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  1. I'd be more interested in a F-4/Z (GM-1 Nitrous Oxide boost) After all apparently 544 of them were made of the 1841 BF109 F-4's that were manufactured
  2. Good afternoon Gents (and ladies of course!) Today I tried to pre-purchase il2 BON and the Hurricane, but when I tried to pay I got: Your payment could not be processed. Please contact customer support for further assistance. Thinking that maybe I didn't factor in some unseen currency conversion charge, I selected just "BON" and was again given the above 😞 I use a re-loadable VISA card which hasn't had any issues in the past Does anyone know if the the payment site down atm?
  3. I tried to, wouldn't accept payment :-(
  4. Along with what other people have said already, The greatest fighter pilot of all time viewed dog fighting as wasteful (knowing the maneuvers is important and definitely not wasteful) Yes it gives more feelings of a true battle of skill etc But unless you have no choice and you know that it is unlikely that your enemy will call/ get help, it is better to separate from your enemy. Yes we don't really die when we get shot down / black out and crash etc But discipline and patience are as valuable as skill My most memorable air combat of either series was in the old 1946 a number of years ago, And it didn't involve a merry go round dog fight etc against a superior opponent (like David versus Goliath), but rather involved discipline and patience, and even though I didn't have any victories My virtual self survived, and the feeling of knowing that I kept my cool etc still brings a smile to my face (more so than any of my victories) ~S~
  5. My own concerns about physiology are similar to what most people have written, and perhaps my question (that has probably been asked before, but I haven't seen it yet) is more whether the pilot seating position in the 109 and 190 (from memory) being designed to help with G loads during combat has been factored in to give some G tolerance or not. Junkers did some testing during the war and the results (according to the all knowing and unfaultable wiki, a.k.a take with a grain of salt) are: "Extensive tests were carried out by the Junkers works at their Dessau plant. It was discovered that the highest load a pilot could endure was 8.5g for three seconds, when the aircraft was pushed to its limit by the centrifugal forces. At less than 4g, no visual problems or loss of consciousness were experienced. Above 6g, 50% of pilots suffered visual problems, or "greyout". With 40%, vision vanished altogether from 7.5g upwards and black-out sometimes occurred. Despite this blindness, the pilot could maintain consciousness and was capable of "bodily reactions". After more than three seconds, half the subjects passed out. The pilot would regain consciousness two or three seconds after the centrifugal forces had dropped below 3g and had lasted no longer than three seconds. In a crouched position, pilots could withstand 7.5g and were able to remain functional for a short duration. In this position, Junkers concluded that ⅔ of pilots could withstand 8g and perhaps 9g for three to five seconds without vision defects which, under war conditions, was acceptable. During tests with the Ju 87 A-2, new technologies were tried out to reduce the effects of g. The pressurised cabin was of great importance during this research. Testing revealed that at high altitude, even 2g could cause death in an unpressurised cabin and without appropriate clothing. This new technology, along with special clothing and oxygen masks, was researched and tested. When the United States Army occupied the Junkers factory at Dessau on 21 April 1945, they were both impressed at and interested in the medical flight tests with the Ju 87."
  6. I think I have ADSL 2, but the NBN should be coming shortly.... It's a shame that we don't seem to have too many Aussie players online (there is a Australian server which gives me a ping of about 70)
  7. On the topic of key mapping, I feel I need to have one of those cardboard cutouts that you got with older games on like the C64... Sorry about the poor quality
  8. OMW = On My Way RTB = Return To Base Feet dry = crossing the coast from the water to the land Feet wet = Crossing the land to the water In regards to map reference of for examples A9 key 5 = Quadrant A9 and the middle of that quadrant, with key 5 meaning it's location using the num keys as a reference point
  9. As I'm sure has been stated many times before, The what I or anyone else would do, goes right out of the window once you realise that there is no refly button, and the bullets etc start hitting your plane. Or once you realise that you just ended someones life. I am not a real world pilot, but I have enough knowledge to know what I should do. But when the dung hits the fan I might very well end up like a 1945 newby and jump out of the plane at the sight of the enemy... or just freeze up. On Youtube there is a video showing someone without flying experience landing some commercial plane.. in a simulator... with an instructor behind them..... and thus claiming that anyone can land a commercial jet plane The answer is sure you can if you have zero consequences, no real flying environment etc and so can remain calm etc...... If people want to experience a version of how they would have gone in ww2 etc, than as soon as they die, Uninstall the game and never play it again since you are dead. And see how everyone plays so much more over cautiously since "dying" now actually means something.
  10. LOL as soon as I read the first sentence I was like "yep must be a fellow straylian" (I'm in Sydney) I find the high ping makes MP near impossible, usually I get booted due to high ping. In the original series I could play on servers with a ping of circa 350 and not have any noticeable issues. Sadly not in the current game (I'm no computer wiz so I have no idea why not), and since I don't like SP, I play the odd QMB And QMB only scratches the itch so much....
  11. First thing that popped into my head when reading about your Mosquito sortie:
  12. I wonder how the many variables will be calculated to give the result. And to be realistic would it also factor in things like war weariness, or that it is your millionth sortie for the day (summing up Germanies desperate situation towards the end) , or even be modeled so that the more sorties you fly online the less energy your in game pilot has, therefore prompting those who normally fly only fighters to do some bomber sorties? For me there many arguments for and against. Some would argue for example that Western Allied pilots had g-suits during the war (I think started to be rolled out in 1942 but happy to be corrected) so would have a higher G tolerance The counter argument is that for example the pilot seat of the 109 gives an increase in g resistance, so that balances out not having a g suit, The argument in regards to stick forces causing fatigue again has the issue of, Aircraft stick forces being lighter therefore giving you less energy drain, Versus pilots who are used to the high stick forces and who exercise to strengthen muscles and increase stamina (meaning that you lose energy at a slower rate than you "normally" should for an aircraft like the BF 109). As well as pressurized cockpits versus non-pressurized cockpits for flights at altitude. And as already been mentioned Adrenalin will enable you to pull out of a dive in real life, that your fatigue level on paper says is impossible. Fingers crossed it works out, and doesn't drain the developers resources.
  13. In regards to online numbers. The problem that I have is ping (living in Australia). And while in the old il2 series I could play on servers even with a ping of circa 350 at times with mostly no problems, In this series it's near impossible, even if I don't get booted
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