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  1. I think overall, the "value" of "virtual lives" has somehow fallen dramatically. Combine that with the fact, that as the campaign goes on, the list of available planes gets larger and larger, there comes a moment where the sudden loss of three or even four of them becomes a non-issue. All of this naturally leads to people finding a way to "game the system". I hate myself for proposing it and I know it may sound harsh, but maybe the option of only one death per mission rotation, should be considered.
  2. I have no idea why you don't see the depot. Maybe it was destroyed? Did you check the recon data on the TAW site? I'm sure sooner or later the more experienced "campaigners" will answer you.
  3. Maybe a IL-2 '42 with the fancy stuff locked? After all we do have a Stuka with BK3.7...
  4. Thank you all, for making my first campaign so much fun! The server crew has definitely done an admirable job! The only thing I regret, is that I didn't have the time to make more flights!
  5. The funny thing is - while typing, my grammar and spelling check thingy suggested it as a "better word". I was like "Wow this sounds so sophisticated - I'll use it!"
  6. A few of my observations: Blue players are more spread among various time zones and due to that have a constant presence on the server. So it's easy to get 7:1 or 10:3 situations, while in prime time numbers are close to equal. A lot of Russian players for whatever reason are on the blue side, which also expurgates the afore mentioned situation. This is clearly evident in the afternoon hours Moscow time. Especially if there are "easy to hit" red ground targets - blue team suddenly becomes stacked to absurd levels. A lot of red players seem demoralized by the blue steamroller and simply don't play. Even on the Russian part of the forum there are such outcries and that means a lot.
  7. I have to say that for someone who only just recently bought the game and was kind of looking forward, towards his first serious blue campaign on TAW, this whole argument seems... discouraging to say the least! I'll spare you from my personal opinion as a crappy Stuka pilot, but let's just say this was not what I was expecting!
  8. Thanks Warpig - tried that one too but to no avail! Anyway It's no big deal, I'll adjust
  9. I cleaned and updated the OS, reinstalled the game - no change. At least the multiplayer connection issues seem to be gone now
  10. Thank you for the quick reply! A matter of habit I guess! I have been explicitly taught to constantly trim the plane for hands off flying and so I do /turn, time, trim /. But since not all aircraft have trim tabs on all of their control surfaces, that is not always possible. So I use key or mouse commands to make small adjustments. Everything is in order with the assignments, all three fields are properly filled. The problem is that control surface commands work only until I move the joystick and then cut out completely for the rest of the flight. That seems strange to me, so I decided to ask.
  11. Greetings! First of all happy Easter to all who celebrate today! Has anyone noticed that moving the joystick actually disables either key or mouse commands for the control surfaces and throttle? And they cannot be re engaged until mission restart, or even game restart sometimes? Is that supposed to be like that or am I missing something? P.S. Sorry if the question has already been brought up, just couldn't find anything!
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