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  1. If you need anything in regards to P51 fighter groups let me know. I’ve got some extensive knowledge and books on those groups during Big Week.
  2. Thank you Gambit once we get some more missions done I’m going to compile a interest video for the forums to show case what we have to offer.
  3. Low pass caught on camera made by members of Blue Flight of the 375th FS. Blue One Major Wood, Blue Two Capt. Tazman, and Blue Three Capt. Hoss.
  4. Just a few shots from our mission tonight! 361st Fighter Group is taking the fight to Jerry, will you answer the call too?
  5. Here is the video from our first official mission. Enjoy everyone! https://1drv.ms/w/s!AuVz5528r-4ugiczH-zn3PAR9qp0 (AAR)
  6. I think more use of fighter sweeps, or escorts would be good, but escorting formations of bombers that are at least at least at squadron level strength minimum. I’d also like to see the option of strafing an enemy airfield after a successful escort, which is historically what the 8th AF fighter groups did once they were cleared to go hunting.
  7. Just a five Yellow Jackets off to raise some hell. (Bugsy is far right lead, followed by Hoss on the left, Elmer is behind Bugsy, I am left of Elmer, and Muse is behind me.)
  8. My first mission with the 361st, and we were engaging Focke Wulfs over Antwerp! Join the 361st today!
  9. Gun camera still from my first mission with the 375th FS, 361st FG. Porkie is the mustang out front and banking left.
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