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  1. novicebutdeadly

    You know you are addicted to il2 when.......

    When you finish your course and become a train driver, and instead of being excited about your awesome new job....... you're more excited about re-installing il2 !!!!
  2. novicebutdeadly

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    Also, the following video whilst showing the INCORRECT aircraft quite often (it's about Hartmann but mostly shows FW190's being shot down...) Watch the scene from 23 seconds onwards, it to me appears to be a P47:
  3. novicebutdeadly

    FW 190 D9 & BF 109 K4

    Is the figure of 1900 HP refer to a 213A with MW50? And not to stir any hornets nest, but were any D9's fitted with the 213E? I'm excited either way :-)
  4. novicebutdeadly

    Erich Rudorffer and his fraudulent claims - article.

    From what I read the German aces always passed on their knowledge, I could be wrong and maybe the ones I have heard are the exception to the rule, maybe on the western front the aces in late 1944/ 1945 felt no need, as any engagement they had they would be out numbered and so an finite tips on maneuvering to get behind the enemy where pointless.
  5. novicebutdeadly

    Would You Purchase?

    I'm going to be honest, no I wouldn't. There are so many fixed wing aircraft that I would like to see first (fighters, bombers, and trainers) And a campaign that starts with flight school, with ai squad members having backgrounds etc so that I would care if they got shot down and died.
  6. novicebutdeadly

    That laugh you get..............

    But who would buy a game to play online to have 15+ Allied aircraft to a single Axis aircraft (of various quality if the units mechanics didn't go over it, with limited fuel, with an engine that may last the mission... if it was built properly, etc). I for one wouldn't. That can be simulated in single player (which I don't play as I have no interest in it atm) where maybe the AI can be tweaked etc, but playing online I am there to have fun, when I can find a server that has a ping under 350....... And that is for me what it comes down to, this game is a simulation that is designed to be realistic and fun. After all how realistic can a simulation be when there is a refly "button"? To play it realistically you would have to un-install the game and never play it again when/if you died.
  7. novicebutdeadly

    Spit Mk9 Post 3.006 Update

    Could it act the same way that a car's radiator cap does?? When the engines coolant exceeds a certain pressure due to heat expansion it pushes up a release valve (spring) in the cap that allows coolant to escape. If there is no overflow bottle (traditional type) it will vent on to the ground (or air for an aircraft), and only has a one way spring valve (if it has a overflow bottle it has a two way valve that allows coolant to go from the reservoir back into the radiator if the coolant pressure drops) that should not be affected by outside air pressure. I could be entirely wrong since I don't know much about spitfire's, but it seems logical, or maybe the gauge is showing the coolant temp after the radiators not before (but then again the manual should give correct figures)??? Hopefully this gets sorted for you guys soon.
  8. novicebutdeadly

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    For me it was every time ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ก
  9. novicebutdeadly

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    I remember having a bug (flying a 109 and sometimes a 190) where no matter how many times I hit the enemy aircraft it had no effect other than eventually causing a bit of smoke, or the pilot dies all of a sudden... I even turned on aim assist to see if my aim was out (in QMB so no lag related issues). I ended up having to do a full uninstall (looking for any files on the computer) of il2 bos, and then doing a fresh reinstall (without deleting all files just standard uninstall and reinstall the bug remained). I also now when the game does an update, once it's all installed I re-start the computer before loading the game up (I vaguely remember reading somewhere that doing this prevents issues)
  10. Good old aileron reversal, hopefully it is modeled, from memory the IX does not have the reinforced wing ๐Ÿ˜Ž To be honest I hated the engine noise of the Tempest ๐Ÿ‘Ž
  11. novicebutdeadly

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    Has anyone got graphs that show turn time and speed of flaps versus no flaps of any of the aircraft that we use in il2 (past and present), I remember the old graphs but I can't recall any showing with flaps as well as no flaps.
  12. novicebutdeadly

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    And there lies the problem as you so correctly say: "The Yak will not bleed much energy with flaps out" So you have just dramatically increased the induced drag, yet for some reason you are not bleeding much energy?????????????? Flaps allow you to fly slower but you need to use more power to overcome the increase in drag. So in a turning situation if you are turning so hard that you are near stalling, throwing flaps out will help for a fraction of a second before you completely stall out. I'm happy to be corrected, but if the thrust being produced by the engine can't keep the speed up to sustain the turn, throwing flaps out won't help as flaps do not generate thrust (contrary to the in game pilots who dump flaps in the vertical to reduce their stall speed..... when at that angle the flaps are only generating drag and zero lift and zero thrust). I would honestly like to see real world aircraft try this (at a safe altitude) and see what happens. Or perhaps the BA pilot who lost both engines on approach got it wrong by RETRACTING the flaps (not fully, but less than when he had working engines) to INCREASE the glide to make the runway..... Flaps WITH Energy (speed/thrust or altitude) = great Flaps NO Energy (speed/thrust or altitude) = bad
  13. novicebutdeadly

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    Me personally the 109 is my favorite ride. The key is that you have to like the aircraft that you are flying, if you don't then you will never be in sync with it. And this is the key, once you are in sync with the aircraft you will be able to fly it to it's limits. You will know when to turn and burn, when to extend away (to keep the dogfight 3 dimensional) and when to cut and run If you don't like the aircraft you are flying all you will get is agitation, aggravation, and stalls.