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  1. Type of improvement: Interface/Graphics Explanation of proposals: Virtual Kneeboard. An editable "notepad" that one sees in game in the cockpit or on the map screen to display navigation or engine management notes. Fillable text field that can be edited in the mission briefing screen or aircraft loadout screen before one presses "start". Perhaps the upcoming cockpit photograph function could be used for this. Benefits: Allows VR users to glance down or at the map while in VR to see personal navigation and engine management notes. The VR equivalent of a TrackIR user glancing down at an actual paper notepad. Thank you!
  2. Haven't seen this before. Hard to see here but trucks faded into existence as I approached and faded out as I gained distance. Didn't happen with the AA or the fuel trucks. Just the generic trucks. Clearly blue must surrender in the face of this superior technology.
  3. Pretty sure Manberries was there and FeuerFliegen led it. Don't recall the 5th pilot.
  4. From the 2/10/17 change log: "In case of lack of players on one side you may register additional account for the opposite side with different pilot’s name. To change the side you have to change your Username at https://il2sturmovik.com/account/ respectively first. Those accounts would be independent at each other. Penalty for changing the sides during the mission is 10min." In addition to having to wait 10 minutes, I think there is also a modification to the points system. I can't find that in the logs or manual but you get a pop up that explains it when you switch sides. Hope this helps!
  5. Good times! Thanks administrators, adversaries, and allies!
  6. If by "got some lovin' back" you mean, "All 5 fighters of JG51 were destroyed within 5 minutes by 3 SCG pilots with no losses to SCG" then yes, I agree, there was much lovin' got. You may need to add Yaks and Spits to your list of ramming targets . . . . 😉
  7. Damn. It's not everyday I get a soulful apology from Main Ingredient. Apology accepted!
  8. Me at dusk with blind, drunk and/or blind drunk gunners helping GOA test the Macchi, 109 and 110 simultaneously. You're welcome!
  9. One somber Soviet state funeral down. Two to go on this map. But I killed the SOBs that killed me!
  10. If I get killed three times during one map, I'm gonna be so pissed I'll need a break anyway. This three-lives-per-map thing could be good for my mental health. On the other hand, less TAW means spending more time with my kids. Bad for mental health. I may need to stock up on booze before 5/12/19 . . . .
  11. Sortie: 28.04.2019 - 03:02 I was team killed by this pilot: III./JG5_ppph I am sharing this information in case any one else has trouble with this person. Within seconds of me dropping bombs on a Soviet target while flying a Bf-110, he killed me point blank in a 109. There is NO way he could have misidentified me, considering the fact that he watched me drop 1,000 lbs. of ordance on a Soviet target. I'm enjoying the server but this sort of behavior is unwelcome.
  12. Flew a few missions tonight. Nice work, Alonzo. Thanks!
  13. Many thanks to Admins, allies, and opponents!
  14. 1) So you rammed into another bomber 2.5 hours after ramming and killing me? 2) I don't think you rammed me on purpose and I appreciate your apology. 3) Apology accepted. 4. Dude. You rammed into another bomber 2.5 hours after ramming and killing me! ; )
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