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  1. [ResourceSightStrenght] type = StructuredBuffer array = 1 data = R32_FLOAT +1.00 +0.05 +1.00 +0.05 +0.05 +0.05 ; ^ndef ^Ru ^Ge ^Us ^It ^Eng ; (lesser = sight thicker, 1 = no reinforcement) Is the part above working in 2d? I am unable to get anything other then default crosshair or very bright one modded one (+0.05) any other input doesn't seem to work. Please advice what is the exact number to enter if I would like the crosshair halfway between +0.05 and 1.00. Is it 0.3, 3 or 3.00 or 30 ?
  2. Yeah can confirm its happening very often now and even for planes you dogfight. During last weekend on TAW I've met an I-16 that just dissappeared during scissors This kills multi really.. Now imagine what mess it will be when the view distance is increased to 100km while they cannot do it properly now lol.
  3. I dont understand even more then 😄 my counter was 1 on Monday after i served a ban got lowered to 0,77 or smth and I was still banned. Now there is a new map so this is not critical for me but I think it either had wrong description in change log or it is not working as intended.
  4. @Kathon & crew I need clarification on the statement below: Every time “Lives on map” counter (shown in pilots hangar) <= 0 then pilot has 24 hours time penalty. After this penalty counter is increased by 1 so he may fly again. Thing is that it works a bit different than described. I was killed on Sunday and received 24 hrs ban as my lives counter went below zero after I served my ban I was killed agian 😄 and then my life counter wasnt zero but I was/am still baned Take a look at my profile before map ends.
  5. As for plane balance I think we should aim (or at least give a try ) to simulate plane type distribution as well. If for example on the first map Axis have 1450 planes in total it would be nice to set number for each plane type like 600 E7, 200 BF110 etc according to availabel data. Right now if REDS really want they can take only Pe-2 and use like 1000 of them until they deplete total plane pool. I think we should set the limit for each type of aircraft on the map and when one side loose the given type they cannot use it. ATM for example I see IL2 rarely but it was widely used. Maybe the devs can take a look in this direction ofc personal plane limits should also remain.I see one problem though - if one side looses all fighters that would be funny :D.
  6. Hey LizLemon thanks for your contribution mate . I see you work a lot on mods so keeping fingers crossed for positive outcome. But please can you say whether the mod of yours will be not restricted when flying online? As for martys light room I didnt tried it coz I thought it was abandoned/never released. You can grab it from Github or ?
  7. I didnt tested it but you say that for example when you take a soviet star which is painted on the skin texture with 205,0,0 RGB and then take a screen in game it would have different RGB values? That is just fucking great I would suspect SSAO or postprocess filters they use for sharpening/blurring textures but I dont have time to test it. BTW for testing I think its best to use 109F2 skins since they were recently updated by BlackHound a community member andI I think he is experienced enough to use correct colors. As mentioned before I only use LUT as it has minimal fps impact (which is important since I use 4XSGSSAA ) and by using LUT you can port the work done in Photoshop into the game. In Photoshop you can target colors and luminosty seperately and I am not sure if you can do this while using shaders. When back at home I will upload short video of my settings in work and can share my current lut if any1 interested to test it. Also maybe it is a good idea to try to ask the Devs what their engine does to the colours since they look so strange. You can see the settings in action:
  8. Hi Livai what do you mean by custom shaders? What are your means of color correction? I am using LUT shader from resahde package and/but the hard part is finding what should be neutral grey on the screen rendered by game. From my knowledge to get the color correction right you need to know what pixel in a given screen should be neutral grey (128/128/128 RGB). So for example if you take default 109 F4 skin it would be great to know what part of it in real life is neutral grey or as close to it as possible. Problem is when you take in game pixel that is neutral grey that is not good because the game seem to show wrong colours with strong blue tint. For example if you take a look at ingame RLM 04 Gelb (yellow) which is used ie. for marking nose part of german fighters it should be around 246/186/24 RGB but when you probe in game screen you get like 250/250/44 RGB. Same with Black markings from the german cross it from my knowledge should be like 31/25/23 RGB but when i probe is like 36/42/41 it may be my monitor calibration but I have done it to the best possible way. So now I am curios what colours you get and most important maybe any1 can say with 100% 'sureness" what part of which aircraft is 128/128/128 RGB in summer map in game 12:00 hours Thanks to this we can try to get colours good.
