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  1. Founder here. Stopped playing since the unlocks thing started happening. Absolutely cannot stand it. I understand the need to appeal to more people, but making an arcadey flight sim won't work unless your name is WarThunder. You're trying to broaden the customer base in a game that is directed towards a very small clique. Very unfortunate change.
  2. I must say I'm extremely disappointed that you have to unlock everything. I never liked it from the beginning. I'm not here to complain about it, but I miss what IL-2 used to be. This just seems like a step in the wrong direction to me. I'll still play it but.. how unfortunate.
  3. As it was said in DD52, No one remembers that? Wasn't even spoken of in DD53 so I assumed we were going to be able to play at all times. Now I come to find out that we can't?
  4. So how are people already flying the Sturmovik?
  5. How is the game going to be 99% complete in Spring when Spring is only a month away? Right now it's only, what, 36%? Over the past month the development % has only gone up by 1%.
  6. Another weekend to skip. Just want something new to fly.
  7. How do you turn mods ON/OFF so we can use the new skins?
  8. How do you turn MODS ON/OFF for the 2 new skins we get to play with? Whenever I go to select them it says the skin has been modified and cannot be played with in MODS OFF mode.
  9. I'd much rather give up track recording and get to fly the IL-2 today.
  10. Same here. I had a few hours where I could test the game out when it was Tues-Thurs but now that it's over the weekend I have absolutely no time. Part of the reason I paid for the game is to play it early, and now I don't get to do that. It's unfortunate but it's nothing I can't live with. I just don't understand what would be so hard about letting the game work in offline mode.
  11. It causes an accelerated spin pulling the stack full aft.
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