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  1. In game zoom is also broken/doing some strange shit, take a look: first screen ingame zoom max zoom in: second screen lefuenste mod (3d migoto) zoom 5x, also worth noting that when you use lefeunste mod the planes move really slow in 5x zoom
  2. Fix the spotting and contact visibility I would pay for this rather than Normandy TBH.
  3. Guys is it possible to map ie. zoom button directly to joy key wthout the use of the given joystick programming tool? If its possible can any1 give an example of config?
  4. TBH you got powerfull card maybe it does not need to run faster to give demanded frame rate (especially if you cap it samehow either via frame limiter or vsync ) I got 1080 non ti and it boosts to 1800MHZz but overal usage is like 30% to 70% depending on multiplayer map and wheather - and I need 72FPS for my gsync. If you want max load on GPU try nvidia inspector and force SGSSA to enchance in game 4x multisampling. Thing is that the stutter if you get them seems to be independend of your gpu load so if you are trying to solve that you should take different approach. If you use gsync I suggest to limit your fps using MSI afterburner to 3 frames below refresh rate turn off in game vsync turn on nvidia vsync, run game full screen and drop shadows one level and disable ssa and hdr. Also u can try lowering in game camera smoothness to 0 if u got good head tracking profile you should be able to live with that.
  5. You 100% sure you have it configured like this in nvidia control panel: and that the temperatures do not go so high that some sort of throttling occurs?
  6. Do you use windows task resource manager to see GPU workload or a 3rd party one? If the latter check if the clocks of your gpu go to max the card can go up to. Also just for test disable in game v syn if enabled and fps limiter in game as well as nvidia control panel v sync. You will see if the workload increases and the uncpaped frames should go above 100 easily with your setup.
  7. Can you record and post here a short video of a fighter contact lets say 4km in front of you and then zoom in to max and out to min on it? I think it would be good to see how this looks on your end, maybe the resolution helps here because the dot is made of more pixels than in case of 1080p or 1440p.
  8. This right here is the worst issue atm. BTW latest Reshade allows for turning off in game AA and use SMAA and other techniques.
  9. Hello Ad1. you can create a custom view but you must hold the button for the view to remain in that position. You can change any predefined ingame view lets say u dont need the view offered by numpad 8, disable trackir/open track, hold numpad 8 and then use keys to move the pilot head to desired postion (insert, home, end etc) when postion is good (in ur case gunsight view) press F10 to save the view - remember numpad 8 must be pressed all the time until you save with f10. Then when you press numpad 8 the custom view will be displayed when button is held. You can of course map it to joy key. As for button holding maybe there is an optin in joy to key (free software) that can hold the button for you until pressded again but I didnt test that. Alternatively (but I dont recommend that) you can set the zoom speed in camera control screen to 100% and inertia to 0% so you can have only 3 zoom levels max min and default and then you can have ur gunsight view the way you decribed.. Ad2. 109 uses different keybinds for trim - find Horizontal stabilizer entry and map keys there Ad.3 dont use trackir personally but any amplification of real life movement must be set in tracking software coz in game you can only change smoothness of the camera (I recommend 50%) speed and inertia (60% speed and 100% inertia works good for me)
  10. Żyje żyje ale polska część forum raczej nie żyje. Widziałem że szukasz ekipy spróbuj sie dowiedziec czy chłopaki z LG nie biorą swieżakow nie bedziesz załował
  11. Hello guys sorry for whining but could any1 check if this part is working for him? ----------------------------- ; Color changes ;----------------------------- [ResourceColorChange] type = StructuredBuffer array = 1 data = R32_FLOAT +0.00 +1.20 +0.00 +0.00 +1.0 +0.00 +0.00 +1.00 +0.20 +0.00 +1.00 +0.00 ; ^Cockpit 1 ^ |^External 1 ^| ^Cockpit 2 ^|^External 2 ^ ; Add Mul Sat Add Mul Sat Add Mul Sat Add Mul Sat ; New color.RGB = oldColor.RGB*(Mul,Mul,Mul) + RGB(Add,Add, Add) + Sat.RGB I am 2d user and I want to have cockpit brighter by 20% but the outside world without change. Tried many combinations and it seems the only working solution changes everything not just cockpit. Any1 can share good setting for this I am unable to get this working. Other funcions of the mod are working for me but this just drives me crazy, it was working some versions ago I am sure but now it just changes everything not just cockpit. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Haahaha so why your "Lead Engineer I am real pilot mode' renders the planes only visible when fully zoomed in ? If his equation for visibility is true what zoom is used there?
  13. Ok compared 3.201 with 3.201b and I can only say that if the version 3.201 were ever presented before I bought this game and then replaced with sh## we had before 3.201 or after in 3.201b (in terms of spotting) I would never spend a single dollar on this title.
  14. In my opinion the contacts needs to be more visible for one more reason and that is the ease of reaquiring your target. How many of us don't check six once they have a contact in sight due to being afraid to not find it agian? I think in real life where we dont have zoom it's way easier to predict where the object would be once you saw it for the first time. In game with zoom its way harder because either you try to look around without zooming out and then its hard to hit the right spot or you zoom out and then object movemen is perceived differntly and also you have problem finding target again. I think many people were happy before hotfix coz they were able to zoom out and quickly find target again. One remaining issue was that when u zoomed in a bit the contact was less visible,. For me the zoomed out contacts pre hotfix could be a bit smaller but mid zoom contacts should be bigger and darker until they are in range that close so we can see their colour . The contacts silhoutte should be more solid like the shadows that since long time are easier to spot than the planes.
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