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  1. I think you dont understand the issue. Thing is that the 2d zoom now even if the speed is set to 100% and inertia is set to zero is slower than it was before. For me one of the solution to that is to make it as fast as predefined zoom levels or to make predefined zoom levels zoom stay after key release - one of these would make me happy.
  2. As the title says, the 2D zoom function when zoom speed is set to 100% and inertia to 0% is way slower than it was before and it is not as fast as new quick zoom (predefinded steps). Can you make zoom as fast as quick zoom or make quick zoom views stay on the given view when the key is not preset (or make the behaviour configurable)?
  3. Fix 2d zoom so its speed when set to 100% and 0 inertia is the same as predefined zoom levels or make to predefined zoom levels keys to work like toggle not when pressed.
  4. New zoom for 2d is terrible!. Also can we have the predefined zoom levels keypress behaviour selectable atm they are on when pressed down I would like to not have to keep em pressed.
  5. For me it just show how bad stock game zoom is or how strange it works. In my case best dot is in widest field of view until the plane is lets say further than 2km away. I said it many times if you zoom on smth it should get bigger and with stock game its not always the case - migoto just zooms things visible while in game zoom not enlarge everything plus load more objects (like fkn truck wich only render in biggest zoom if further than 500meters) - they should have look at this and do some fixes.
  6. Yes, after joining select the plane you have available and check if your side is not full to avoid being kicked out.
  7. Sorry for yesterday disco I had joy malfunction to be precise one the centering springs was broken I didnt saw any1 near so i disco. Dont worry you can kill me next time or I die some stupid way like always so the nature will equal this :D.
  8. After hotfix is still way off what we used to: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=24843&name=JG700_Benek 2x500kg to the arty usually will get you around 10 kills now noone.
  9. Kathon bombs do almost no damage since 4.005 donno if its changed by the hotfix but yesterday around 10am we droped 4x500 on arty and get 1 kill out of this.
  10. This whole thing with objects hiding/showing depending on zoom level needs to be gone once and for all its a fuc@#( disgrace. They fix things noone cares like the reflections and the biggest gamebreaking bugs are not taken care of for years. My personal opinion is that the engine is not capable of displaying all the objects and they do some tricks to hide it but it cannot be done to planes and ground targets, trees bushes fine but not the planes!
  11. This bug is making the game not worth playing - you keep chasing the pixels and the are not even there 😄 What a crap and it is here for ages. I think it would be great not to buy any new stuff unless they fix this and spotting but I know it not gonna happen sadly.
  12. Kathon I know you are a busy man but perhabs you can find a second to swing your banhammer on this guy: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=3774&name=RavN_Gora deliberate friendly kill.
  13. In game zoom is also broken/doing some strange shit, take a look: first screen ingame zoom max zoom in: second screen lefuenste mod (3d migoto) zoom 5x, also worth noting that when you use lefeunste mod the planes move really slow in 5x zoom
  14. Fix the spotting and contact visibility I would pay for this rather than Normandy TBH.
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