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  1. Many thanks to Admins, allies, and opponents!
  2. 1) So you rammed into another bomber 2.5 hours after ramming and killing me? 2) I don't think you rammed me on purpose and I appreciate your apology. 3) Apology accepted. 4. Dude. You rammed into another bomber 2.5 hours after ramming and killing me! ; )
  3. A few nights ago I had a glitch that effected pitch and yaw control. Tonight it was a similar glitch but only effected roll. Very odd.
  4. Having trouble controlling pitch and yaw for some reason. Probably need a game patch . . . .
  5. Does anyone have a an example of a cyrillic "Death to facists!" layer/image/outline they can share? I'm thinking that someone, somewhere, has slapped this on an aircraft and can extract and share that element from an unflattened file. Thanks!
  6. Type of improvement: Key Mapping Explanation of proposal: Make "Wheel brakes" binding independent of "Left wheel brakes" and "Right wheel brakes." Benefits: Control column brake levers ("Wheel brakes") are modeled to mimic gradations of force/movement. If bound to a button this becomes simply "on" or "off". If bound to one pedal on my CH Pro Pedals, I have the full range of movement/force. I have no other controller options that give me a zero-to-100% gradual range with a spring-loaded return. So the pedal is my only option if I want to have the full range of movement/force. However, if I bind "Wheel brakes" to (for example) my right pedal and fly an aircraft with toe brakes, the "Wheel brakes" binding overrides my "Left wheel brakes" and "Right wheel brakes" pedal bindings: The left pedal operates the left toe brake as expected, but the right pedal applies both brakes equally. If the "Wheel brakes" binding did not override the "Left wheel brakes" and "Right wheel brakes" binding, one could fly both types of aircraft using pedal brakes and experience the game as modeled without having to change key bindings. Thank you for considering my suggestion!
  7. Just learning the JU-87 and found this. Very nice. Thank you!
  8. I busted out laughing at just this title screen. Had tears from laughing by end of video. Awesome.
  9. Appearances to the contrary, I did NOT forget to drop 9/10 of my ordnance while fleeing in panic. I intentionally and heroically brought those bombs back to base for future use. Really.
  10. A) Really impressed that destruction of the radio tower on a field kills the radio direction finder for everyone. Thoughtful, detailed modeling. B) Really sorry that I nailed the Erzovka radio tower on takeoff last night and killed the radio direction finder for everyone! Thoughtless, dumba$$ flying...
  11. Flying Circus please! Thank you for the tutorials! They are my go-to place whenever I tackle a new aircraft. Keep up the good work!
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