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  1. My guess is that EMG wasn't coded to take in lower screen resolutions since most folk will be flying at 1080p or better. Probably not a big deal to resize to work on lower resolutions though.
  2. Amazing effort and thank you for the detailed report. Very few developers go to these lengths to improve their product and it's a treat to see in these testing times. Cheers
  3. Always useful to have your guides around @Chuck_Owl. There's always some minor aspect I miss when I return to flying different aircraft such as whether the tail wheel locks by pulling back on the throttle or via a switch. Or, most recently, why the Bf-110 likes to party and spin in circles unless you set the port (I think?) engine 20% higher when taxiing and switch to manual prop. pitch. Took me way too many tries to get that thing off the ground!
  4. Understood that it's not a straightforward linear problem to solve. Maybe a warning somewhere in the game (toggleable of course) that might indicate that the CPU can't manage to keep all the plates spinning at once would be helpful. So when the game clock deviates from real time a warning could flag that it's 0.8 x real time or something like that. Then there's a number to track and perhaps pin down what is causing the issues. I appreciate your responses.
  5. I think what annoys me most is that it's a gamble whether a mission will play correctly. Also there's no setting in game to make it run better like there is for graphics settings. At some point I'll upgrade the CPU to something meatier but it's a difficult problem to quantify. Again, unlike GPUs where X or Y GPU will net say 20% better fps, it's not clear what CPU is required to offer mostly good or excellent performance. I'm sure a top of the line Intel or AMD CPU would be fine but most folk including me don't have the cash for that and I'm sure the devs don't all have top of the
  6. I thought I had solved the issue of the sim clock slowing down in complex missions with an upgraded CPU and RAM, but it appears not. I've been playing through the Achtung Spitfire! campaign and in some of the missions, especially at the front line, time slows down, roughly by a third if I compare the passage of time of the aircraft clock with a real life stopclock. My Spitfire feels more like a bomber and the immersion of the mission goes out the window. It's really annoying! For reference I had an AMD FX-8350 with 16 GB DDR3 RAM at 1600 MHz with a GTX 1060 6GB and I upgraded to an
  7. I'm surprised it runs at all! For integrated GPUs the only real option is to play at the lowest resolution you can reasonably deal with. And by that I mean game features being legible. You may also be hindered by the age of the CPU so playing careers is likely out of the question but quick missions or small missions with fewer assets might be OK. Only solution is new hardware and this sim requires a modern (doesn't have to be expensive; I use a Ryzen 5 1600) CPU and GPU (I use a GTX 1060 6 GB). Anything less and you'll struggle. Case in point is that I struggled using
  8. OK, so I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5 1600AF, with 16 GB DDR4 RAM and the performance is much better. Much lower CPU load too, at around 30-40% better than the FX-8350. I replayed a track from the Achtung Spitfire campaign (mission 5) where I was getting slow down with the older processor and DDR3 RAM and there's no sign of any issues. Main limitation now is the GPU but I can tweak the graphics settings to fix that. So in short performance is better but not sure whether this purely the result of a better CPU or also faster RAM. Probably a combination of both.
  9. I have the same issue with an AMD FX-8350. Most often on scripted scenarios where there are a lot of ground units and multiple flights. I ran a test with a low resolution of 800x600 to take the load off the GPU (I have a GTX 1060 6 GB) and the slow down still happened so I'm convinced it's lack of CPU power. Nothing in the game settings will affect this, only the complexity of the mission you fly in. I'd guess that multiplayer will be different since the server handles more of the simulation.
  10. With trim, some aircraft are a bit finicky and the trimming process can take a few seconds (i.e. a long button press). Also, if I recall correctly the 109 and 190 have a different trimming setup (the adjustable stablizer) so you may want to check you have that mapped. The whole control mapping in BoX needs a bit of work though. I wish the developers would group similar controls together, like the trimmers and different radiators. Also having a feature like DCS where by pressing a button you get a highlight of what it is mapped to would be really useful especially when you've been away from the
  11. I had a cheering pilot as my plane crashed, mostly intact, minus the wings and tail. I couldn't bail so the pilot stayed in his seat and jerked around. Could be that the game has triggered the pilot animation (e.g. bailing out) but it doesn't happen and it just loops the part where the pilot puts his hands up to bail.
  12. I have the same problem and it's been reported elsewhere by others. I think it mostly comes down to insufficient CPU performance. My framerate is usually fine but in some cases such as scripted campaigns the in-game clock slows down. So while the game spits out the proper number of frames the simulation bit can't keep up with real time and lags, often by 30% or more. Check the clock in your cockpit when you experience slowdown and time it with a real life stopclock. I'd guess because this problem doesn't affect that many folk and it's chiefly to do with performance, the developers
  13. I haven't played BoS on the 750Ti but I did play Cliffs of Dover and it worked, but it really taxed the card. I upgraded to a 1060 6GB a couple of years ago and it works well, being both much faster and having a good chunk of video memory. So, for you with the 750Ti, I suggest trying the low preset and a resolution of 1280 x 720 to start with. Do a quick mission with just yourself and no other aircraft and see how it runs. If that's OK, try a simple 1 v. 1 dogfight, then some more aircraft. I suspect you'll struggle running it at 1920 x 1080 pixels but you could try.
  14. I've had a DelanClip (wired) for well over a year now and it's worked well with OpenTrack and a PS3 Eye camera. I added colour filters (comes with a couple) to eliminate most visible light. Like all IR systems it falls down in bright sun so you need to pull the blinds or live in Glasgow where sunlight is a rarity! I'd guess you'd be fine with an extension cord, but I wouldn't go too long, maybe a metre or so. Check the USB 2.0 spec. for max. length. You'll need the CodeLabs driver for the PS3 Eye camera if you go that route. Try here for a driver. PM me i
  15. I don't have fps nearly that high but I did a bit of messing about in the Normandy map yesterday (first time with this one, usually play in the Persian Gulf or Caucasus) and I was getting a bit of laggy behaviour. It took ages to get the menus up as though the key inputs weren't working properly or lagging behind a good bit. Aircraft few fine although as nice as all the DCS stuff is, it all feels a bit lifeless without the backdrop of a war like BoX does.
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