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  1. Thank you very much!!! it worked!!
  2. I'm aware that we can put in custom pics in cockpits now. I don't have photoshop to convert them to proper file. Can somebody help me out by converting this to black and white photo that I can use in game? Thank you!
  3. This airport appears behind enemy lines around January 5th(could be earlier, but I skipped few days). I got a mission to transfer to this airfield. Which I did. As I approached AAA started their fire. When I landed and finished mission I was captured # I tried this mission again and I didn't land this time and clicked finished mission when message appeared. I was captured again. I would also like to notice that when using "start in air" option that my Il-2 formation was at altitude of 6,900 meters. Little bit above ceiling. Newspaper delivered on Dec 28th talks about Tatsinskya airfield being taken over. It is still on map with bunch of German squadrons until a week. Also if you can only look at one pull one old newspaper(or previous days mission) at a time. It gets stuck on that day and in order to look at another one exit and enter career.
  4. By mistake I bind "chat to all" and "chat to friendly" keys in game. You can not rebind them back to enter and enter+Rctrl in the game. Pressing enter "confirms" bind and exits bind window. Seems like i have to bind them input file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input file: current.action chattoall, , 0| // Send chat messages to all chattofriendly, , 0| // Send chat messages to friendly
  5. +1 regarding this topic I don't think you mention how they brake formation to do objective without being notified to do so. I would be happy to hear future announcement regarding this. Communication is one of the top 5 things you need to get down in warfare. I believe pressing "~" then "F1" and then "F6" (Do like me) works to get them back in formation. Verbiage of that action makes no sense. It should just say "get in formation"
  6. Hi, Is it just me or Il-2's (1943's in this case) can't hit anything on the ground anymore? Somebody please do a test and do a quick mission while commanding x3 with bombs and rockets. They do atleast two times circling around targets without firing any weapons and on a third only one airplane will fire something. It takes forever for them to destroy 4 artillery positions. Also are there any plans to improve AI Wingman and communications that we are in command? They do things without being ordered and I have to press 3 key for them back information ("~","F1", "F6") Since we don't get enough communication from our wingmen we need some kind of an info box (may be something when we press "~" to let us know what they are doing of if they are down) that should give us rough idea what wignmen are doing or if they bailed out or dead. For example in Arma I can send radio message for their position and if they haven't respond they are claimed as dead. I'm halfway through Stalingrad career right now and my experience sound similar to yours. I always thought it was just reality or Soviet pilots. I always get swarmed. It is easier now since I'm commander and can intercept enemy Stuka's+Escorts or provide cover for ground troops with more than 3 fighters. If we are doing a bridge attack mission I'm the only one that has bombs. Every other mission some bf109 follow me home, I figured out a way to make them crash into the ground around my airfield.
  7. I have Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 and everything works perfectly except one thing. When I press "A" I can feel stick moving a tiny bit and nothing else happens. Level Autopilot works perfectly (A+LShift) as intended.
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