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  1. Salute all! First, thanks to TAW team, what a great server you have!! Waiting for next round.... I vote now for the alternate version since TAW is supposed to be a full realism server. Alternate will force pilots to team-up and plan things better than before and I think that is the key idea of TAW. Also much more realistic as it simulates better early warning systems as it was. And yes, it will be much more dangerous for bomber pilots and all pilots that fly alone straight to target. As TAW is supposed to simulate real life I like Alternate more than other as planes (1944 versions) are much faster than -41´s. Time to spot enemy in the speed of Me-262 or p-51 head on is so short so it is just a lottery. But also have to admit... visibility is in some sirqumstances too long as you can spot plane to 30-40 km and that is in my opinion way too much. Alternate with 20-25 km visibility would be best but more than that is too much in my opinion. -Veccu-
  2. Earlier campaign was won by reds with similar plane set as now? Or am I wrong...
  3. Harasoo... Stop whining Bar is open to my tail-gunners, they like so much vodka and they may see 1 enemy as a 3 and therefore it´s easy to hit at least one of them... they say... -Vecsunov-
  4. HI! It´s a collection from the whole LLv24 Squadron. Stableace though said that he financed a new TV with this but thank god he lied and money went there where it was supposed to go Thank You for the nice server and campaign! See you all in next TAW! br, -Veccu-
  5. Oh yes, taw will be finally historically correct when reds first time totally noobs I want Yak-7b starting from first map!!!!... -veccu-
  6. Hi all! After short testing this damage model feels way better than earlier and it has went somehow towards clod (more realistic?)... Thank you Jason and Co. !!! -veccu-
  7. Why this list then? 13. P-47D-28, Yak-7b and Spitfire Mk.IXe wings made less fragile when damaged; And to which direction other planes are tuned? More fragile direction or?
  8. Hi Jason That is my opinion and I think I m not alone with my opinion... Nice that it wil be fixed! I continue to fly with my good old paperplane.... -Veccu-
  9. Bf109 missing in this list ;( 13. P-47D-28, Yak-7b and Spitfire Mk.IXe wings made less fragile when damaged;
  10. Just wondering why so much lag after new patch in online world ?? -Veccu-
  11. But truth is also that German industry is about 10 times more effective than Russian
  12. Double account, or something, spying DZ... Hohhoijaa....
  13. Hi! Yes, Curtiss Hawk was in use of Finnish Air Force https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtiss_P-36_Hawk and Hurricanes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hawker_Hurricane_operators- and German bomber Do-17 would be nice to have.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dornier_Do_17 -Veccu-
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