 3 tank groups, 3 bridges and 2 railway stations. Allowed landing on inactive aerodromes. In this case, the aircraft enters an inactive airfield. At the end of: offensive missions, divisions of the parties are filled up to 75%. any mission, the airfield is filled up to 100%, to whom he now did not belong. any mission, a number of airplanes are transferred from the rear airfield to front-line airfields. The choice of front-line airfields Three aerodromes are chosen for the mission: The strongest airfield (the largest amount of airplanes and stocks). The weakest airfield (the least amount of airplanes and stocks). Random one from remaining in the frontline zone. Selection of rear airfields Of all the aerodromes located outside the front zone, the three most populated aerodromes are first selected. One of them is chosen randomly.
  12. Modification system will stay the same for now. I have some thoughts for the future. 37mm will be available from same dates like before.
  13. Yes But first of all we need some tests and the most important - stress test for server performance. Also, during testing there will no stats or website. I have no time to complete this part.
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