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  1. Excellent work, thanks for this. Seems to function as intended as far as I can tell. One thing I'd suggest changing is in the GUI, the "Set IL2 mission path" initially confused me because I thought it was looking for the mission directory, when actually it just wants the root of the game directory. Maybe change the text to "IL-2 main directory" or something like that.
  2. I recommend monitoring your CPU and RAM usage with something like HWiNFO or MSI Afterburner. The former allows you to monitor and log various parameters of your system, which you can then plot in Excel or similar (e.g. CPU use over time). If you start logging before you open IL-2 and then keep it going for maybe 5 minutes or so in-game you should get a good idea of what component is holding you back. If you get 100% CPU or close to it when flying then you are limited by the CPU. Your GPU in this case is more than sufficient so it's likely not able to dish out enough frames because the CPU can't send them across fast enough. Ideally you want to fully utilise your GPU but not overtax your CPU. Send me a PM if you would like any help with this.
  3. AtomicP

    DCS news

    I haven't pre-ordered any stuff from DCS but I do own and enjoy Flaming Cliffs 3. I generally avoid early access stuff unless it appears more or less complete with perhaps an extra six months to a year polishing features. For instance, the F-14 by Heatblur looks more or less ready to go and by the videos, looks like setting a new high bar in what's possible. However I do think ED should take responsibility as a publisher for third party development teams if they fail to deliver anything at all. Feature-incomplete is excusable maybe, but taking money for nothing is grounds for small courts action for tangible goods. Should be the same for digital goods or at least the moral principle must be the same.
  4. An excellent set of improvements, thank you all for your hard work.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't aiming at being nihilistic, just the news that a big dev. had fallen over got me thinking. As @Dutch2 said, there are ways around the online mode.
  6. News that Telltale Games (>100 employees) has gone belly-up: What's the link to here? Well, there is uncertainty about what will happen to customer purchases from TG's store. Some titles can be downloaded in their entirety, others rely on TG's servers working to pull down the files. Given that BoX requires a working internet connection to use many of the core features, is there a backup in place that would allow customers (should the worst happen) to still play the game? In the past, prior to Steam (apparently they have a plan in place for such an eventuality) DVDs and CDs were the physical proof of life of a game. As long as that worked you could play. Digitally distributed games are a different story with no obvious mitigation for failure. GoG has this sorted out to a degree by having no DRM so backups of games will work should GoG vanish. Of course, the onus is on the customer to make these backups!
  7. Quite possibly down to air regulations.
  8. Related to this topic, these track files will be nice to mess about with when the graphical improvements come to the sim, especially the new flames and such.
  9. I wish I had the time for something like this. Not with a toddler around though! Instead, I sourced a secondhand Logitech G13, programmed it to my liking and printed sticky vinyl labels for the keys. It's currently set up for BoX and works really well.
  10. Not my words actually. I was quoting @peregrine7 and referring to a different point.
  11. Yes, it looks great! I started the mission at 6:30 am (just before sunrise) and it was just enough time to get in the air and mess around a bit before the event started.
  12. Yes, sorry that information might help! Autumn in particular.
  13. So I learned about the solar eclipse of 21st September 1941 (thanks @ShamrockOneFive for that cool bit of info.) and wanted to experience it for myself. I cooked up a simple mission in the STEditor and flew around in a 109 F-4 for a bit until the sun popped up. So far, so normal. But, a few times I lost control of my plane as the game seemed to corral me away from where I was heading. After a short period I was dropped back in and could fly as usual. I checked the map to see if I was out of bounds, but I had easily 30 km left before I reached the edge. Any ideas why this happened?
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