  9. You can also try the MSI Afterburner which is bundled with Riva Tuner Server Statistic and set frame limiter there in RSST just to see if helps. It turns out its better than limiter from inspector as it ads no input lag. BTW do you use any reshade or another overlay on top of your game ? Try to disbale them. Also check terrarin filter and set for blurred just to test if it helps. If you can pls install msi afterburner and record short video of your issue with OSD showing framerate and frame time I am really curious to see this issue in action.
  10. Maybe the module in monitor has a problem did you tried a different game?
  11. From my experience you can try this: - g sync on in nvidia control panel in full screen mode - v sync on in nvidia control panel (its more to it than just syncing) - full screen enabled in game - v sync disabled in game + 4k skins - in game frame limiter at 140 or external frame limiter set to 142 FPS ie nvidia inspector (use mode 2) in nv inspecotr u can try my settings below for il2 battle of stalingrad profile: of course change 72 fps to 140 I use diff monitor You should be able to run 4xSGSAA if its to much just disable this.
  12. Last time I tried reshade was not working when in game AA was off so flawlessly is not a good word unless something changed and you can now disable ingame aa and still get reshade working. For shaders I can recommend the ones I use/used: Clarity, Colorfulness, Lumasharpen, LUT, Tonemap and Vibrance. My aproach to correct horrible game colours was like that: - calibrate monitor to the best possible way - run game with reshade on and with all shaders mentioned above (at default settings) except LUT (lut is off) and make couple of screenshots in differenet maps time of day and cloud types. - then run adobe photoshop and make custom LUT using screenshots made before and curves & levels adobe tools - finally run the game with LUT clarity and lumasharpen on rest is off. LUT is a powerfull colour corection tool that can do what Colorfulness Tonemap and Vibrance does and set the colours right so the gray is gray not bluish without the need of extremely low gamma. For me it fixes terrible blue tint the game has. When doing custom LUT try curves tool and find smth that should be natural gray to set the colours right. If you want you can make custom lut for every map and replace it when needed. Check this: https://reshade.me/forum/shader-discussion/3179-lut-s-powerful-color-correction-the-guide and this I also recommend trying SGSSAA if your card can run it to get rid of texture shimmering.
  13. 17. It is now possible to lean to the gunsight closer than before on all aircraft; Theres is a possible bug with this - once you open the canopy it no longer works at least for Me-109 F4 but I think it affects all planes.
  14. Hi, as of 2018-09-27 latest reshade version (3.4.1) works for me with patch 3.006 and latest nvidia driver(411.70). Was having some problems getting it to run and due to that I cannot exactly tell what made it run. I think you should try to run the game without reshade on latest patch to the point when you are inside the cockpit flying. Then instal reshade usual way deleting every file from previous reshade if u have any. It means get rid of shader folder every .ini file for reshade and every dxgi.dll. Then make sure you got multisampling aka antialiasing enabled ingame settings. Without AA enabled reshade crashes for me. Saddly it means u cant disable ingame aa and use SMAA for example but you can still use sharpen and colour filters. 1st screen made with patatoe 2nd ingame
  15. Siema Katon, pośpiech złym doradcą chciałem zmienić nicka na TAW i dołączyć do Ramma w JG700 ale niedoczytalem i zrobiłem nowe konto. No i dupa nie mogę latać na tym nowym i chyba nie umiem wbić na stare żeby tam zmienić. Mógłbyś usunąć wszystko żebym sobie na nowo zrobił porządek albo zostawić tylko JG700? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=JG700_Benek
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