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  1. Hey Vander I just started your mission Generator and love it ! I use it in preference to the Campaign Generator, wish it could do that btw. Also only used it in FC -seem to lose more that half the AI flight when large numbers selected ie 6 or more regularly Just a wondering if it is possible to get Tacview to display colours of the two sides. red blue or blue green.... It defaults to green which is a great colour for Germany.... but all planes are displayed in this colour post mission. Also wish it would could randomly produce a day of sorties in one button ie morning , afternoon and evening flights ....3 or 4 per date with same aircraft settings but random everything else ?
  2. I am experiencing the most boring missions using this generator. Must be something wrong my end? I have changed my settings a couple of times still the same result flying around with AI and no enemy sighted at all In debrief I notice the enemy seems to be crashing ...?
  3. Can it be restarted in air?
  4. Spit_

    Linda Blair view

    Any possibility of this in VR?
  5. 123UKoxo-uk it shouldn't do that at all. I copied a WMR icon to my home screen. so I can start the Reverb manually! I then use the "purple room set screen" from the side options on the WMR screen -which also gives you the centre option. If you do that every start you will be okay. BUT If I exit after setting up (alt tab to desktop) , I loose the calibration again ( dash moves away etc..). So make sure you have voice attack or anything else you switch on already running. then Reverb , then Steam IL2 or Il2 launcher which ever one you use.
  6. All not quite well. Another day and the issue has returned. BUT I checked Win Y setup and it was disabled in the Registry problem solved I hope
  7. Thanks all for advice I had to uninstall / reinstall the headset WMR in windows 10. Also re read carefully - VR4DCS pages and noticed I have beta version of VR Steam ticked (not recommended) only WMR for Steam should be beta version. NOW it works better. I can look out the side of the canopy or down to the compass now without them moving away from me!!
  8. Thanks for replies community help is always best advice. I like the Reverb Headset itself - an improvement on the Rift
  9. Hello I recently moved from a Rift to a Reverb after 2.5 years on the Oculus. I have followed the various guides etc but really have no clue with this WMR stuff. However my biggest problem seems to be any inability to move fore and aft inside the cockpit ? The Reverb the cockpit panel moves away from you. Something the Rift would do if it lost tracking??? Can anyone suggest a settling or fix for this. my ingame setting is - expert Cheers {IMHO} - I am quite shocked at how poor the WMR system is when compared to the Oculus Rift system
  10. Well to be honest I couldn't not support you guys.. but I have protested!!!
  11. I have spent up on DCS and IL2 add ons lately.....but I want you to know - That if VR is still unavailable I won't spend on your development. Sorry!!
  12. I ‘ m new to Il2bos how can I change / unlock the loadout for player aircraft. I want to play it a different way next time?
  13. Great Campaign Really enjoyed that second? mission - got caught on takeoff after politely following the #2 plane on taxi and wore an artillery shell- boom thanks for coming Highly recommended to VR headset users especially .. point me to any other campaigns you have done...
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