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  1. I've mostly been flying the 109 with differential brakes and can happily take off and land no problem. But, I too purchased the Achtung Spitfire campaign and struggled to handle the plane on the ground. Drifted to the left no matter how much I applied hard right rudder with brakes. The one thing that helped as others have mentioned is to put the prop. pitch to high so the lever in the cockpit is forwards. With the increased airflow over the rudder I easily managed to control the left swing and took to the air with no problems. You still need small and regular rudder inputs with the odd bit of brake but it's pretty straightforward once you have the rudder working as it should. I always fly with full realism minus the outside views and map. Didn't stop me redding out on the second mission and crashing into a lake though
  2. Speaking of key maps, the ability to press a button on the stick or keyboard and have the mapped function highlighted like DCS does. In fact there's a lot I'd borrow from DCS and I think it does well at simplifying key inputs and allowing easy modifiers to be added in.
  3. I don't think anyone mentioned aircraft weight. If net weights of aircraft are similar then one carrying less fuel will have an advantage in regaining energy since it isn't dragging so much through the air. Not sure if TacView records this though. But in general, with a good pilot at the hands of a Spitfire you'll have a hard time winning in a turn fight!
  4. Not something I'll jump onto right now due to Real Life (TM) reasons but it seems like a good plan to take BoX to Normandy. For folks disappointed about it not being the Battle of the Pacific, I'm thinking there are sound reasons for this. Most likely the source materials are not (yet) available so making a product of acceptable value is not possible, but the developers need to keep the lights on and therefore must produce something. So this seems to me a good way of buying time and financial resources that will hopefully go to build out the theatres we all want. In time. Cracking work @Jason_Williams and the team, keep it up!
  5. Do either of you use mods? I had a similar problem and it turned out that a radio mod (to have English voices) caused an issue. No idea what, but removing the mod make things work as expected.
  6. If you mean what is the problem then it's where aircraft fly into clouds and look distorted and pixelated rather than becoming gradually more opaque as you would expect. As far as I know it's a rendering limitation that the developers now plan to address, although I'm sure it's far from a trivial fix.
  7. In the controls section there are three columns of controls so you can set them up for multiple inputs. Keys or buttons that have duplicate functions have two orange boxes to the right of the binding. If you hover over that box you'll get a pop-up telling you what the key or button is also bound to. I tend to group similar functions to one button, for example oil radiators have multiple entries depending on the plane but because I'm only flying on plane at a time I can bind all similar functions to one input. Same goes for elevator trim where there's a general setting for most aircraft and specific ones for the adjustable stabilizer on the Fw-190; again I bind them all to one button (the POV hat on my stick).
  8. I know it's not exactly true to life, but the Battlefield series of games has some excellent sound production. Really memorable stuff too and in my opinion, sound really pushes you into the world more so than fancy graphics.
  9. I had a similar problem and 'solved' it by creating a new campaign like you did. Mission Reports were generated but clearly PWCG couldn't see them or whatever. I guessed an errant character or space somewhere tripped it up but no clue where.
  10. If you like first person shooters but aren't fond of Counterstrike, try Insurgency (available on Steam for not much cash). It's slower paced and more tactical and you can play alone with bots if you don't fancy multiplayer. My favourite mode is cooperative which is 8 humans vs. a good number of bots.
  11. I pick "close to" the enemy line and that puts me at Anapa, which is where the Ju-88s seem to struggle with. They start up and taxi a bit, but stop moving. Ju-87s have no problem at Anapa. I guess the AI knows the minimum take-off distance and it isn't available at that airfield.
  12. @UtopioneerI think the mission results came up and I believe my friend click on finish mission. I'm wondering if there was a problem with a pilot or campaign name that tripped it up. Like I said, I tried a new coop campaign albeit with just me flying, but hosted on a private multiplayer session and the AAR worked no problem. I'll give it another shot with my friend, although I'm slightly hesitant of falling into the same trap! I'll report back here if it works. Cheers.
  13. I tried a new cooperative campaign with the same details as before, but this time with an AI flying in the place of a human opponent. So I hosted a private server, ran the mission and landed, then clicked Finish mission. The AAR worked as expected. Maybe not clicking Finish broke it before? I'm not sure how to proceed in cases where I as the host are downed but my human wingman is still flying. Previously I let the mission run but I wasn't able to click the Finish mission. Does that affect how the logs are generated?
  14. Sure thing. What I can't figure out is that the logs were generated and appear to be the same sort of thing as I got for SP campaigns. Am I correct in thinking I as host run the PWCG missions and do the post-match analysis before running the next mission? As in, the client (my wingman) just joins my game and then finishes? One other thing. In the mission I bailed out alive and my wingman made it back to base. He clicked the Finish mission button but it wasn't available for me at the end, just the leave server button. Thanks for your help! data.zip
  15. Thanks for an amazing tool Pat. I'm using PWCG 5.1.3 and have used it successfully for single player but I'm having problems getting into the mission report phase when playing cooperative. I'm host for the mission and don't use dserver, just the main game. I've checked that the mission logs are generated in the /data folder and in the [0] file the mission name matches the one in the PWCG folder. Nothing fancy with the pilot names or mission names. I'd be grateful for any help!
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