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  1. Not onlu his wife is playing Seriously, how much of an intellectual amoeba you have to be to hope noone is going to notice?
  2. One of the british pilots flying the airlift to Berlin got confused on the approach, which made ATC quite angry, so they shouted at him "Have You ever flown to Berlin?!?", and so he replied "Yes, in 1944, but I didn't land back then"
  3. Thanks for another great campaing, it was a lot of fun to fly it, looking forward for a next one! And a big shoutout for =LG= and JG4 for flying together, we had a blast!
  4. Yeah, I'd like to know as well, and he did it twice, and wasn't damadged at all 🤔
  5. Finnish Virtual Pilots server have it kinda sorted out - they use a variant of Peshka, like the transport variants here, which you have to land on enemy airfield, instead of dropping paratroopers. I don't know if it will work on TAW tho
  6. 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban.
  7. Thank You very much. Can You also add an average aircraft loss rate of every pilot with, let's say, over 5h/20 sorties for comparition? I am kinda curious how it looks.
  8. Kathon, and what about sorties in which they didn't attack depo itself, but AA guns covering it? Can you check plane loss rate there, or is there no way to tell if the AA was destroyed on depo/AF or somewhere else?
  9. Yes, but there's significant difference between "going in fast - going out even faster" and circling around depo for 15 minutes and dropping bombs one by one. But AA respawning every mission is a good idea - you can still perform cooridinated, mass attack, with heavy loses most likely, but it makes multiple raids to wipe AA by few pilots, and then go in and bomb out depo in next missions impossible. The problem is not in the low level attacks themselves, but in the fact they can be performed by 3-5 pilots, repetedly flying over AF/depos, killing few AA guns, then dying, regaining plane, flying in next mission, dying, and so on untill they wipe out all AA in the course of few missions. On previous TAW I participated in similar low-level Jabo flight on enemy airfield, but we flew in circa 25 Fw-190s, and sustained heavy loses. It was fun and we hit the AF badly, but it was coordinated action of few squadrons, not few people, that can replenish their loses faster than AF are able to repair its defences. Respawn of AA solves this problem, as it turns it into war of attrition - if the AA respawns faster than airplanes, these attacks can't be performed constantly, forcing pilots to rebuild reserves in hangar by performing other types of activities (attacking defences, tanks, long range level bombing, fighter patrols etc.) before they can throw all of their planes on AF/depo to clear the way for bombers. So therefore I am for respawning AA every mission.
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