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  1. Can we please have static aircraft objects for all the AC in the game? I don't need three different ones for each AC one would be plenty. Thanks,
  2. Can we please have static aircraft objects for all the AC in the game? I don't need three different ones for each AC one would be plenty. Thanks,
  3. Try opening a command prompt window (cmd.exe) and then run SSC from there. It will stay open after you get your errors and then at least you know what the problem is. It's probably the error that that says you need to open the port for hosting.
  4. Until now the last one I compiled was 1.38.7. I just downloaded the 1.39.1 and compiled it without any errors. I think you need to have the SSC compiled first and then do the campaign, pretty sure the campaign references the controller. Good Luck
  5. Hi C6_Zorkaiev, I solved many of the problems I had when attempting to compile by placing both source folders in the same folder. I have something like: c:/coconuts projects/sturmovikservercontrol and c:/coconuts projects/sturmovikcampaign The names are important as one project references the other (or at least it did when I was having problems.). The first thing I do when I open a new source is to update all the NuGet packages as there are usually some missing, then close and open the project again. It usually compiles after that. Good Luck
  6. Same here, also notice that the mculibrary reference is missing.
  7. C6_Zorkaiev, I'm running the 1.17.1 version of the SSC and the 1.38 version of the Campaign. Seems to be working am just resetting the campaigns on our servers. Thanks Coconuts 😁
  8. Sorry Coconut am still getting that same error, had to go through your build and unblock all the dll's. I'm baffled, is there anything you have changed in the config files recently? I reset mine from the sample files in the builds but still no luck It's probably something simple maybe I need to take a break and it will come to me.
  9. Hi Coconut, The Dll's are all fine, nothing blocked. Downloaded and built 1.36, went smoothly but I am still getting the same errors. Deleted the old campaign files in the Data folder and now get this error: Then made an empty world.xml file, get this error: Am now running controller and campaign on the same computer I built them on still no luck. Is there any chance you could post downloads of the builds you are using? Thanks,
  10. Hi Again Coconut, Your suggestion about the error worked, those DLL's were locked, unlocking them allowed the Controller to build. I'm having a problem, I think with the campaign. When I try to reset a campaign I get this error: I get a similar error if I try the CampaignControlApp instead of the Web Controller which leads me to think it's the Campaign. I built ver 1.35 and 1.34 and both are giving me the error, any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  11. Coconut, Any idea how I can fix this error when building the Server Controller? I am able to build the latest Campaign but the Sever Controller I have won't work wit it. Thanks
  12. Anyone else notice disappearing AI since the last IL2 update? We started noticing it tonight on our campaign server.
  13. Anyone else noticing disappearing AI? We started noticing to tonight Friday Dec 7 on our campaign server.
  14. Hi Coconuts, Is there a way to limit load outs? I'm thinking mostly about fighters so that they cannot carry bombs or gun pods. Thanks,
  15. Sorry Mox it's a while since I ran that command and it was on Win 7. From what I can remember it was more like the top example with fewer spaces that you have on the bottom example. Can you start the dserver from the web interface by just starting a mission rather than the campaign?
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