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  1. Max hud speed on impact with water circa 1060 km/h... so at sea level Max hud speed and survived 1016 km/h.... at pretty much sea level... or close enough that dolphins were ducking I have also experienced sound anomalies which seem like I'm transiting the sound barrier at higher and "slower" hud speeds, and not at sea level It doesn't always happen so I don't think it is an engine issue, since the wind noise also seems to disappear at the same time.
  2. I can't believe that I am the first person to say this.... but..... The Me 262 is...... 2 weeks away (the old hands will get the joke) ๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. In the old IL2 series, if you damaged a plane and it landed you were still given credit for the victory, provided that you survived long enough for them to make it back home to land AND HIT REFLY (some very sore loses would deliberately not hit refly to deny you the victory after crash landing, since you would "refly" before them it wouldn't register...) So once the enemy was smoking badly etc and clearly out of the fight there was no need to finish them, and so the landing lights were a way of saying you won (not surrendering as such, but acknowledging that you had beaten them / them saying that they are out of the fight). It was a chivalrous thing, where the focus was on the victory, not the kill. Yes some can correctly argue that while this did to a degree happen in real life, it was the exception not the rule, And if they spare the enemy a "team mate" may come along and kill steal etc. But the counter argument is that this is a game/ simulation etc, so either way the enemy will always live to fight another day (and possibly shoot you or your friends down/ bomb them to oblivion), And "team mates" will always kill steal / shoulder shoot. Me personally I would rather an enemy (who was honest) used landing lights so that I don't waste my time, energy state, and ammunition. But each to their own
  4. Welcome ๐Ÿฅณ When you do the key binding and it shows a conflict, you can select to delete the other binding (like you I used to waste time trying to find and delete). There is a box (?) In the corner of the binding box, if you click on that it should give you the option ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. I rarely play MP for 2 main reasons: Time, both having it, and having it at the same time as other online players Ping, being in Australia our ping for some of the more popular servers is like 340.... which wasn't as noticeable in the old il2 1946, but very noticeable in this il2 series. I don't play SP campaign because at the moment I don't find it interesting (again atm) For me shooting down an AI is just not as satisfying as shooting down a human player, and atm I'm a Jager not a ground pounder (though I did enjoy flying the Ju 88 like it was an A6 Intruder in il2 1946, coming in low with long time delay on the bombs ).
  6. As an aside are there any Dora skins without battle damage?? It would be nice to know what is fresh and what's not
  7. I'd be happy just to be able to afford this: http://www.simhq.com/_technology3/technology_178a.html
  8. I'd just be happy with this: http://www.simhq.com/_technology3/technology_178a.html
  9. The He 100 D outperformed the equivalent Bf 109 which was the E series in almost every respect, I don't think that the design had too much development potential since for example the engine cowling was a tight fit and so may not have been able to accommodate engine adaption like a different supercharger for example, or a change to the DB 605 And here is where the "could of" and "should of" turns into a merry go round. For example: They build the He100 D which gives 109 performance to almost the 109 G (1942) but available in 1939/1940 They give priority to the DB603 and Jumo 213 (and not waste time on the Jumo 222) and fit them to 190's in 1943 And maybe fit the Db605 to the 190's in 1942 (I can't rememeber if they tried this and why other than engine shortage they didn't do this, after all it weighs nearly 200 kg less) and then go to the DB 603/ Jumo 213 So in 1942 you have: - 190's with BMW 801 replacing the stuka's - 190's with DB 605's complementing the He 100 (as it comes to the end of it's life as a front line fighter) - 190's starting to appear with the DB603 / Jumo 213 - And if you want to be fancy you have the Me 309 as well (with less guns to fit the role as a fighter) Or keep the Bf109 development in the F series and don't worry about the He100 D ? though in all of this the allies would then have increased their R&D and put other design into service as well. I mentioned the Me 262 because it was one of the few aircraft that had a chance of disrupting the allied daytime bombing raids. What are your thoughts on changing the 4 X 30mm's to 5 or 6 X 20mm (since nose mounted you don't have to worry about dispersion, and it would be better suited to the speeds of the jet for aiming) Though this is a tad off topic
  10. I remember doing this with 109's back in il2 1946 Though IRL I don't think you could do this (in the 109), because as far as I'm aware the external fuel tank on the 109's (and other German planes??) fed into the main tank (in a topping up kind of set up), So the main tank remained FULL until the drop tank was empty
  11. You don't need to learn to use the bomb sight if you fly a Ju88 at 100 feet A6 Intruder style ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. The Germans seemed to believe in a quick end to the war, and so a lot of projects that should have been given priority weren't, and some projects prevented other projects from being completed quicker. For example Messer developed the Me 309 on it's on money, and as a result development proceeded at a glacial pace (compared to if it had been funded), and by the time the Me 309 did finally fly, it was out performed by the Bf 109 G.... The Jumo 213 had developmental delays which may have been solved earlier if the company hadn't poured so much time into the Jumo 222, And high altitude turbochargers were deemed to be too expensive on the BMW 801 I'm happy to be mistaken, but from the little that I have read the issue with the Ta 154 was that the factory that produced the glue got bombed, and the replacement glue... wasn't suited. All of these combined with the changing requirements in each design... which seemed to change quite often..... They needed fighters, yet sticking a bomb rack on a Me 262 for revenge attacks was judged to be more important.... In regards to what German Fighter I would choose to fly in game, To me it all depends on the mission, the threat environment, and if I am flying by myself or as part of a squad. I will say that the Dora is really appealing to me at the moment, I guess for me the Dora in the old il2 just didn't seem right.... especially when there was a Zero that was faster on the deck than it....
  13. I'm even more curious about the Me262 having a movable horizontal stabilizer, And that the author seems to have heard of at least one me 262 breaking the sound barrier?? In summary of what the author says" Max speed in a dive (at 20-30 deg) 950 km/h indicated At speeds of 950- 1000 km/h ("it is reported") the airflow around the plane approaches the speed of sound and no direction control surfaces work At this speed some wing over and dive, whilst others enter a gentle dive ("it is also reported") Once the speed of sound is exceeded normal control resumes I wonder if his information comes from his own first hand, or from talking to test pilots first hand, or perhaps talking from former Luftwaffe pilots? According to this" https://books.google.com.au/books?id=JSuGDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT218&lpg=PT218&dq=F.+D.+Van+Wart+former+pilot&source=bl&ots=2rg3qBsFfO&sig=ACfU3U3liVmBobFNU62yz8uNAAIIGL_n7Q&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjkxJSz-YzhAhXJeX0KHSTCD9UQ6AEwD3oECAUQAQ#v=onepage&q=F. D. Van Wart former pilot&f=false" The information was "culled" from captured pilots.
  14. From memory in the old il2 performance charts, The me 262 started to out turn it's opponents at about 500 km/h So in a higher speed 3D engagement (usually starting at altitude), with minimal thrust changes the 262 if flown sensibly should be fairly untouchable (like the P51 is against the bf 109). But in a slow 2D merry-go-round engagement it would be useless. So the key for the Me 262 is to use discipline, and to control the engagement. Which is where team work will come into play rather heavily for the allies... if any server allows them (not holding my breath).
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