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  1. I don't know the current steam version. Is it updating the game through steam directly? As a workaround you can manipulate the config manually by opening BoS Launcher.exe.config in applications folder and add the path to il-2.exe. For example: <setting name="IL2Path" serializeAs="String"> <value>C:\Program Files (x86)\youril2installationfolder\il-2.exe</value> </setting>
  2. Maybe because it creates user config inf C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BoS_Launcher
  3. Do you have a Launcher.exe or only Il2.exe with Steam version? I filter for just Launcher.exe in Path selector, but you can "workaround" if you set the path to your Il2.exe manualy in config Mine is in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BoS_Launcher\BoS_Launcher.exe_Url_nneh0wsf52vt3ghlhvwnxjnllxprdq3o\\user.config Just edit the line and set it to your Il2.exe <setting name="IL2Path" serializeAs="String"> <value>C:\Program Files (x86)\Spiele\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game\launcher.exe</value> </setting> Yes correct. there is no way to start BoS directly and connect to a server until devs implements something like parametrised shortcut to Il2.exe that takes the ip address of a server.
  4. Shouldn't be a problem. Just select your BoS executable and start.
  5. Hi, please contact http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/user/4-fbvaal/ He can add your server.
  6. As promised here is the source code: https://github.com/Shizora/BoS-Launcher Feel free to review the code and create your own build.
  7. Sometimes I have the problem even without BoS launcher, that launcher.exe still remains in taskmanager after closing it. At least if I close it with ALT+F4 command. Maybe it helps to close it with closing cross.
  8. Yes, Awesomium is a nice webengine SDK (I use it for Teamspeak viewer). I don't wanted to use IE for that... guess most of don't like IE ^^
  9. Thank you all! If you want your server in the list please contact @=FB=Vaal as I'm using his API to get the list.
  10. Das wird im offiziellen Forum auch schon heiß diskutiert. Ich denke mal da passiert noch was, ansonsten sind die Modder gefragt
  11. Jop, ich bin froh dass nicht alles auf einen Schag kommt und wir die Flugzeuge schon mal fliegen können Anders herum wäre das ja kaum auszuhalten!
  12. New Version 1.31 (29.11.2014) Getting initial players status after connect Official Teamspeak server added (you can join by clicking the server name) Closing a privat chat minimizes main window (fixed) Download
  13. I implemented a method that checks for Il-2.exe to update your status in userlist, Maybe that's a problem for some virus scanners. I will make the app open source asap.
  14. New Version 1.30 (26.11.2014) Teamspeak viewer added (I will add official BoS Teamspeak server if i get the data) Minimal window width increased Mainwindow size and position saving Only allowing one instance of BoS Launcher Player-status added (playing/not playing) Red text for system messages
  15. Nice, but I really don't care about SP player stats. Sorry to write that but ...eeeeeeehhhhhrggg, why?! Nevermind, It's just another feature so thanks devs.
  16. Is this new? http://il2sturmovik.com/stats/campaign/
  17. Thanks Jason! Yes, there is a very simple solution (www.tsviewer.com). The problem is that it's web-based but my app is a desktop app. Of course I could implement it using a web-control, but that's not native and a pretty dirty solution :D Hmmm, but maybe not that bad till the full API from planet teamspeak is available. ... is this the right one? What are the TCP and UDP ports?
  18. Yep had some time. There is an open Teamspeak SDK, but with this SDK it seems you can only connect to a server that is created with this SDK too. There is a very cool API provider for Teamspeak avaliable called planet teamspeak: https://www.planetteamspeak.com Unfortunately they are pretty new and offer just some basic API calls for now. The API call for the complete server status is in internal alpha testing phase right now as far as I understand. I will have a look at those basic functionality next days and add complete functionality if it is available for public usage.
  19. New Version 1.25 ( 21.11.2014) Support for OpenTrack New serverupdate logic GUI fixes and improvements Playerlist is on the left side in its own list instead on a tooltip over the server No restart required if changing nickname Error message if nickname is not valid Underscores not visible in in nickname setting (fixed)
  20. Nice idea! I never used Teamspeak SDK or whatever is good to check a Teamspeak server but I will have a look Did you enable "Autostart Headtracker" in settings? If yes can you try to run BoSL as administrator and then after you launch BoS check if TrackIR.exe is in task manager? thanks.
  21. I checked that... the problem is that IRC protocol doesn't seem to allow '/' and '.' I can't do anything, unfortunately because it's the IRC protocol that prevents this. That's also the problem why you can't chat with others I thing. _ sign is not visible in settings (don't know why yet) but it will be displayed in chat userlist etc. You should see the player list if you hold mouse pointer over the player counter in server list. I'm working on a better way to display players. And thanks for your bug report!
  22. Ahh yeha almost forgot about this bug, I will have a look... thanks I downloaded BoS Launcher again from my 1st post, installed it and replaced the exe. and it works for me, hmmm.
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