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  1. I had the same problem with the same symptoms. This is because the paging file is small. For this map, the file size must be at least 16GB. It is better to enable the option, that the size of paging file regulates by Windows automatically. All of that in Control Panel - > System.
  2. I prefer "ДЛЯ ПОДЪЕМА ХВОСТА"
  3. Serial numbers also were on elevator. See attachment. Possible they also were on ailerons, like on Yak-1 I think both variants are possible.
  4. Vector graphics of technical stencils (same picture in two formats): https://yadi.sk/d/31cH3HJf3JmvYQ https://yadi.sk/d/EgxZWwoh3Jmvb2
  5. Something like this: ВНИМАНИЕ ?????????????????? ?????????????????? НЕ РАЗРЕШАЕТСЯ ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????? НЕ РАЗРЕШАЕТСЯ ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????????? Look on this picture:
  6. Very good! But I think you have to increase weathering on non metal surfaces. Now plane looks very strange, hard weathering on metal parts, and absolutly clean wooden parts.
  7. I want to recommend you to remove all text НЕИЗВЕСТНАЯ НАДПИСЬ (UNKNOWN TEXT) from your template, аnd change text ПАТРОННЫЙ ЯЖИК, it have to be ПАТРОННЫЙ ЯЩИК.
  8. We see Lagg-3 series 66 on this photo, in game we have Lagg-3 series 29. It's possible, that text МОТОР М-105пф was absent on early series, such as 29.
  9. Translation is right. "For" in this context is "Для". If you want to write "For IL-2", in Russian it is "Для Ил-2".
  10. It looks much better now. But could you invert text near oil radiator? "АЛСАМ ВИЛС" is written there now, but have to be "СЛИВ МАСЛА".
  11. I'm still waiting for a response from Han, but another man answered me. His nick name is FOXBOT, he is author of popular decals for Yak-1B models. And he gave me this file in vector graphics, with info about tecnical stencils. Many thanks to him for that. You can download this file from my yandex disk: https://yadi.sk/d/7AqpBA8_3HGh4Q
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