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  1. I can see planes even before they load! Ha! But ignore them until they are 9.5km away...
  2. Maybe because its a war. Kill the enemy when he can't kill you. I don't mind it. I think its a valid tactic.
  3. Me too. Tried a few times. Get thrown back to lobby very time.
  4. Had a japanese GF at one point. She didn't had any problems reading and understanding old texts at all.
  5. Its a daily thing everybody can do. Bring your own coffee mug instead of getting a plastic one, get a dedicated shopping bag, bring a tupper-box to the butcher, don't buy water in PET-bottles etc. No need to go fully-vegan-green-nerd to help the planet. People are complaining about pollution while ordering their choco-caramael-what-ever-latte-to-go from starbucks....
  6. Once used to it, you can fly without technochat easily. Its the same with your car. You don't look at the tachometer to check if you have to shift up or down. You can hear it when your engine goes on full chat.
  7. No idea how many native speakers they have for researching. Japan sources might be a bit reluctant if they are approached by russian people who still have their Kuril islands. Most planes have been tested by the US during or after the war. I am sure its more difficult then getting data about a russian fighter in russia but not impossible. As for the language. Japanese didn't change more then any other language from the 40s to today. Documents for aircraft wouldn't be written in middle-age-japanese.
  8. Better not. I would loose job and family then.....
  9. The game would benefit from a proper radio menue not only for your crew. You could add one branch for your co-pilot in it. Would be great if he calls out fuel, temperature or whatever.
  10. J2-Oelmann


    You can do manual navigation at tree top level. Just a bit harder. Follow forest, rivers and landmarks.
  11. J2-Oelmann


    I actually dont use the game map that much. Especially when the mission is during dark hours. Its too bright. I use these for my flightsims. For bombing missions I also have a homemade whizz-wheel for wind calculations. I dont want to say that everybody should do that, but its worth considering, being such a cheap Thing. After all it counts want brings you the most fun. Its a game you play in your free time. But consider how heavy gameboxes for Games like Flying Corps were. Tons of maps and things to read.
  12. J2-Oelmann


    Get a map printed out and laminated or run one of the map-apps/programs on a notepad and it works wonders. Much easier when you can tick of landmarks when you pass over them. People spend 100s of cash on new joysticks, so a few $/€/¥/₽ for a pen and a A2 print should be affordable.
  13. J2-Oelmann


    Off. Once you get used to it, its quite easy to navigate without.
  14. Given that the flight-model allready calculates the G-load it should be easy to implent a failure chance to each aircraft under certain conditions. It will eventually clear if you keep pushing the reload button / handle.
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