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  1. Still sitting on my bookshelf. 12 years later came Il2 demo, and about another 12 years later BoS...lots before and inbetween, but for me, those are the milestones, Il2/46 being the "peak" for my needs concerning cfs
  2. Dito- some vital aspects of MP missing in this Il2 for me- Coop/HL.
  3. Quite obvious you`re an old hand- that sign of respect is rare nowadays... Welcome aboard, but don`t expect an online-communitiy like HL. Apart from that, it`s a simmers dream 6
  4. We might not be old, but...remembering that "flaps on a slider" issue...makes me feel so... Old
  5. Thank you for all your answers re motion-sickness. I do really agree with the OP that VR is the way to go, no comparison to 2d. Saying that, i still will rather wait for the tech to advance/my wallet expanding and hold off flying in the meantime (yes, VR is that good, but besides that, i am a mp-coop-online wars-believer, and something comparable will hopefully appear with airmarshal mode, i hope). But VR is not that good, that i would accept being dizzy for a week (!) after 15mins of flying. 3 things i will try on my next approach: - Baby steps...on cont
  6. Thank you for this answer-seems i am not the only one who is willing to wait until this "holy grail" becomes "better". Next time i jump in i will try your approach instead of getting carried away by the incredible immersion.
  7. Just out of curiosity- am i the only one who had to quit VR because of motion sickness? That was using the first Rift CV... Saddening, cause i can' t really enjoy 2d since. And yes, i tried to accustom myself slowly-no success, just suffering for days after 10mins of use. Cheers 6
  8. That`s just about you, Sven.. Very, very sorry to hear about that and wishing you all the strength you can bring up Take care with that chemo and roll on, Sven 🤘 6
  9. This, to me, seems one of the main reasons why BoX will not attract the same amount of Players as the old Il2 (+hyperlobby, of course) did. Guess one had to be there to know what we`re missing out on now.... Real shame, i love the shell of this game, it`s basically a dream come true...but then when i use it, it tends to feels like some dreams that do come true- very empty.
  10. Wow..very generous! My fav book: War in a Stringbag: My pick ist Fc Vol1 , guess it`s 13
  11. Funny.. i replaced a gtx 580 (!) with a similar 1070 8 gig card two months ago. If things turn out like with my rig, you should be in for quite a nice surprise performancewise... Happy flying, 6
  12. In case of PK while being in the gunner position..does this count as death for TAW-stats? Because, i bailed out after PK: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=6001&name=6high Thnx ¨6
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