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  1. Wow..very generous! My fav book: War in a Stringbag: My pick ist Fc Vol1 , guess it`s 13
  2. Funny.. i replaced a gtx 580 (!) with a similar 1070 8 gig card two months ago. If things turn out like with my rig, you should be in for quite a nice surprise performancewise... Happy flying, 6
  3. In case of PK while being in the gunner position..does this count as death for TAW-stats? Because, i bailed out after PK: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=6001&name=6high Thnx ¨6
  4. He, like most other politicians, likes to "play" everything and everyone. And mostly they don`t care about the plane, as long as it takes them HIGH.
  5. If any unit would have as many engine failures as i have random crashes of the game, i guess the mechanics would get into serious trouble...
  6. This might really resolve my temptation It`s rare to have people voice their views the way you do in a forum, thoughtfully and modest- most just use the anonymity of the internetto bloat their ego`s... So thank you!
  7. Thank you LG, STG and all who were involved to bring this great project to where it is now: A thrilling and fun experience in the spirit of the online wars from "back then". This, for me, really is the only way i like to play the game: objective-oriented, coordinated teamplay, not just whirly furbals. Trying to be positive, i take the firework of emotion going off in this forum and in game chat as a sign of approval by the community, this server is really seems to be giving people what they envisioned. And as always, for some it`s too much- be careful what you wish for, it might come true. And look a little different than in your dreams. So ultimately, i am with Haza- please do restrain yourself from stirring it up - it does not honour the effort and hard work put into this project by it`s designers. Usually i fly axis, this campaign i chose allied, and i must say, it was a very coordinated and friendly atmosphere! Thank you and congratulations to everyone! Next round, back to the "dark side" 6
  8. Am i the only one tempted to not try a landing when returning in a seriously injured AC, but just leaving the mission to get "in flight"? I haven`t done this so far, but i sometimes regret getting killed or ditched trying to land, instead of a +1CM for disconnecting, specially when i am low on planes (happens when you`re a crappy suicide bomber pilot like me) Just wondering, or am i getting something wrong? S! 6
  9. Something strange here: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=21087&name=6high. I got creditet with a GK i never made...in fact i got 3 CTD`s today on the server, including that mission. I am wondering if this is serverrelated and other people are experiencing the same or is it my rig? Thank you, 6
  10. So God is a patch and Jesus is Hans?
  11. Just wanted to say thank you for the great server DED! I am really enjoing the mission design, it`s very immersive and has just the right difficulty settings. S! 6high
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