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  1. Well to be honest I couldn't not support you guys.. but I have protested!!!
  2. I have spent up on DCS and IL2 add ons lately.....but I want you to know - That if VR is still unavailable I won't spend on your development. Sorry!!
  3. I ‘ m new to Il2bos how can I change / unlock the loadout for player aircraft. I want to play it a different way next time?
  4. Great Campaign Really enjoyed that second? mission - got caught on takeoff after politely following the #2 plane on taxi and wore an artillery shell- boom thanks for coming Highly recommended to VR headset users especially .. point me to any other campaigns you have done...
  5. Thanks for the replies good reading.
  6. Whilst I haven't flown much of anything in the last couple of days since I bought it.. I just love the Spitfire Vb and amazingly I can see the gun sight clearly without wriggling around in VR.... Something I haven't found yet in any other aircraft! Two questions and a suggestion - if anyone can help - remember its a VR set up. Is there a key to have the Iron sights work in I-16? - for a VR set up Are there any keys to offset the gunsight view in the Bf 109's - for a VR setup Both used be available options in the IL2 series......? Just a suggestion; Consider the process of closing the non-master eye to shoot - perhaps you can close the non-master eye in the oculus? even bind it to the trigger button !! as a suggestion - I've heard the suggestion of closing your eye in the goggles ( really silly )
  7. Can I purchase the Spitfire Vb and fly in Starlingrad and Moscow without buying Kuban?
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