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  1. Yeah, for marketing reasons this is what it is.... happens very very seldom when flying 109. Or it is a bug that is not so high priority for devs atm.... -Veccu-
  2. Hi If the wings are above the cockpit there is nose up effect when flaps deployed, and if wings are installed below the cockpit there is nose down effect when flaps down irl. thats why germans invented to put level stabilizer and flaps to same instalment so when you roll flaps down you can at same time trim up to neutralize nose down effect. Very well invented by Germans... -Veccu-
  3. Hi all! Dunno where should I write this but lets try it here As we all know that german engineering was quite high end in ww2 versus other nations when talking engine management in aeroplanes. Forexample La5 had 6 levers for engine control. All that was done in Bf109 DB engine and in Fw190 BMW801 (commandogerät computer system) in one lever (thrust-lever) but in this game i do not see a much benefit of this highly professional feature. Manual engine management type planes are in my opinion still modeled as atleast "half automatic" and there is "invisib
  4. Liisa myrsky tuntuu raivoavan, sähkökatkojakin tuntuu tekevän niin perkeleesti.... Pitäs lähtiä pohojoseen ajelemaan kattomaan mitä äitimuorille oikeen kuuluu. Oiskohan se toinen pohojosen hirmu kotosalla jos kävis moikkaamassa menomatkalla... Jos vaikka kahavit keittäs
  5. Hi all! here yesterday evening attack to Ivanovskoe and closing it to 100% https://youtu.be/pWgtxbcqOck -Veccu-
  6. Very well done!! This is how it has to be done... -Veccu-
  7. Gente de zoonaa... Tiradores de ametralladoras borrachos? No hay golpes, incluso minutos restantes. Un ejemplo típico ...
  8. Hi! LLv24 will participate TAW full strength. All our death ban pilots are ordered to fly on Finnish Virtual Pilots server during their death ban time. So all other "banned", I welcome you to Finnish server S! Veccu
  9. Well, then Authors of book FW190 vs La5/7 bublishers Dmitriy Khazanov and Alexander Medved must be wrong... 😲 https://www.amazon.co.uk/5-Fw-190-Eastern-1942-45/dp/1849084734 And "50 cal AP rounds penetrate ~25mm at those ranges", have to see it to believe it, especially 200 m. -Veccu-
  10. Hi It seems that Fw190 rear armor needs to be fixed, all back and head armored 12,7 mm and 19 mm armorplates in Fw190 should protect better from fire behind. Headshots behind are now quite common cause of death for Fw190 pilots and that it seems not to be accurate. Here very nice topic I found from another forum by Jaakariliike. According to British and Russian investigations, Fw190 pilot was very well protected from rear. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/150789-fw-190-armor-some-documentation/ -veccu-
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